The Best exhaust for The honda grom

Exploring the best exhausts for my Honda Grom became quite the adventure. You know, if you talk to any bike enthusiast about what makes or breaks a motorcycle, they’ll probably point to the exhaust. It’s more than just a piece of metal; it gives the bike a whole new look and injects real character into it. And believe me, with a 125 cc single-cylinder engine like the one on my Grom, I needed all the character I could get!

I was swamped with choices, though. The market is flooded with exhaust options for the Honda Grom, and I needed to find the one that would make my heart flutter like butterfly valves. The quest was on.

The allure of aftermarket exhausts and headers lies in the potential for significant power gains. With lightweight machines like the Honda Grom, I discovered that even small boosts can make a dramatic difference and genuinely elevate the riding experience. But how to find the exhausts that actually made a difference?

I dove into the vast array of exhaust systems available, scrutinizing each one, feeling the weight, listening to the sound, and understanding the performance improvements they offered. I could see how they could transform my bike, but I wanted the perfect one for my Grom.

Join me as I take you through my journey, unraveling the essence of each exhaust, and unveiling the one that truly resonated with me. The road to finding the perfect exhaust was paved with surprises, and I’m here to share it all with you.

LeoVince GP Corsa EVO Slip-On Exhaust

Overall best

When I laid my hands on the LeoVince ‘GP Corsa EVO Slip-On’ for my Honda Grom, I knew I was dealing with something special. LeoVince, known for creating some of the most sought-after parts and exhausts for motorcycles, didn’t disappoint with this piece. It embodied everything I was looking for in custom exhausts: innovative form and function, cutting-edge construction, and a complete transformation of that bland stock exhaust sound on my bike. I found myself holding the epitome of modern exhausts.

I was immediately drawn to its aesthetics. The lightweight stainless steel link pipe added a tasteful flair, while the dominant carbon fiber on the muffler sleeve provided a matte look that was appealing without being over the top. The technopolymer endcap rounded out the design, making it subtly beautiful. I learned that the matte finish was the result of a special assembly process where each piece is meticulously cleaned before being put together. The attention to detail was astounding.

But the ‘Corsa EVO’ wasn’t just about the looks. As I installed it, I appreciated the legitimate weight reduction over the stock, thanks to the lightweight construction. The use of CAD in the design ensured a bespoke fit for my Grom. But what really got me was how it affected the power output. Although a slip-on, by its nature, wouldn’t give dramatic power gains, this one offered increased exhaust flow and made my bike feel more responsive.

And the sound? Oh, the sound! I had heard of LeoVince’s reputation for creating eargasmic products, but experiencing it first-hand was something else. The way it transformed my bike’s lackluster stock sound into something deeper, tighter, and more resonant was magical. It wasn’t obnoxiously loud, but every twist of the throttle produced a raw, pronounced sound that reminded me more of a MotoGP machine rather than a city commuter.

I felt it breathe new life into my bike. It didn’t just make it look and sound fantastic; it made riding an entirely new experience. It’s rare to find a product that can bring such a profound change, and the ‘GP Corsa EVO Slip-On’ absolutely earned my seal of approval. Riding my Grom became an entirely new experience, all thanks to this exceptional exhaust.

  • Excellent design with matte finish
  • Race-inspired sound
  • Premium materials: stainless steel, carbon fiber, technopolymer
  • Light; reduces weight over OEM spec
  • May not be legal in some regions due to emissions regulations

Two Brothers S1R Exhaust System

Best Budget

When I decided to upgrade my bike’s exhaust, I was drawn to Two Brothers Racing, known for crafting the most premium motorcycle exhausts. I was in the market for something that would not only make my motorcycle roar but also turn heads with its aesthetics. Trusting the reputation, I opted for their S1R lineup made for various bikes, including my Grom. The moment I unboxed the canister-style slip-on finished in carbon fiber, I knew I had made the right choice.

This ‘S1R’ was more than an exhaust; it was a fashion statement. Its clean, eccentric design oozed personality and flair, making me eager to install it on my bike. And the construction was top-tier: aluminum outlets ensuring optimum heat resistance, magnesium endcaps coated with anti-stick Teflon, and the high-temperature resin-reinforced carbon fiber, which I later found out was referred to as the ‘Cadillac of carbon fiber’. It was clear I was dealing with something truly special.

Once installed, the ‘304 stainless steel’ mid-pipe began to take on a gorgeous amber hue after a few heat cycles. The amount of premium hardware packed into this exhaust justified its price tag, but the real validation came when I started my bike for the first time with the S1R.

The deep, rumbly growl that erupted was unparalleled. It transformed my Grom’s pip-squeak sound into something truly intimidating. Revving the motor filled my ears with an intoxicating sound, unlike anything the stock exhaust could ever achieve.

What thrilled me even more was knowing that this exhaust was expertly tuned to squeeze out every bit of power and torque possible. My daily commuter suddenly felt like a weekend track weapon, and the rides became more exhilarating.

Two Brothers Racing had not only delivered a product that looked futuristic and used premium materials but had truly made my motorcycle sing. It was an investment that enriched my riding experience and turned my bike into something extraordinary. Every glance at my Grom now comes with a sense of pride, and every twist of the throttle is a symphony. The S1R was not just an exhaust; it was a transformation.

  • Modern construction and materials
  • Coolest looking of all exhausts for the grom
  • Modular design allows users to add inserts that further improve sound
  • Anti-stick teflon prevents scratches and blemishes
  • Best sounding exhaust for the Grom
  • Pricey, especially considering the inexpensive Honda Grom

Kemimoto Low Mount Slip-On Exhaust

Quick, simple, and cheap – that’s what caught my eye about the Kemimoto Low Mount Exhaust. Why was I considering pouring my valuable time, money, and effort into exhausts that could cost twice as much while potentially offering the same experience? Kemimoto seemed to have the answer, specifically tailored for my Honda Grom.

When I got my hands on this exhaust, I could see it mimicked its pricier competitors with a similar look and sound character. Though the materials felt a bit less premium, the blend of aluminum and stainless steel impressed me.

Upon installation, I appreciated how these materials helped the exhaust stay light, adding hardly any weight to my bike. The finish on the muffler, though not quite the aerospace-grade carbon found in Two Brother’s products, had a carbon fiber resemblance that added a pleasing design detail. It seemed to blend seamlessly with the rest of my bike.

But what really excited me was the sound. The Kemimoto did not disappoint, delivering a noticeable improvement in both volume and quality. I played around with the baffles; using one gave a low, rumbly sound that demanded attention. Deleting the baffles altogether, the sound turned louder, enough to demand earplugs during revving and idling!

The uniqueness of this exhaust was its low mounting, perfectly fitting my desire for a clean tail look. As I paired this exhaust with a fender eliminator, some flush mount blinkers, and even considered a new rear tire, I could visualize my bike turning heads for more than just its exhaust note.

But what won me over completely was the Kemimoto’s quick and simple installation. It was so easy that it felt like I could do it with my eyes closed! Plus, the manufacturer provided every part I could need, making me feel that this package was worth every penny I spent.

By the end, Kemimoto’s claims of being quick, simple, and cheap were more than just words. They were a reality that enhanced my bike in both style and performance, all without breaking the bank. It made me question why I ever considered anything else.

  • Reasonably priced
  • Widely available
  • Decent build using aluminum and stainless
  • Quick install 
  • Straight forward install
  • Increases sound output of your motorcycle tremendously
  • DB killer included to reduce volume if needed
  • Materials could be better
  • Some riders report weakened exhaust welds if the bike is dropped on its side

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