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BikesFuture is your one stop shop for motorcycle gear reviews, parts recommendations, and anything else related to motorcycles!

So whether you need a new helmet, an upgraded exhaust system for your Harley, or a pair of gloves to replace your old ones, we’ve got you covered.

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We test and review motorcycle parts like full system exhausts and slip-ons, riding gear such as helmets and gloves, and more.

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So who’s behind Bikes Future?

BikesFuture started as a way for us to share our thoughts on motorcycles and hear from like-minded people.

It quickly transformed into one of the most reliable recommendation websites for all things ‘motorcycle.’ Today, we pride ourselves on helping riders all over the world pick their next motorcycle gear or parts with confidence.

Hugo Alais

Hugo lives and breathes the motorcyclist lifestyle. From commuting around town to conquering continents, he prefers two-wheelers over any other form of travel.

Hashim khan

With over a decade of experience working on, riding, and admiring motorcycles under his belt, Hashim is here to help you with all your motorcycle needs!

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