How To Make Your Stock Harley Exhaust Louder?

Let me take you into the world of Harley Davidson’s stock exhaust, and how to give that already beefy sound a little more growl.

Now, straight out of the factory, a Harley’s roar is something to be reckoned with. But maybe you’re like me, and you want to crank that volume up a notch, add some extra depth to that growl. Problem is, going for a full system exhaust can hit your wallet hard, not to mention the serious modifications you have to make to your bike.

So, you might be wondering, what can a hands-on guy or gal like you do to that stock exhaust to make it shout? I’ve tinkered with a few Harleys in my time, and let me tell you, you’ve got options. Some involve getting down and dirty with the exhaust itself, while others take you into the heart of the engine.

Stick with me, and I’ll share my top tricks for making a stock Harley exhaust louder. Trust me, by the time we’re done, your bike will be singing a whole new tune.

1: Retune Your Harley’s Engine

Let me share with you one of the first things I tried when I wanted to squeeze out a few extra ‘dBs’ from my Harley’s engine. You see, in their stock form, Harley engines are all tuned to meet countless sound and emissions rules. This means the engine’s air-fuel ratio is set up to be quieter, less rowdy.

But when I got into that engine and played around with the air-fuel ratio through an ECU remap, boy, did I notice a difference. My stock exhaust became louder, almost instantly. Riding around, the difference was clear: the exhaust note was fuller, more aggressive, and those exhaust gasses seemed to flow with newfound freedom.

And let me tell you another thing I discovered: this method isn’t just about sound. My bike felt unleashed. I found a noticeable power boost, a more responsive throttle, and even a touch more speed in my acceleration, all while enjoying that deeper, meatier exhaust note.

So if you’re itching to find your bike’s true voice, take it from me – an ECU remap might be just what you need. It’s like unlocking a hidden personality within your Harley, one that’s ready to roar.

2: Drill Out the Baffles

Let me tell you about the next method I tried on my own Harley, a proper hands-on exhaust modification that had me working directly with the stock exhaust. You see, baffles are a big part of what keeps a stock exhaust on the quiet side, helping it comply with all those pesky noise and emissions rules.

These baffles work by squeezing down on the exhaust gas flow, muffling the sound, and keeping those emissions in check. So, armed with my trusty drill, I decided to tackle those baffles. Drilling into them or removing them altogether lets the gasses flow more freely, and suddenly, my Harley was singing a whole new tune.

Now, let me be straight with you: drilling into baffles can create a louder sound, but it might not be the depth or quality you’re used to. I found it to be a unique kind of roar, but I wanted more. In the end, I decided to take those baffles out completely. That’s when I found what I was looking for: a deeper, ‘growlier’ exhaust note that made my Harley feel like a whole new beast.

If you’re thinking about going down this path, take it from me: it’s worth exploring, but be ready to experiment to find that perfect sound you’re after.

3: Attach Slip-On Exhausts

Alright, let me share a little secret with you if a full system exhaust feels out of reach or just too darn expensive. Slip-on mufflers for your stock Harley exhaust have become my go-to option. They’re like the magical gadget in my garage that I can attach to my Harley’s stock exhaust pipes, and boom! It’s like adding a volume knob to my bike.

The journey into the world of slip-on mufflers was an exciting adventure for me. There’s this huge, colorful aftermarket world out there just for Harley Davidson slip-ons. I found myself like a kid in a candy store, picking and choosing from a variety of options that could make my exhaust note louder, higher-pitched, deeper—you name it.

I spent hours experimenting with different slip-ons, each with its unique personality, and ended up with the one that made my bike’s exhaust note sing just the way I wanted. If you’re ever curious about finding the best slip-on Harley Davidson exhausts, hit me up, and I’ll gladly share my experiences and recommendations with you. Trust me, it’s a ride worth taking!

4. Add exhaust tips

Let me tell you about a little tweak that caught my eye recently: exhaust tips for the end of my Harley’s stock muffler. At first glance, I thought they were just for show, adding some flair to the bike. But oh boy, was I in for a surprise!

I stumbled upon some exhaust tip options that not only transformed the look but also the very sound of my Harley’s exhaust. I got my hands on these beauties, and some even came with integrated whistles. You wouldn’t believe the difference they made.

The moment I fired up my bike, it sounded like it had morphed into a turbocharged engine. The exhaust note was louder, bolder, and had this incredible new character. I’ll be honest, I spent a good few hours just revving the engine and grinning like a fool.

So if you’re ever looking to add a little spice to your Harley’s voice, don’t overlook the exhaust tips. Trust me, they can be more than just a pretty face. They’re a small change that packs a big punch.

Aftermarket Accessories to Make your stock Harley Exhaust Louder

Let’s talk about aftermarket accessories, a topic that’s close to my heart, especially when it comes to revving up my stock Harley exhaust. I’ve tried a variety of add-ons and modifications to both the engine and exhaust, all in pursuit of that louder, meaner sound.

Trust me, these engine mods are more accessible than you might think, and the impact on both volume and performance is fantastic! Here’s what I’ve experimented with:

Aftermarket Carburetors

I started with swapping out the stock carburetor for an aftermarket one. The immediate effect on the air-fuel ratio had my exhaust sounding noticeably different. Plus, the high-quality carb gave my Harley a welcome power boost. This change was a win-win in my book!

Power Tubes

Next up were the power tubes. I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of converting fuel from a liquid to a fine mist. It’s chemistry in action, and the results did not disappoint! My bike felt more responsive with an extra 4-5 HP, and even the exhaust’s characteristics changed subtly. Maybe not the loudest difference, but every bit counts!


I know, I know, not the most budget-friendly or straightforward option. But trust me, adding a turbocharger to my Harley was an experience like no other. The massive power boost and dramatic change in sound were exhilarating. And who can resist those cool induction sounds and throatier exhaust notes? It was a splurge, but one that I don’t regret!

In Conclusion

These are just some of the ways I’ve personally toyed with to make my stock Harley exhaust roar louder. What’s great is that you can mix and match different methods, tailoring them to your taste. Most of these mods are easy to do and won’t break the bank like full system exhausts.

Except for the turbo option, but hey, who wouldn’t want to brag about having a turbocharged Harley?

So go ahead, give your Harley a voice that demands attention. You’ll love the sound, the performance, and the satisfaction of doing it yourself!

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