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Our Why

Call it a passion, call it an obsession, call it instinct! For the folks at BikesFuture, motorcycling is second nature, the road is a second home, and the only thing on their mind is second gear!

Really, the guys just wanted to to talk about their love for motorcycles. And helping the masses choose the right parts and gear for their machines was the perfect excuse!

Why Trust Us

When it comes to getting a recommendation for motorcycle gear or parts, you’ll want to ask the person with the most experience; someone who has a genuine love for motorcycles.

And in that regard, we at Bikes Future are something of an authority! Our recommendations are backed up by extensive research and testing, but also decades of riding experience that lets us look past the marketing BS and get straight to the meat and potatoes.

The Bikes Future Promise

So what sets Bikes Future apart from the rest?
Comprehensive research and testing of products
A commitment to impartiality
Decades of real world motorcycling experience

What We Believe In


Our aim is and always will be to bring you an unbiased look at each product we test. As such, we feel a sense of duty to the reader when recommending anything.

Honest Opinions

Our opinions are our own. Whatever we say, we mean. So when we review a piece of gear or some motorcycle part, we give you the full picture, warts and all.

Long Term Experience

While others might be content with reviewing a product after a week of use, we like to get past the honeymoon period and see how the thing performs after its really put through the ringer.

Who’s Behind Bikes Future

Hugo Alais
Suvil Susvirkar
Hugo Alais

Hi, I'm Hugo, I'm a motorcycle enthusiast who’s been riding for the last 10 years. I'm passionate about all things motorcycles and started Bikes Future to help other riders make the right motorcycle moves. I ride a white Kawasaki Ninja 400. You can find out more about me and my experience with motorcycling here.