Loudest True Dual Exhausts for Harley Davidson Motorcycles in 2024

This is our review of the loudest true dual exhausts for Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Our review will mainly focus on the construction quality, sound, and of course, the performance of the exhausts. We also factor the price of each exhaust into our review to help you make the best decision. 

Bassani’s Radial Sweepers are our top pick for the loudest true dual Harley exhaust. The Bassani is a shorter exhaust that delivers a rowdy, aggressive, loud sound and tons of style. It also adds power to your Harley while cutting down on the weight. 

We love the look and sound of a true dual exhaust. Over the last twenty years, we have used many loud true duals on our own bikes, but only a few are worth recommending. Allow us to tell you about the good, the bad, and even the ugly. 

Keep reading for more of our thoughts on the loudest true dual exhausts for Harleys.

Overall Loudest

Bassani True Dual Radial Sweepers

Bassani makes one of our favorite loud true dual exhausts for Harleys. Their Radial Sweepers have an unconventional design and a raucous exhaust note that is loud enough to wake the dead. We don’t mind the extra power either. 

First things first, the design. Bassani is known to make some beefy exhausts for Harleys, so these short pipes came as a bit of a surprise. The slash-cut ends add a lot of character to your bike, as does the backswept design. 

As for the construction, these pipes are seriously well-built. High-grade stainless steel everything ensures a lightweight and functional set of true duals. Fitment is top-notch, ensuring the exhaust won’t leak or crack under extremely high temperatures and pressure. 

But what about the sound? The shorter design actually helps these pipes produce the incredible sound we mentioned. Shorter exhausts, in general, have louder sound, and this one is no different. Seriously, you might want to get in the habit of wearing earplugs with these loud true duals installed on your Harley. 

But it isn’t just an unrefined loudness. In fact, Bassani put a lot of effort into making the sound pleasing as well as loud. The bass is accentuated at idle, but the higher frequencies come alive when you crack the throttle. For our money, the Bassani Radial Sweepers are not only the loudest but also the best sounding true duals for Harleys. 

Bassani also outfitted these pipes with heat shields to prevent excess exhaust heat from becoming a problem on longer journeys. But in our experience, you’ll still feel a bit of heat on your legs because of the unique mounting. 

But that shape is not without its benefits. In fact, the higher mounting of these loud true dual exhausts means they don’t scrape on bumps in the road. In fact, the only way this exhaust would scrape on anything is if you drop your Harley on its side. 

The higher mounting also means you can lean the bike further into turns without the exhaust getting in the way. 

Lastly, we have to talk about the fantastic performance these true dual exhausts bring to your Harley. Free-flowing exhaust architecture makes for more power throughout the rev range. The bike also benefits from a bit more low-end torque, perfect for faster acceleration and easier low-speed manoeuvring.

  • 16-gauge double-wall steel
  • Backswept style exhaust
  • Mounts higher on the bike
  • Does not scrape on bumps
  • Shorter proportions make the exhaust lighter
  • Better power to weight ratio
  • Aggressive exhaust sound
  • Loudest true dual for Harleys
  • Low-end torque gets a nice bump
  • Bike is faster off the line
  • Passing and merging on the highway is easier
  • Heat shields on the pipes
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with all the necessary hardware in the box
  • Even with heat shields, some exhaust heat is to be expected

Best Budget

Vance & Hines Shortshots Staggered

The Vance & Hines Shortshots is another loud and powerful set of true dual exhausts for Harleys. You get best-in-class construction, a good power-up, and one of the sexiest true dual exhaust designs on the market for your money.

With any V&H exhaust, the standout feature will always be the construction. With the Shortshots, you get a heavy-duty stainless steel build that bolts right onto your engine. The pipes are staggered, meaning they increase in diameter, moving from header to muffler.

The staggered design means you get better back pressure while still maintaining the loud, booming exhaust note. The pipes themselves are fully covered in heat shields that protect riders and passengers from excess exhaust heat.

