The Best 2-Into-1 Exhausts for Harley Touring Motorcycles

In this guide, I’ll take you through my quest to find the best exhausts for Harley touring motorcycles.

Years of riding my Road Glide had left me feeling like something was missing. The thrill of rolling on the throttle at highway speeds had faded, and the bland sound of the stock exhaust no longer stirred my soul.

I needed to inject some fun back into my bike, and I knew that an aftermarket exhaust could be the key. The search began for the best 2-into-1 exhausts for Harley Davidson Touring bikes, and I dove deep into research, testing, and comparisons.

Now, I’m excited to share my findings with you, fellow riders, to help you bring that roar back into your ride. Let’s explore the results together!

Vance & Hines Big Radius Exhaust For touring


Kicking off my list is the Vance and Hines Big Radius Exhaust, an addition that now roars on my very own motorcycle. I fell in love with its unique curved design, the imposing sound, and the formidable power gains it offered. It’s unmatched and simply looks badass!

When I installed it, I noticed right away the attention to detail in its build. The stainless steel finished in matte black added a mystique to my bike, and the chrome treatment on the badging and endcap brought in just the right amount of flair. And those integrated heat shields? They keep the exhaust looking pristine, without the blue-ing effect that you’ll find in lesser pipes.

It’s not just about appearance, though. Cracking the throttle with this exhaust in place produces a booming sound that’s addictive. It’s reminiscent of old muscle cars and added so much character and meanness to my usually well-behaved Road Glide. My bike has never sounded cooler.

But let’s talk performance. The Big Radius delivers in this department too. Through my testing, I found a proprietary exhaust flow design that gave my bike a significant power up, translating to a respectable eight horsepower increase. And those numbers aside, the classic big block sound itself is a testament to how this exhaust performs.

Most importantly, this Big Radius pipe transformed my hefty Road Glide. It added not just power but torque as well, making it so much easier to maneuver. Factor in the significant weight savings, and it’s clear why this exhaust has become the perfect recipe for performance on my bike. It’s more than an upgrade; it’s a revelation.

  • Unique styling with curved pipe
  • Major power upgrade
  • Blue proof heat shield
  • Sound reminiscent of old big block muscle cars 
  • The curved styling may not be as popular among some touring bike riders

Bassani Road Rage 2-Into-1 Exhaust


The Road Rage exhaust from Bassani caught my eye as I was looking for the perfect pipe for my Harley Davidson Touring bike. What drew me to it was the reverse megaphone style muffler and unequal length primary pipe design. I had to admit, I was hard-pressed to find another exhaust with such clean lines and jaw-dropping style. Since the blacked-out look is all the rage these days, the Road Rage felt like it was made to match the blacked-out ‘Special’ versions of Harley’s bikes.

When I got a closer look at Bassani’s exhaust, I discovered the specially designed stepped collector and louvered, packable baffle design, all of which had been produced in-house. I could see that this was built to be the perfect sounding exhaust for a Harley Touring bike.

The first time I fired up the engine, the grunt of this monstrous exhaust sent a shiver down my spine. It was an excellent addition to the mean-looking Touring bikes. The name wasn’t misleading; this wasn’t some average, run-of-the-mill muffler. It was a serious, in-your-face exhaust that demanded attention.

I took it to the dyno, and the results were impressive. This setup added an extra five horsepower and a similar amount of torque to my bike. But numbers and graphs can’t convey just how much ‘grunt’ this pipe added. Riding it myself, I felt the quality of the ride become smoother thanks to its lower weight, and passing vehicles on the highway became even less of a challenge with ample torque throughout the rev range.

All in all, the Bassani Road Rage turned out to be the perfect way to infuse more fun into my touring bike. It’s not just an accessory; it’s a statement, and one I’m proud to have on my ride!

  • Unique design with unequal pipes
  • A noticeable spike in power and performance
  • Reverse cone muffler design and spiral core louvered baffles make for one hell of an awesome sounding exhaust
  • Some riders might prefer a quieter exhaust for longer journeys

Bassani Road Rage Stainless 2-Into-1 Short Exhaust


I’ll be honest, I didn’t realize at first that not all stainless steel was created equal. That was until I got my hands on Bassani’s Road Rage Stainless 2-into-1. This exhaust isn’t just about the premium quality materials it offers, though that’s impressive in itself. What really caught my attention was the stellar performance and absolutely crazy sound. But that was just the beginning.

As soon as I installed this exhaust on my Harley Davidson Road Glide, I knew I was dealing with something unique. The proprietary design and construction turned my motorcycle into an entirely different beast. I was hooked from the moment I experienced the better power, responsive engine, more booming sound, and of course, the pipe’s sublime design and look.

I took it to the dyno, and the numbers spoke for themselves. A staggering 6-7 horsepower upgrade and a decent five ft-lbs of torque improvement. But numbers aside, one ride was all it took for me to understand what a massive difference those extra horses made. It felt like one of the most significant power improvements I’d ever experienced with any exhaust.

And the sound? It benefited just as much. A richer, more ‘choppy’ sound that screamed classic Bassani. My Road Glide never sounded as throaty and downright awesome as it did with this exhaust. Every time I pulled on the highway, that distinct roll-on sound left me grinning ear to ear.

In the end, I can say without a doubt that Bassani’s Road Rage III is one of the best-performing exhausts I’ve ever come across. The power gains felt monumental, the sound was monstrous, and the way this pipe looked on my Road Glide was simply stunning. It’s not just an upgrade; it’s a transformation, and one I couldn’t be more thrilled with!

  • Premium stainless steel construction makes for a durable product
  • One of the best sounding exhausts currently up for sale
  • Exceptional improvement in power and torque makes the behemoth Road Glide ride like never before
  • Premium price tag to go along with the quality

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