The Best exhaust for The honda grom

In this guide, we’ll be covering the best exhausts for the Honda Grom.

If you ask anyone what makes or breaks a motorcycle, odds are they’ll tell you it’s the exhaust. Besides giving it a new look, aftermarket exhausts add a lot of character to the bike. And when your bike’s engine is a 125 cc single cylinder, you’re gonna need all the help you can get.

But with so many options to choose from, which is the best exhaust for the Honda Grom?

Add-ons like aftermarket exhausts and headers can result in some pretty significant power gains. With lightweight machines like the Honda Grom, even small boosts can be quite noticeable and improve the ride. But which exhausts actually make a difference?

We considered all of the exhaust systems available on the market for the Honda Grom and shortlisted only the ones that made our hearts flutter like butterfly valves.

Read on to find the perfect exhaust for your Grom.

LeoVince GP Corsa EVO Slip-On Exhaust LeoVince GP Corsa EVO Slip-On Exhaust
  • Awesome design with matte finish
  • Race-inspired sound 
  • Premium materials: stainless steel, carbon fiber, technopolymer
  • Light;reduces weight over OEM spec
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Two Brothers S1R Exhaust System Two Brothers S1R Exhaust System
  • Modern construction and materials make the exhaust durable and high performing
  • Coolest looking of all exhausts for the grom
  • Modular design allows users to add inserts that further improve sound
  • Anti-stick teflon prevents scratches and blemishes
  • Best sounding exhaust for the Grom
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Kemimoto Low Mount Slip-On Exhaust Kemimoto Low Mount Slip-On Exhaust
  • Reasonably priced and widely available
  • Decent build with aluminum and stainless steel used 
  • Quick install with minimal experience required
  • Increases sound output of your bike tremendously
  • ‘dB killer’ included to reduce volume if needed
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LeoVince GP Corsa EVO Slip-On Exhaust

Overall best

LeoVince makes some of the most desirable parts and exhausts for motorcycles. It only makes sense that they also produced our top pick for Honda Grom exhausts. The ‘GP Corsa EVO Slip-On’ embodies the very essence of custom exhausts: improvements in form and function, high-tech construction and materials, and most importantly, a remix of your motorcycle’s boring exhaust sound. It really is the epitome of modern exhausts. 

A lightweight stainless steel link pipe adds a bit of flair to an otherwise understated look. Carbon fiber dominates the muffler sleeve, accentuating the overall matte look without making it too flashy.

The endcap is constructed from technopolymer, helping round out the design and keep it subtle. The matte aesthetic is thanks to a special assembly process, whereby each individual piece is cleaned before being put together. 

With such close attention to detail, you might think the ‘Corsa EVO’ is all about the looks. On the contrary. Lightweight construction means legitimate weight reduction over stock. The use of CAD in the design process makes sure you get a bespoke fit for your Grom. Power output also benefits from this exhaust. While a slip-on will never yield the most dramatic power gains, this one does offer increased exhaust flow and a more responsive feeling motorcycle. 

But what about the sound? LeoVince makes some truly eargasmic products and this is no exception. It completely transforms the lackluster stock sound to a more pleasing exhaust note.

You will find that the bike is louder though not obnoxiously so. Deeper, tighter bass, that recalls MotoGP rather than city commuter. It breathes new life into your bike and makes it sound fantastic, with every twist of the throttle producing a more pronounced, raw sound than normal. It definitely has our seal of approval.

  • Excellent design with matte finish
  • Race-inspired sound
  • Premium materials: stainless steel, carbon fiber, technopolymer
  • Light; reduces weight over OEM spec
  • May not be legal in some regions due to emissions regulations

Two Brothers S1R Exhaust System

Best Budget

When it comes to making the most premium motorcycle exhausts, Two Brothers Racing is unmatched. They offer top of the line products that make your motorcycle sing! Moreover, their products are always the most aesthetic on the market. You can be sure that any exhaust you buy from them looks futuristic and is made using premium materials and construction techniques. 

The company’s S1R lineup is made for a number of different makes and models, including the Grom. The most popular configuration is a canister style slip on for the Grom, finished in carbon fiber. The ‘S1R’ is something of a fashion statement, boasting a clean, eccentric design that adds personality and pizzaz. 

As for the construction, you’ve got the best of the best: aluminum outlets for optimum heat resistance, magnesium endcaps coated in anti-stick teflon to prevent debris from adhering to the surface, and high temperature resin reinforced ‘33 million modulus rated carbon fiber’ (even we had to look this one up. It’s basically the Cadillac of carbon fiber). 

Furthermore, the ‘304 stainless steel’ mid-pipe takes on a gorgeous amber hue after a few heat cycles. With so much premium hardware, it’s easy to see why these exhausts cost as much as they do.

That cost becomes more justifiable once you hear this pipe for the first time. There’s nothing quite like it. A deep, rumbly growl that makes even the pip squeak Grom sound intimidating. Revving out the motor sounds unlike anything you could achieve with a stock exhaust.

What makes it even more appealing is the fact that this exhaust is tuned by experts to extract every shred of power and torque possible, turning your daily commuter into a weekend track weapon.

  • Modern construction and materials
  • Coolest looking of all exhausts for the grom
  • Modular design allows users to add inserts that further improve sound
  • Anti-stick teflon prevents scratches and blemishes
  • Best sounding exhaust for the Grom
  • Pricey, especially considering the inexpensive Honda Grom

Kemimoto Low Mount Slip-On Exhaust

Quick, simple, and cheap. These are the Kemimoto Low Mount Exhaust’s claims to fame. Why spend your valuable time, money and effort, buying and installing exhausts that cost twice as much while offering more or less the same experience? Kemimoto offers a cheaper option, made specifically for the Honda Grom. 

This exhaust mimics its more expensive competitors with a similar look and sound character. While the materials may be a bit less premium, the Kemimoto Low Mount for Honda Grom comes outfitted with aluminum and stainless steel. 

These materials help it stay light and don’t add much, if any, weight to the bike. The finish on the muffler resembles carbon fiber. Although a far cry from the aerospace grade carbon in Two Brother’s products, it adds a nice design detail that works well with its surroundings. 

To speak of sound, the Kemimoto delivers with a decent improvement in overall volume and quality of sound. When used in conjunction with a baffle, it is low and rumbly, demanding attention. Delete the baffles and you get a louder revving and idling sound, demanding ear plugs!

Furthermore, this is the only exhaust on our list that is mounted low. That makes it ideal for folks looking to get that clean tail look. Pair this exhaust with a fender eliminator, some flush mount blinkers, maybe a new rear tire, and your bike could be turning heads with more than just its exhaust note. 

But really, the Kemimoto won us over with its quick and simple installation. So easy, you could do it with your eyes closed! Furthermore, the manufacturer provides every part you could need, making this package worth every penny.

  • Reasonably priced
  • Widely available
  • Decent build using aluminum and stainless
  • Quick install 
  • Straight forward install
  • Increases sound output of your motorcycle tremendously
  • DB killer included to reduce volume if needed
  • Materials could be better
  • Some riders report weakened exhaust welds if the bike is dropped on its side

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