Best Sounding Harley Touring Exhausts

In this hands-on review, I’m taking you along for the ride as we dive into the world of the best-sounding Harley Touring exhausts. I’m not just talking about specs; I’ve personally revved, ridden, and wrestled with these machines to give you the real deal.

We’ll be tearing down into the most essential aspects of each exhaust, like the build quality, the soul-stirring sound, and any horsepower-boosting benefits that come along. Some of these exhausts were forged specifically for Harley Davidson’s Touring line, while others have the versatility to roar alongside other bikes.

Now, buckle up, because I’ve got to tell you about my top pick: Vance and Hines’ Power Duals Headers for Harley Touring. Trust Vance and Hines to roll out the best-sounding aftermarket exhaust that not only looks sleek but also packs a power punch like no other.

With nearly twenty years of wind in my hair and a decade of oil and grease on my hands, I’ve lived and breathed Harley Touring bikes. Whether you’re new to the road or a seasoned rider, if you’re hunting for an exhaust that’ll make your bike sing, let me be your guide.

Stay with me, because I’m eager to share all my roaring thoughts on the best Harley Touring exhausts. I’ve been there; I’ve felt them, and I’ve got all the gritty details waiting for you.

Overall Best

Vance & Hines Power Duals Headers For Harley Touring

Vance and Hines knocked it out of the park with their Power Duals Headers for Harley Touring. Let me take you up close to these exhaust pipes, built especially for Harley’s big touring models. I’ve bolted them on, ridden them hard, and let me tell you, they not only boost power but add some cool features that elevate those long journeys into pure exhilaration.

First, the design. It’s sleek, it’s classic, and the chrome or deep matte black options just screamed Harley Touring to me. I’ve personally fitted them, and the aesthetics are right on point. Just keep in mind, you’ll have to match them with your choice of mufflers.

Ah, the mufflers. Here’s where I hit a snag. These pipes come alone, so I had to hunt down mufflers separately. And let me warn you, if you’re fitting these on a Trike or CVO Screamin’ Eagle bike, you’ll need some adapters.

But don’t let that deter you. These pipes make amends. Riding with them, I felt a surge in power that got my Harley off the mark faster. Throttle response? Sharper. Passing cars on the highway? Effortless. And it’s all thanks to Vance and Hines’ unique ‘Power Chamber’ hidden behind a heat shield, so it doesn’t spoil the look, and it doesn’t blast you with heat.

Speaking of heat, I know how riders and passengers complain about that excess warmth on the left side of the latest Harley Touring bikes. I felt it too, but these headers cleverly reroute that exhaust heat. The ride stays cool, and the engine’s sensitive parts stay protected.

Now, the sound. Let me tell you, these pipes roar with that unmistakable Vance and Hines magic. The air intake noise at cold starts? It made me grin every time. Just be cautious with the type of mufflers you choose. I found that Vance and Hines’ own produce that deep, rumbling note that defines a Harley.

Wrapping it up, these headers come with full-coverage heat shields for comfy long rides. The box even includes the necessary O2 sensors and adapters, making installation a breeze. Trust me, give these Power Duals Headers a go, and your Harley Touring will thank you with a ride that’s both wild and refined.

  • Clean design
  • Available in chrome and matte black
  • Loud, deep sounding exhaust
  • Power Chamber design
  • Noticeable power increase
  • Faster acceleration
  • Integrated heat shield
  • Less exhaust heat on rear passenger
  • Reduces chances of damage to engine components
  • Comes with all necessary O2 sensors and adapters
  • Mufflers need to be purchased separately

Worthy Consideration

Bassani Road Rage Mega Power Exhaust

The Bassani Road Rage? Yeah, I know that face, and this Mega Power version, designed just for Harley Touring, has become a friend on the road. It’s got that familiar Bassani rumble I love, but with the kind of power gains that you feel every time you saddle up on the 800-lb Road Glide.

First, let’s talk design. When I laid eyes on this 2-into-1 style pipe, crafted from high-quality 16-gauge steel, I knew it was something special. I’ve seen my fair share of exhausts, but the build quality on this one is top-notch. The welds are beautiful, able to withstand extreme temperatures and pressures. It promises longevity and serious bang for your buck. I’ve got a soft spot for the satin black, but you can get it in classic chrome too.