The look of these exhausts is a bit more minimalist than other aftermarket true duals. It is a straightforward design and one that doesn’t look flashy. In fact, the design fits right in with the classic styling of most Harleys.

Performance is actually a cut above the other loud true dual exhausts for Harleys. We are happy to report that you can expect anywhere between a 3-7 HP increase, depending on the make and model of your Harley.

The result is a faster, more fun riding experience. Smoother throttle response, quicker acceleration, and an easier time passing other vehicles on the highway are all benefits of installing these true dual exhausts.

But enough about build quality and performance. You came here looking for the loudest true dual exhausts for Harleys. And that is exactly what these are.

V&H’s sound signature is a bit restrained compared to Bassani, but don’t let that fool you. The Shortshots are some of the loudest true dual pipes we have seen for Harleys. They produce a thunderous, beefy exhaust note that you can hear for miles around!

The sound is also more refined and focused. It is deep and gurgly at idle, but one twist of the throttle and you get a high pitched scream that rattles house windows as you pass them. And we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the unique fluttering sound these exhausts make when you do a cold start. It is the sound of air rushing into the exhaust and has a cool popping characteristic to it that we just can’t get enough of.

And if these true duals prove too loud for your taste, you can always quiet the exhaust down with the included baffles. All said and done, the Shortshots are a fantastic, loud set of true duals, and the budget-friendly price just makes them that much more appealing.

  • Clean, understated design
  • Comes in either black or chrome
  • Staggered design with narrower headers and wider mufflers
  • Less restrictive exhaust design
  • Beefier exhaust sound
  • Lower frequencies are enhanced
  • Unique fluttering sound on cold starts
  • Full coverage heat shields
  • Best for longer journeys
  • Design may be a bit too simple for some riders

Overall Loudest

Vance & Hines Big Radius True dual Exhaust

V&H’s Big Radius is the one for you if you’ve got a bit more cash to spend and want the most well-built and durable true dual exhaust that also brings the house down with its loud sound, V&H’s Big Radius is the one for you. Oh, and did we mention the performance benefits?

If a loud exhaust is what you want, a loud exhaust, you’ll get. The Big Radius pipes have a deep and simultaneously loud and rowdy exhaust note. It is a guttural sound that rumbles and shakes the surroundings, exuding power. 

Despite the focus on low frequencies, these loud true duals also accentuate the higher frequencies when you open the throttle. This is our top pick for a balanced Harley true dual exhaust. 

Speaking of balance, this puppy has just as much bite as it does bark. Performance seems to be another point of focus for Vance & Hines. The free-flowing exhaust architecture boosts dBs and gives HPs a bump up. Furthermore, the stainless steel makes for some functional weight savings that improve the power to weight ratio. 

All that to say that the bike is a lot nimbler and faster in a straight line. Acceleration is quicker, maneuvering in tight spots is easier, and the look on people’s faces when you pass them doing a hundred on the highway is priceless. 

Again, we are treated to the fluttering sound that Vance & Hines exhausts make on cold starts. And we are happy to report that it is still as cool and pleasing to hear. 

Finally, we must talk about what is probably Vance & Hines’ forte. The attention to detail that went into constructing this true dual exhaust rivals that of a Swiss watch. 

This loud true dual for Harleys uses the highest grade stainless steel in this category. It has full coverage heat shields that protect you and your pillion from excess exhaust heat. The TIG welds are painstakingly perfected to eliminate any chances of the exhaust cracking or leaking. And the whole exhaust is treated to resist bluing over time.

  • Unique curved design
  • Noticeable power up over stock
  • More power throughout the rev range
  • Full coverage heat shields
  • Pipes resist bluing over time
  • One of the loudest true dual exhausts for Harleys
  • More bassy and deep than stock
  • Lightweight design
  • Best in class construction
  • Premium stainless steel
  • Free flow exhaust design
  • Awesome air intake sound on cold starts
  • Fits right in with Harley’s classic styling
  • Design may not be to everyone’s taste

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