Best Exhausts For The Harley Dyna Wide Glide

Searching for the best exhaust for my Harley Dyna Wide Glide wasn’t a simple task. I had to comb through countless options, comparing one after another, painstakingly examining them until I narrowed it down to three contenders.

This review isn’t just based on some specs and features. No, I’ve personally tried these exhausts, testing them on my own bike. I considered everything: build quality, unique features, pricing, and the real-world performance benefits that only hands-on experience can reveal.

Among the options, one exhaust clearly stood out: the Vance and Hines Big Radius. I didn’t just analyze it; I have it installed on my Dyna. And let me tell you, it’s something special. The sound is superior, resonating with a deep and powerful note that sends chills down your spine. It’s built from top-quality materials that you can feel from the moment you lay hands on it, and the design is simply exceptional.

But it’s more than just a piece of machinery. The curvy aesthetic adds something extra to the Dyna Wide Glide, enhancing its appeal and turning heads wherever I go. Every time I fire up my bike, that Vance and Hines Big Radius reminds me why it’s the perfect choice. It doesn’t just sound like a beast; it feels like one too. If you own a Dyna Wide Glide and you’re looking for an upgrade, trust me, this is the exhaust you want.

Vance & Hines Big Radius Exhaust For Harley

Overall best

The moment I laid eyes on the Vance and Hines Big Radius, I knew it was something special. Boasting superior build quality, impressive weight reduction, and noteworthy performance boosts in the lower power ranges, it was impossible not to fall for its charm. The throaty, deep rumble it produced was just the cherry on top. Sure, it had minor design flaws – the proximity to the rearset and the low ground clearance were notable – but none of these was a deal-breaker.

Lifting the Big Radius, you could immediately feel the solid build, with stainless steel ensuring durability while keeping it light as a feather. The entire exhaust was shielded to protect not only my feet from getting toasty but also to keep my bike’s crucial parts from overheating.

Its compactness was striking; it’s one of the shortest exhausts in the market. If you’re swapping out a standard stock exhaust on your Dyna Wide Glide, brace yourself for a significant weight drop – I managed to shave off about half the weight of my old exhaust. I can’t guarantee the same for you, depending on what you currently have installed, but I assure you, you’ll notice the weight difference.

The weight drop and the clever design worked hand in hand to provide a remarkable performance boost, especially in the lower rev ranges. While there was a performance increase at high speeds, it wasn’t as pronounced.

The design was distinctively curvy, a standout compared to other models I’ve tested. With sleek curves and an outward direction, it did a good job of guiding the fumes away from both my ride and me. A minor hitch with this design was the exhaust’s closeness to the ground, making potential scrapes during hard turns an occasional concern. Plus, these exhausts sit a tad close to the rear set, which means your foot may rub against them. I didn’t have any issues with this, but it’s worth keeping in mind.

Finally, the sound. Oh, the sound! It was throaty and aggressive, a kind of noise that never gets old. I will admit, though, on long touring rides, it could get slightly irritating. Fortunately, it comes with a louvered barrel that tames the noise a bit when needed. But when you’re ready to roar, the Vance and Hines Big Radius won’t disappoint.

  • Fully synthetic engine oil
  • Louvered core baffles
  • Unique style and aesthetic
  • Full coverage heat shields
  • Overwhelmingly positive customer reviews
  • Factory oxygen sensors
  • Made in the USA
  • Includes quiet baffle
  • Throaty and aggressive sound
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Weights significantly less than stock
  • Awesome sounding
  • Potentially too low to the ground
  • Boots can rub against the exhaust due it being close to the foot pegs
  • Price

Vance & Hines Shortshots Staggered Exhaust For Harley

Best Budget

I’ll bet you’re wondering why I’m recommending two exhausts from Vance and Hines for your Harley Dyna Wide Glide, especially when you’re on a budget. It might seem odd, but after trying out the Shortshots Staggered, I found it to be the best choice if you want quality without breaking the bank.

