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  • Motorcycle enthusiast with a decade of riding experience, having ridden a diverse range of motorcycles.
  • Expert in reviewing motorcycle parts, ensuring honest recommendations for the best products.
  • Passionate builder and rebuilder of motorcycles, with a current project of constructing a new motorcycle.


Hugo Alais is not just a motorcycle enthusiast; he embodies the spirit of the open road. With a decade of riding experience under his belt, Hugo has ridden a vast array of motorcycles, giving him a unique and comprehensive perspective on the two-wheeled world. His commitment to honesty ensures that his reviews and recommendations are always genuine, guiding fellow riders to the best products and parts. Beyond riding, Hugo's passion extends to building and rebuilding motorcycles, a testament to his deep connection and understanding of these machines. When he's not writing or on the road, Hugo can be found racing motorcycles, pushing the limits of speed and skill.


While Hugo doesn't boast traditional educational accolades, his ten years of hands-on experience with motorcycles speaks volumes. Riding a diverse range of bikes has provided him with a wealth of knowledge that few can rival. His hands-on approach to learning, from reviewing parts to rebuilding entire motorcycles, showcases his dedication and expertise in the field.

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