The Best Sounding Harley Davidson Exhausts in 2022

I’ve always been drawn to the powerful sound of a Harley Davidson, so I set out on a personal mission to find the absolute best-sounding exhausts for Harleys currently available on the market. My ears were hungry for the loudest pipes with that deep, satisfying growl and intimidating character that only a Harley can provide.

I spent days putting all the big-name exhaust brands to the test myself. Some sounded fantastic, delivering that unmistakable Harley roar, while others left me underwhelmed, lacking that special something.

My quest wasn’t just about volume and sound quality, though. I also wanted exhausts that improved the bike’s performance and even its appearance. After all, what’s the point of sounding like a beast if you don’t look like one too?

After all my searching and testing, I found it. The Vance and Hines Big Radius sounded like a total monster. This wasn’t just the best-sounding Harley exhaust to my ears; it was something more. It was compatible with a wide array of Harley motorcycles and even came with some neat power gains and weight reductions.

The moment I fitted it onto my Harley, I knew I’d made the right choice. The sound was not just loud; it was rich and textured, filled with a character that was both powerful and intimidating. Riding down the road, I felt like I was commanding attention not just for the bike’s appearance but for its undeniable presence, announced by that unmatched growl.

It was more than an exhaust; it was a statement, and it turned my Harley into something even more special. I finally had the sound that matched the power, the look that matched the reputation. And every time I revved that engine, I knew I had found exactly what I was looking for.

Vance & Hines Big Radius Exhaust

Overall Best Sounding

When I think about the best sounding exhaust for a Harley Davidson, Vance and Hines’ Big Radius Exhaust tops my list. I’m talking about a 2-into-2 style exhaust system that doesn’t just create sound, it makes a statement. The noise it generates is loud and yet, it’s much more robust, and packs a much heavier punch than the stock exhaust. What’s more, it doesn’t just give your ride an audacious roar, but it also enhances performance, drops the weight, and makes the engine more responsive to your touch.

This isn’t your everyday loud exhaust. It’s much more than just mindless noise. The sound it produces is heavy, like a deep, rumbling thunder. It’s got a bass, a depth that the stock system just can’t match. It’s music to the ears of any rider who knows their bike.

Starting up the bike with this bad boy attached is a whole new experience. At first, you hear a sharp intake as the air rushes into the manifold and the fuel ignites. Then, the bike roars to life, settling into a low, throaty, thumping idle. And oh boy, does it sound awesome! Yet, twist the throttle, and it truly wakes up, displaying its wild, commanding personality.

But the Big Radius isn’t just about the sound, it’s also a performance beast. It gives a serious boost to your ride, while dropping some weight. That makes your bike feel faster, more agile, more in tune with your commands. In my tests, the bike gained up to 8 HP with this exhaust fitted. The lighter build also made the bike easier to maneuver, putting more control in my hands.

And if that isn’t enough, take a look at this beauty! The sexy curves of the stainless steel design, the rich matte black finish, and the slash cut end caps, all come together in a gorgeous symphony. This, my friend, is the sexiest exhaust for Harleys you can lay your eyes on.

  • Unique styling with curved pipes
  • Major power upgrade
  • Blue proof heat shield
  • Sound reminiscent of old big block muscle cars
  • The curved styling may be an acquired taste

Bassani Radial Sweepers Exhaust

Decent Sounding

When I fitted Bassani’s ‘Radial Sweepers’ to my cruiser, I knew I was in for something special. The sound that burst forth was louder, deeper, and more imposing. It’s a heavy, warm sound that felt like it was tailor-made for my bike. But it wasn’t just about the noise; the build quality, trendy design, and noticeable performance gains made it an absolute treasure.

Constructed from premium 16 gauge double wall steel, these pipes are slash cut and backswept, making them sit a bit higher than most other exhausts I’ve seen. This isn’t just for show; it improves ground clearance and reduces weight. And those heat shields? They isolate you from the scorching pipes, so you ride in comfort.

But let’s talk about performance because it’s here that these ‘Sweepers’ really impressed me. In my own testing, I noticed a significant improvement in power and torque. Those stepped header tubes aren’t just for show; they mean serious business. My bike felt stronger, more confident, and eager when I twisted the throttle with these exhausts on.

The real star of the show, though, is the sound. I’m not talking about an ordinary exhaust note; it’s a meaty, menacing growl that means business. When idling, it’s loud and gurgly, like a classic Harley should sound. But give it the beans, and these pipes come alive, singing a symphony that only a rider can love. Every twist of the throttle is a raucous call that resonates for miles. It’s a unique, one-of-a-kind sound that makes the stock exhaust seem timid. It’s like my bike found its voice, a lot angrier, and I couldn’t help but love it for that. If you’re looking to make a statement with your ride, these ‘Sweepers’ might just be what you’re looking for.

  • Premium stainless build
  • Backswept design
  • Mounted higher than stock
  • Louder than stock exhaust
  • Improved ground clearance
  • Decent increase in torque output
  • Better handling thanks to reduced weight
  • Much more pleasing exhaust note
  • Not the biggest performance improvement

Two Brothers Comp-S 2-Into-1 Exhaust

Best Premium Choice

When I bolted on the Comp-S 2-into-1 exhaust from Two Brothers on my Harley, I was unleashing the roar of their racing experience right onto the streets. It didn’t just sound fantastic, it added a whole load of power to the engine, reduced the bike’s weight, and gave it a cool bobber aesthetic that turns heads.

The Comp-S isn’t just a high-performance exhaust, it’s a concert of stunning sounds. Some pipes may play around with treble or mid-range, but the Comp-S? It’s all about that bass! It echoes with the deepest, most resonating tone of any exhaust I’ve ever experienced.

But let’s talk about that startup sound. Cold starts are nothing short of music to my ears. It begins with a sharp flutter, quickly transforming into a thick, heavy idle that sets my pulse racing. When revved up, the Comp-S keeps that deep character, growling back at me every time I dare twist the throttle.

But don’t let all that sound and fury distract you from the craftsmanship of the Comp-S. Those stainless steel components aren’t just slapped together. They’re held firm by high-quality TIG welds, ensuring a perfect fit that’s built to last. And despite its sturdy build, the Comp-S manages to be lightweight, making my Harley more agile and an absolute joy to ride.

It’s not all just about the sound and aesthetics, though. The performance upgrade was significant. The blend of Two Brothers’ racing DNA and Harley’s engine gifted my ride a hefty 10 HP upgrade. And let me tell you, you can feel it every time you hit the road. Acceleration feels nippier, overtaking on the highway is a breeze, and the top speed? It’s bumped up a fair bit. All in all, the Comp-S is a game-changer.

  • Race inspired exhaust with awesome performance
  • Lightweight build reduces overall mass
  • Cool design with carbon fiber endcap
  • Handling improved thanks to better power to weight ratio
  • Megaphone style muffler offers louder sound
  • Styling may not appeal to some riders

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