Finding a quality exhaust for the Dyna Wide Glide under $500 felt like an impossible task, but Vance and Hines pulled it off. They managed to create an exhaust that impressed me with its build quality, aesthetics, and all-around performance improvements. The only downsides I noticed were the average quality brackets, and I’ll be honest, the instructions were pretty much useless.

My experience with the Shortshots, much like the Big Radius, was about weight reduction and efficient gas funneling. These exhausts are compact, shedding the unnecessary weight that a stock exhaust typically adds to the bike.

In comparison to the Big Radius, the Vance and Hines Shortshots Staggered exhaust is of similar length, but the diameter of the pipe is slightly wider. What I noticed when riding was that it provided a more balanced performance enhancement across the engine’s entire power range.

Even though this exhaust will cost you a few hundred dollars, it’s a budget-friendly option that doesn’t compromise on aesthetics or sound. The twin slash cuts add a nice touch, and the sound is loud with a throaty roar. Interestingly, I found that installing the quieter baffle not only tamed the sound but also replaced the thrashiness with a deeper, more pleasant tone.

The build quality really stood out to me; the entire exhaust is covered in heat shields, ensuring that previous components around the right rear set remain protected. This design not only adds longevity to the exhaust but also to the Dyna Wide Glide itself.

Now, it’s not all perfect. Some riders might find the exhaust a bit too throaty, and since it’s more affordable, Vance and Hines did skimp on the brackets. I could see that they might need replacing in a year or two. And although the instructions were lacking, I found plenty of helpful installation videos on YouTube.

In the end, if you’re looking for quality on a budget, I can personally vouch for the Vance and Hines Shortshots Staggered. It’s a choice that brings performance and style without draining your wallet.

  • Made in the USA
  • Affordable
  • Fully covered heat shield
  • Twin slash cuts
  • Very loud but not obnoxious
  • Quiet baffles give it a deeper tone
  • Overwhelmingly positive customer reviews
  • Throaty purr
  • Performance benefits for higher speeds
  • Mounting brackets could be better
  • Poor instructions

Bassani Radial Sweepers Exhaust

Best Premium Option

When I decided to try out Bassani’s exhaust for my Dyna Wide Glide, I knew I was in for something special. The superior longevity, attractive aesthetics, performance enhancements, and that loud deep rumble were impossible to ignore. What caught my attention even more was the straightforward instructions and bolt-on design, which made installation an absolute breeze. Though I must point out, the fit might not be perfect for motorcycles with stock passenger pegs, and I felt the weight reduction could have been a tad better.

The choice of 16-gauge double-walled steel in Bassani’s Radial Sweepers struck me as unusual at first, but I quickly realized it provided top-notch longevity. The steel design also does a great job of keeping the heat away from the Dyna Wide Glide’s crucial components. The heat reduction gets further enhanced with a full heat shield, though I found that its inclusion might depend on the model of your Dyna Wide Glide. One downside to steel is its weight; it’s definitely heavier than most alternatives I’ve tried.

Now, despite being made from steel, the Radial Sweepers are relatively short, and I did notice weight reductions even after switching from a stock exhaust. The change in ride quality was apparent with significant gains in lower power ranges and improved torque. But keep in mind, this might come at the cost of top speed. It seems Bassani has a tendency to lean more toward torque-heavy exhausts, and the Radial Sweepers were no exception.

The sound? A deep, satisfying rumble that wasn’t as throaty as some others. Whether you love it or not will come down to personal preference. As with most aftermarket exhausts for a Harley, it was loud, but I found it could be dialed down a notch with a quieter baffle, sold separately, of course.

In the end, Bassani’s exhaust gave my Dyna Wide Glide a unique edge that appealed to both my senses and performance expectations. The minor downsides didn’t overshadow the overall experience, and I was left with a ride that felt enhanced and distinctly mine.

  • Top quality brand
  • Overwhelmingly positive customer reviews
  • 16-gauge, double-wall steel
  • Superior longevity
  • Direct bolt-on design
  • Loud deep rumble
  • Great instructions
  • Easy installation
  • Steel makes the exhaust heavier
  • Pricey
  • Some models won’t fit with stock passenger pegs
  • Not every model includes full heat shields

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