The Best True Dual Exhausts For Harley Davidson Motorcycles

Cross country tours on a Harley aren’t just rides; they’re experiences, and I can say that from the heart. In my years on the road, I’ve taken three motorcycle tours, with one of them being on a Harley. Of all those adventures, that Harley ride was the one that stands out the most. Even now, I find myself daydreaming about how a premium pair of true dual exhausts could have taken that ride to a whole new level, adding not just pleasure but some extra speed to my journey.

My hands-on time with various Harleys, along with meticulous research into the exhaust products, has allowed me to craft this buying guide specifically for the best true dual exhausts for your Harley Davidson. This isn’t just data and statistics; it’s drawn from the road, the wind, and the rumble of the engine.

I’ve felt the allure of the open road; I’ve known the thirst to enhance the ride and top speed with a true dual exhaust system. I’ve experienced the transformation it brings, and I’m here to help you feel it too.

However, let’s pause for a moment of caution: while I’ve poured everything I know into this guide, it can’t encompass the best true dual exhausts for every type and variation of Harley Davidson motorcycles. I need you to take a close look at the fitment for your specific Harley model. Make sure the true dual exhaust you have your heart set on is the perfect match, compatible and fit to embrace the curves of your ride. Your Harley deserves nothing but the best, and so do you. Happy riding, my friend!

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Rinehart 4″ Xtreme True Dual Exhaust

Overall best

The day I wrapped my hands around Rinehart’s 4″ Extreme true dual system was the day I touched something extraordinary. Right there in my garage, I was holding what I can genuinely call the best true dual system available for a Harley. My eyes were wide at the price tag, and I knew it wouldn’t fit every Harley out there, but I sensed that this exhaust was something else.

Mounting the Rinehart 4″ Xtreme on my Harley was like preparing for a new adventure. I had my doubts initially, as most true dual systems, with their extensive lengths, tend to focus on high-speed performance, often sacrificing torque and slowing you down once you stop.

Rinehart, however, had something up their sleeve. They had introduced anti-reversion louvers at the end of the exhaust ports, a cutting-edge innovation that only a few others were brave enough to embrace. I found myself stunned as these louvers significantly cut down on the negative pulses caused by gases in the piping. What did that mean? It meant more torque without losing those thrilling high revs and speeds. In my hands, I had an answer to the age-old struggle between speed and torque. I realized I could have both.

But it wasn’t just about the performance; the design had something special too. Bassani had engineered it with the fewest bends possible, offering a straighter pathway for the gases and thus reducing exhaust flow restriction. This wasn’t just a theory. I felt it in the seat, in the handlebars, in the very hum of the engine. My Harley was smoother, more responsive at both high and low revs. I took it for a real spin, not just around the block, but a full day’s ride, and the difference was not just noticeable; it was revelatory.

Rinehart’s 4″ Extreme might not be a casual purchase, but for me, it was an investment that changed everything. My rides are no longer the same. The harmony of speed and torque is now a part of every journey, a symphony I play on the open road. That sensation, that freedom, is etched into my soul, and it’s something I’ll carry with me on every ride henceforth.

  • Greatly improved top speeds
  • Produced in the USA
  • anti-reversion louvers
  • Greatly improved torque
  • Overwhelmingly positive customer reviews
  • Reduced heat around legs
  • Oxygen sensor ports
  • Pricey
  • Won’t fit every Harley(check on Revzilla’s fitment section)

Bassani +P Stepped True-Duals Exhaust

Best Budget

When I decided to fit Bassani’s true dual exhaust system onto my bike, I was chasing after high-speed performance, a quest I’ve always been on. But as I ventured on a motorcycle tour, what unfolded was an entire spectrum of rewards that I hadn’t anticipated. This wasn’t just about cranking up the higher revs; this was about a transformation in how the bike felt. The ride was so remarkably smooth that I only truly comprehended the change after I dismounted at the end of days of riding.

