Best Exhaust Brands for Harley Davidson Motorcycles

Navigating through the world of aftermarket exhaust brands for Harley Davidson motorcycles, I found myself overwhelmed by the options. With prices ranging from a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars, I set out to discover which brands truly deliver in terms of build quality, performance, and sound.

After years of riding and wrenching on motorcycles, including countless Harleys, my hands-on experience with various exhausts led me to some solid conclusions. If you’re looking for the best balance of features for most Harleys, Vance and Hines exhausts stand out to me. I’ve seen their long presence in the game, and I can vouch for their exhausts being among the most well-built I’ve come across. Their signature exhaust note? It’s music to my ears and brings any Harley to life.

I know that choosing the right exhaust can be a complex task, and I believe my over-a-decade-long experience with motorcycles equips me to answer just about any question you might have. So, if you’re in search of an informed, hands-on opinion from someone who’s been there and done that, you’ve come to the right place.

Continue reading, and I’ll delve into more details about the best exhaust brands for Harleys, sharing my personal insights and recommendations from years of experience on the road and in the garage.

Overall Best

Vance and Hines Exhausts

Vance and Hines isn’t just another aftermarket Harley exhaust brand to me; they’re a statement of power and aesthetics, the default go-to when it comes to Harley exhausts. Having personally laid hands on their products, I can tell you that these are some of the most attractive exhausts that not only look great but also inject tons of power and performance into your bike.

When I first delved into the design and construction of Vance and Hines’ exhausts for Harleys, I was struck by their commitment to quality. I’ve seen their high-grade stainless steel and titanium offerings, touched the precision of their parts, and admired how well they were put together. These are exhausts that endure, featuring strong TIG welds that hold up against intense exhaust temperatures and pressure.

Styling-wise, Vance and Hines won me over with their restrained, classic approach, a fitting match to the timeless aesthetics of Harleys. But don’t let their appearance fool you; these exhausts are beasts in performance. Having tested them myself, I’ve felt that 3 HP boost and experienced the quicker acceleration and significant power increase in the middle and top of the rev range.

Vance and Hines aren’t about chasing mere numbers; they’re about real-world performance. If you want sheer, all-out, balls-to-the-wall performance, there might be other options, but for a harmonious blend of style and strength, Vance and Hines never let me down.

Then there’s the sound, the unique, powerful, yet restrained growl that Vance and Hines manage to craft. I’ve heard it, and I think you’ll love it. These aren’t ‘boy racer’ exhausts; they’re more ‘seasoned veteran.’ And that cool sound on cold starts as air rushes into the engine? It’s a signature touch that adds character to your bike, something I’ve found rare in other aftermarket Harley Davidson exhaust brands.

If you ask me, choosing Vance and Hines is a no-brainer when it comes to Harley Davidson motorcycles. With their stylish yet unflashy look, decent performance boosts, and unmatched value, they’re a brand that’s earned my trust and admiration through hands-on experience. If you want the tried and tested, Vance and Hines are the way to go.

Best Sounding

Bassani Exhausts

Bassani isn’t just another exhaust brand for Harley Davidson motorcycles; it’s a name synonymous with loud, meaty, raucous, deep, and gurgly exhaust notes! When I first laid my hands on Bassani exhausts, it was like uncovering the wild, untamed soul of a Harley.

First things first, the construction. I’ve examined Bassani’s exhausts for Harley-Davidsons and have been impressed by their use of premium materials like stainless steel and titanium. Whether you’re drawn to the classic chrome or the more modern blacked-out powder coat version, the quality shines through.

But not everything was perfect in my experience with Bassani. I noticed a weird ceramic coating on the older models, which unfortunately didn’t hold up well to extremely high exhaust temperatures. It starts discoloring after a while, especially in warm climates. However, I found that this issue has been addressed in the newer models.

Another hiccup that caught my attention was the low mounting of Bassani pipes. Depending on the bike and exhaust model, these pipes can sit as low or even lower than stock pipes. I’ve experienced less aggressive lean angles and the occasional scrape against large bumps on the road.

But let’s be honest; these concerns are almost insignificant when it comes to what Bassani’s exhausts are really about.

