Best Exhausts for Harley Davidson’s Street Glide

In my quest to find the best exhausts for Harley Davidson’s Street Glide, I rolled up my sleeves and dived into the vast world of motorcycle exhausts.

Starting with a comprehensive list of exhausts compatible with the Street Glide, I meticulously whittled down the top contenders. With a discerning eye on performance and value, I personally tested a few selected options, experiencing their roar and the thrill they brought to the ride before returning them to the manufacturers.

Through this journey, I came to a firm decision to only recommend full system exhausts. Why? Simply because they outshone the others, providing the most tangible benefits and bang for your buck.

Among the exhausts, one stood head and shoulders above the rest: Vance and Hines Big Radius. Riding with this exhaust on my Harley Street Glide was a revelation, as it unleashed an epic roar and unlocked massive amounts of performance that I never knew were hidden within.

If you’re eager to know more about the Big Radius and why it made the top of my recommendations, keep reading. I’ve taken this journey so you can ride with the best, and I’m excited to share it with you.

Vance & Hines Big Radius Exhaust

Overall best

The Vance and Hines Big Radius isn’t just another exhaust; it’s my personal favorite, and for good reason. From the very moment I laid eyes on it, I knew it was special. But when I got it installed on my Harley Street Glide, it became the heart and soul of my ride.

Let me start with the sound, that satisfying and rich symphony that sets it apart from the rest. It’s loud, yes, but what truly mesmerizes me is the quality of that sound. Turning the ignition key, hearing the iconic “whoosh, whoosh” sound, and then settling into a deep, growly purr, it’s an experience that never gets old. And when I open the throttle, this beast roars to life, displaying the raw loudness that only the Big Radius can deliver.

But this exhaust isn’t just about sound; it’s a package that has redefined the whole riding experience for me. The weight reduction is phenomenal. I managed to cut the weight in half, thanks to its compact design and the use of high-quality materials that ensure durability without unnecessary bulk.

Then there’s the performance. Riding with the Big Radius, I felt a sharp increase in torque, especially in the lower rev ranges. Flying off the mark from a standstill became a thrilling routine. Although the power gains in higher rev ranges were subtler, I could attribute that to the significant weight reductions I achieved by swapping out the stock exhaust.

Lastly, the aesthetics are something I’ve fallen in love with. The compact, curvy design is visually stunning, and the black exterior coupled with the naked chrome end tips adds personality and style to my Harley.

All in all, the Vance and Hines Big Radius has become more than just an exhaust for me; it’s a game-changer that has elevated my Harley Street Glide experience to a whole new level. If you’re seeking the ultimate enhancement for your ride, look no further. This exhaust is the real deal.

  • Sounds excellent
  • Loud but not obnoxious
  • Great looking aesthetic
  • Fully covered heat shields
  • Good mounting hardware
  • Installed was a breeze
  • Far more torque improvements
  • Excellent weight loss
  • Overwhelmingly positive customer reviews
  • Top notch build quality
  • Curvy design improves performance
  • Fits every street glide model
  • Improves low power revs far more than higher revs
  • Instructions weren’t great
  • Exhaust could be longer so fumes are funneled further away

Two Brothers Comp-S 2-Into-1 Exhaust

Best Budget

The Comp-S isn’t just another exhaust; it’s a piece of engineering mastery that I found takes power and performance to a whole new level. Though its premium price might deter some Street Glide owners, my experience with it was nothing short of phenomenal.

This 2-into-1 exhaust truly shines at lower power ranges, but what caught my attention was the noticeable improvement in higher rev ranges too. Two Brothers have crafted this magic by redesigning the exhaust to funnel gases more efficiently and cutting down on weight by keeping it short and compact.

As I installed the Comp-S on my Street Glide, I couldn’t help but marvel at the stainless steel construction, a far lighter alternative to the chrome used in most Harleys. The carbon fiber end cap was a nice touch, adding to the overall aesthetics while maintaining an excellent weight-to-size ratio.

But it’s the build quality that truly impressed me. The handworked welding, the made-in-the-USA label, and the golden amber color the metal turns to after a couple of heat cycles (a sign of high-quality stainless steel) – it’s a masterpiece in every sense.

Now, let me talk about the sound. Oh, the sound! Starting up the Comp-S, you’re greeted with a couple of deep whooshes before it levels out to a low but resonant growl at idle. And when you open up the throttle, the roar that follows is music to the ears. Playing with it at traffic lights became my new favorite hobby.

At higher speeds, the Comp-S doesn’t become obnoxious like some other Harley exhausts I’ve experienced. It’s loud, yes, but in a satisfying, full-bodied way that hits that sweet spot of just the right loudness.

In the end, the Comp-S became more than just an exhaust for my Street Glide. It became a statement, a testament to quality, performance, and style. It may not have won the top spot in terms of affordability, but for those who are willing to invest in their ride, it’s a choice that promises unmatched excellence.

  • Massive power gains
  • Huge loudness
  • Raw sound
  • Swept up muffler
  • 2 into 1 design
  • Greatly improved torque
  • Overwhelmingly positive customer reviews
  • Light weight
  • Excellent design
  • Convenient mounting hardware
  • For certain Harley models it can be quite low to the ground

Cobra Speedster Short Swept Exhaust

Best Premium Option

When I first laid eyes on Cobra’s Speedster Short Swept, I knew this was something special. Arguably the coolest exhaust system I’ve seen for the Harley Street Glide, its aesthetics, aggressive tone, and significant power gains had me hooked right away. It wasn’t just a consideration; it was a must-have for me.

The style of this Short Swept Speedster is something to behold. Its thick curvature adds a real personality to my Street Glide, something that a standard design lacks entirely. But this isn’t just a pretty face; the design improves the funneling of gases from my Harley’s engine, boosting velocity and enhancing both the power and smoothness of my ride.

Installing it, I felt the punch that most 2-into-2 exhausts offer while retaining a 2-into-2 design. The power was noticeably higher than my stock exhaust, leaning slightly towards torque, but the increase in higher revs was evident too.

What struck me next was the build. Even with triple-chromed pipes making the exhaust extra thick, Cobra managed to reduce the weight compared to what I previously had installed. It might not have been as significant as I’d have liked, but the compact design seemed to negate some of the added weight that chrome could bring.

Holding the Cobra Speedster in my hands, the strength and weightiness felt just right – exactly how a Harley Davidson exhaust should feel. The hand welds and superior materials gave me the confidence that this baby would outlast my Street Glide itself.

Now, it wasn’t all sunshine and roses. The compatibility could be an issue for some, as it doesn’t fit all Harley Street Glide models. So, be sure to check the fitment before making a purchase. And I must admit, the black version didn’t quite mesh with my engine. The mixture of silver and black pipes didn’t look as great once installed.

But, in the grand scheme of things, these were minor gripes. Cobra’s Speedster Short Swept added a new dimension to my Harley, combining style, performance, and quality in a way that makes it a standout addition to any Street Glide. If you’re looking to give your bike a touch of personality and power, this might just be the exhaust for you.

  • Cool aggressive curvature
  • Triple chromed pipes
  • Fully covered heat shields
  • Utilised Cobra power point
  • Loud and aggressive tone
  • Excellent funneling of gasses
  • Decent power gains
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Personal favorite design and style
  • Straight forward installation
  • Poor compatibility, double check fitment
  • Leans heavily on improved torque
  • Expensive

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