Why Bikes Future Was Started?

Bikes Future started off as a passion project of mine, but eventually grew into something larger but still infused with the passion it had begun with. What I enjoy most about this site is writing the best quality articles possible, it’s my goal to be the number #1 source of free motorcycle education and materials.

I’ve always found that a lot of motorcycle publications and websites don’t go as in depth on a topic than what’s actually required, forums seem to be the only places where there are quality discussions going on. Because I wanted to take the passion and expertise from most motorcycle forums and bring them to bikesfuture. I don’t skimp on anything, what I enjoy most is writing articles that are informative and useful. Giving the reader a far greater understanding of the subject.

If it’s learning about common traffic accidents or choosing the right pair of gloves, there are a variety of things to consider that most motorcycle sites will skimp on.

Who's Behind Bikes Future?

Here I am in all my glory, I’ve been a motorcycle enthusiast for years and I actually only got into the hobby in my teenage years, my first bike was a 2008 Ninja 250 and ever since then I’ve been hooked.

There’s no better feeling gliding down a windy road, night riding is by far my favorite and what I love most about riding is when you become one with the bike. When your bike feels like another part of your body, it’s a fantastic feeling.

It’s what got me hooked on riding and I’ve been going strong ever since. WhileI do love riding, I do have more emotions than just my bike, that’s why I started Bikes Future as a way to combine the two. So far running this website has been a lot of fun so feel free to shoot me a message if you feel.

Bikes Future's editorial guidelines

As I said in why I started this site, what’s always frustrated me is the lack of good quality information and education on the internet when it comes to motorcycles. I found most sites subpar and while there are quality youtube videos, these videos just aren’t made with much of an editorial standpoint, there’s a lot of rambling and overall it gets frustrating.

Every article I publish is high in depth, based on firstly my personal experience but more so combined with a lot of research on my part for each topic I cover. I take great satisfaction in doing deep research on everything I write about. Getting down to the bedrock of a subject is very satisfying, especially when it’s something you’re already deeply passionate about.

If on the off chance you feel I might have gotten something wrong, or just haven’t properly covered a subject, please get in contact with me, I’m more than happy to discuss and tidy up whatever I might not have properly covered. I started this site based off community forums so I’m a big fan of discussions in figuring something out.

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