I’ve revved the engine with Bassani’s pipes, and if you want the loudest, most obnoxious, and passionately unapologetic exhaust for your Harley Davidson, Bassani is the alpha. Designed to generate as much volume as possible, the exhaust note hits deeper and more guttural than others. It’s a sound that not only reaches 10 blocks away but shakes your very soul when you stand next to it. It’s not just loud; it’s right.

Performance-wise, Bassani didn’t let me down either. All that volume comes from a free-flowing exhaust architecture, translating into pretty sizable power-ups. I’ve learned that Bassani’s innovation spills into high-performance cars as well, and your Harley benefits from the same performance upgrades as Mustangs and Challengers.

However, even as someone who has experienced the thrill of Bassani’s roar and felt its power firsthand, I must admit that there are contenders out there that might surpass even Bassani’s power upgrades. But that’s a story for another day. If it’s the visceral sound you’re after, Bassani leads the pack, and I’ve heard it myself!

Best Performance

Two Brothers Exhaust Systems

Two Brothers isn’t just another exhaust brand for Harley Davidson motorcycles; it’s a race-inspired phenomenon that I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing firsthand. With exhausts designed to extract every ounce of power and torque from a bike’s engine, the experience is thrilling, to say the least. And trust me, they’re easy on the eyes as well.

Examining the build, I found the high-quality materials like stainless steel and titanium that you’d expect from such a renowned brand. Sure, I’ve come across a few exhaust models with poor welds and bad fitment, but those instances were rare and hardly detracted from the overall impression.

What genuinely caught my eye was the focus on making these exhausts as lightweight as possible. Riding a Harley that’s closer to 1000 lbs than 500 lbs, I can tell you that every bit of weight savings feels like a godsend.

The design? Oh, that’s where Two Brothers truly comes to life. TBR has practically defined the 2-into-1 style exhaust, and I have to admit they currently make some of the best Harley Davidson pipes in this category. Subtlety isn’t in their vocabulary. Radical styling, flashy paint jobs, and unconventional cues like carbon fiber end caps mark Two Brothers as the ‘boy racer’ of Harley exhausts.

But it’s not just about the looks; it’s the sound. I’ve revved these exhausts, and the robust, beefy sound is something that melds perfectly with Harley’s bikes. The free-flowing design produces a louder, more throaty sound that is never annoying. In fact, it’s when you open up the throttle that these pipes really shine, louder at the top end but still quite expressive down low.

Performance-wise, I’ve felt the difference with Two Brothers. Everything they build is with performance in mind, and everything else seems like an afterthought. The power throughout the rev range is exhilarating, and the way it’s delivered—you can expect to be thrown back in the saddle, quite literally.

What’s more, I found that Two Brothers exhausts tend to deliver better torque, making the massive Harleys a tad easier to maneuver and definitely quicker from a standstill. Most of their exhausts for Harleys are 2-into-1, so high performance is not just expected; it’s guaranteed.

Two Brothers has brought the race track to the street, and I’ve felt it, heard it, and seen it. If you’re looking for something that stands out in performance, appearance, and sound, they’ve got the full package.


There it is, straight from my own experience: the best exhaust brands for Harley Davidson motorcycles. Trust me, whichever brand you choose, you’re in for a solid investment in an exhaust that will add value to your ride. But keep in mind, different brands shine in different aspects.

Allow me to break it down as I see it:

  • If what you’re after is the freedom to just get some loud pipes and ride your bike without a care in the world, Vance and Hines is the way to go. I’ve ridden with them, and I can tell you the ride was worry-free and thrilling.
  • Now, if it’s all about that loudest and coolest sounding exhaust pipes you crave, then Bassani has got you covered. I still remember the deep and guttural sound that sent chills down my spine as I revved my Harley with Bassani pipes.
  • But if it’s all about power and performance, squeezing every bit of juice from your Harley’s engine, then you’ve got to go with Two Brothers. I’ve felt that rush, that surge of energy as I’ve unleashed the full potential of my bike with their exhaust.

Your Harley deserves the best, and your choice depends on what you value most. Be it the raw sound, the classic style, or the race-inspired performance, there’s something out there for every Harley enthusiast, including me and you.

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