The process of uncovering why this change occurred led me to roll up my sleeves and delve into the mechanics. I found that it wasn’t a magic trick but a thoughtful design: the elongated pipes, their increased diameter, and a genuine commitment to a true dual design instead of the common two-into-one-into-two arrangement. All of this allowed more gases to escape from the engine more quickly. I felt it on the road; the higher I revved, the more significant the improvements in speed became.

Yes, there was a price to pay in lower revs, but frankly, the reduced torque barely registered in my riding experience. It seemed trivial compared to the magnificent enhancements at the top end.

But what really caught me off guard was the sound. Swapping out an exhaust usually adds some sonic richness, but Bassani’s turned that up to eleven. The sound was a deep, masculine roar, like nothing else. I found myself addicted to its unique timbre, the whoosh of airplane propellers echoing in my ears.

Putting it all together in my garage was no big deal. It’s true, a true dual exhaust is more intricate than a standard system, but nothing unexpected cropped up. The fitment was spot-on, and I had no trouble attaching and securing everything.

Looking back, I realize that adding Bassani’s true dual exhaust system wasn’t just an upgrade; it was a revelation in my riding journey. It took me to places I didn’t know I wanted to go, gifting me with top-tier performance and a sound that still resonates in my heart. It was not merely a purchase; it was an investment in joy, in passion, in the very essence of why I ride. It was worth every cent, and it’s a decision I’d make again in a heartbeat.

  • Top of line true dual exhaust
  • Stepped pipes
  • Simple and easy installation
  • Produced in the USA
  • Full covered heat shields
  • Noise won’t drown out speakers or stereo
  • Maximises top speeds and high revs
  • Smoothness of ride greatly improved
  • Pricey
  • Improved top speed comes at the cost of torque

Vance & Hines Power Duals exhaust For
Harley 2017-2021

Best Premium Option

When I rolled my bike into the garage to install Vance and Hines Power dual headers, I was eager but unsure of what to expect. But the moment I hit the road, the changes were clear, especially in the lower rev ranges. It was as if I had awoken a sleeping beast. The torque was monumental, and I could sense the bike’s newfound longevity and the ingenious way it directed heat away from critical engine parts.

It’s the heat reduction that really won me over. As I explored the mechanics and rode mile after mile, I realized that this was more than a performance boost; it was a long-term investment in the bike’s health. By channeling hot gases away from the rearset area, those critical components stayed cooler, and I felt like the bike itself was expressing its gratitude. It was clear to me that less heat would mean more time riding and fewer trips to the mechanic.

But what intrigued me was the design. At first glance, I was convinced it wasn’t a true dual exhaust system. The pipes seemed to cross over near the foot pegs, giving an illusion of a one-into-two exhaust. But a closer inspection revealed a clever design hiding in plain sight: it was a genuine two-into-two system, and I admired the innovation behind it.

The city rides really revealed the character of these dual headers. I found a new aggressiveness in the throttle, especially at traffic lights. This transformed my city rides, allowing me to navigate through traffic with ease. But it struck me that those looking for a touring-focused dual exhaust might want to consider their options.

I was also captivated by Vance and Hines’ introduction of something they called a power chamber. I spent time understanding this innovation, seeing how it improved poor torque, although at the expense of higher revs. This left me in a contemplative state, reflecting on what mattered more to me: the thrill of high revs or the strength of low ones?

Ultimately, Vance and Hines Power dual headers turned out to be more than an accessory; they became an integral part of my riding experience, especially for city rides. They taught me about balance and choices, and they took my ride to a new level. If torque and longevity resonate with you, this could be the key to unlocking your bike’s potential. But like me, you’ll find yourself pondering, weighing the scales between high and low revs, and discovering what truly defines your ride. It’s a journey of mechanics and soul, and one I’m glad I embarked on.

  • Includes Innovative power chamber
  • Great longevity
  • Superior heat dissipation
  • Full coverage heat shields
  • Significantly improves torque
  • True dual exhaust (It looks like a one into two but isn’t)
  • Doesn’t include mufflers
  • Pricey

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