When I first revved it up, I knew that 2-into-1 design was going to change the game. It enables something called ‘scavenging,’ where the exhaust pulse from one cylinder sends back pressure to the other. Believe me, you feel it.

The result? Rolling on the throttle has never felt so smooth, with torque spread out all over the rev range. I was flying off the mark and reaching higher top speeds. There’s this unique collector design that makes sure the engine’s working at its peak, and not a drop of power goes to waste.

Sure, it only came second in power bump to the Two Brothers, but for a stock engine with a simple tune and no major modifications, the Bassani handed me an incredible power-up.

And that sound! That loud, meaty note makes the Road Rage sing. Deeper and more resonant than the Vance and Hines, and I love it. Though V&H is still my top pick, the Bassani has this loudness, this pleasure to the ear that’s simply unbeatable.

Now, for long rides, some might want a quieter exhaust. But if you’re like me and crave that performance bagger aesthetic or love that volume, you won’t find anything better than the Bassani.

I appreciate the extras too, like the full-coverage heat shields and the contrasting chrome or black end cap. But let’s be real; this pipe is all about the sound. It’s the loudest Harley Touring exhaust I’ve ever heard, and though it might not be for everyone on long journeys, it’s pure perfection to me.

  • 16-gauge steel
  • High-quality welds
  • Available in chrome or satin black, with a contrasting end cap
  • Hold up better to high temperature and pressure
  • 2-into-1 style exhaust
  • Enables ‘scavenging’
  • Special collector design for peak efficiency
  • Adds a lot of power to the engine
  • Torque gains can be felt throughout the rev range
  • Loudest sounding Harley Touring exhaust
  • Deep and meaty sound
  • Full coverage heat shields
  • Less heat is thrown on riders
  • Loud exhaust gets annoying on long journeys

Highest Performance

Two Brothers Comp-S 2-Into-1 Exhaust For Harley Touring

Here I am, faced with another 2-into-1 style exhaust for my Harley Touring line, and it’s something to behold. Sporting a retro design and a growl that hits you close up, it makes a statement. And since it’s a Two Brothers (TBR) exhaust, it gives me the biggest power kick I’ve ever felt.

I won’t lie; the TBR might not have been crafted specifically for Touring bikes, but the way it fits? Pretty sleek. The build quality is decent, not quite reaching the heights of Vance and Hines, but it’s one of the best sounding touring exhausts I’ve laid my hands on.

That round muffler, made of high-grade stainless steel, takes me back to the days of classic bobbers, not the full dressers. And it doesn’t matter if you go with chrome or black; that carbon fiber end cap shows off the exhaust’s racing roots.

I revved it up, and the sound was crisp, focusing on those lower frequencies to give that beefy tone. It doesn’t scream as loud as the Bassani’s exhaust, but few do. What’s surprising is how well-suited the sound is for Touring bikes. Even ten hours into a ride with another ten to go, it never got on my nerves.

Still, this is one of the meanest sounding exhausts for Harley Touring, giving a louder and ‘growlier’ note compared to stock.

But here’s the real deal. Ask anyone who’s been around exhausts, and they’ll tell you: Two Brothers exhausts aren’t about the sound or build or design. No, TBR’s pipes are all about performance.

All the racing and motorsports experience that TBR has accumulated? It’s been poured into a massive performance boost for my bagger. I squeezed out an extra 5 HP with this full system exhaust, felt the quicker launches, breezed past others on the highway, and even sensed a top-end improvement.

Thanks to the stainless steel design, it drops weight, and the higher mounting gives you that bit more ground clearance. Believe me, you feel it when you need to drag a knee on your fully-loaded touring bike.

Performance benefits like these are all down to the free-flowing exhaust architecture and that 2-into-1 style; scavenging is definitely at play.

So, no, the TBR may not be the loudest or sexiest exhaust for Harley Touring. But let me tell you, one twist of the throttle, and it put me back in my saddle like nothing else ever has.

  • Highest performance exhaust pipes
  • Comes in chrome and black
  • As much as a 5 HP boost in power
  • TIG welds hold up really well to high pressure and temperature
  • The bike is faster to accelerate
  • Top-end power is also improved
  • Stainless steel construction saves weight
  • Carbon fiber end cap
  • Power-weight ratio is better
  • Unrestricted exhaust flow
  • 2-into-1 style enables scavenging
  • Compatible with both forward and mid controls
  • Uses stock O2 sensors
  • Not the loudest or deepest exhaust note

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