The Best Exhausts For The Yamaha FZ09/MT09

In this guide, I’m diving into the world of the Yamaha FZ09/MT09 to explore the best exhausts for this incredible bike.

I have to tell you, the Yamaha FZ09/MT09 is not just a motorcycle to me; it’s a thrilling beast that looks stunning and delivers a riding experience that’s second to none. I’m a huge fan, and if you know the joy of riding an FZ09 or MT09, you’ll understand why upgrading the outdated stock exhaust is a must.

Now, for the sake of this guide, I’m going to refer to the MT09 as the FZ09, just so you know – they’re the exact same bike.

My journey to finding the best exhausts for the FZ09 has been a mix of hands-on testing, relentless research, and countless comparisons. I’ve considered various price points and put these exhausts through their paces to provide a well-rounded perspective.

My personal experience with these exhausts played a significant role in this list. After all the work, I found Akrapovic’s racing system to be the best full system exhaust overall. The Two Brothers S1R stood out as the best slip-on exhaust. But don’t just take my word for it – read on, and you’ll see why these exhausts have won my approval.

Akrapovic Racing Exhaust System

Best Full System Exhaust

Akrapovic has been my go-to name in the world of motorcycle exhaust systems for a long time, competing at the very top with a reputation they’ve truly earned.

When I got my hands on their racing exhaust system, I was primarily looking forward to shedding some serious weight off my Yamaha FZ09. And, thanks to their unmatched build quality and sleek design, I was not disappointed. With a smart combination of stainless steel headers, mid-pipes, and bits of carbon fiber, this exhaust felt noticeably lighter compared to the stock one.

Installing this top-of-the-line exhaust was an experience in itself. As I worked my way through the design, I couldn’t help but admire the meticulous craftsmanship – the impeccable design, premium materials, and even the hand welding. This is what allows the exhaust to maximize the motorcycle’s output across the entire spectrum.

I noticed significant improvements as soon as I hit the road. The torque as I sped away from the lights, the potential for higher top speeds and revs, everything felt smooth and exhilarating.

But Akrapovic didn’t just cater to the speed enthusiast in me; they also made sure to please the hobbyist who loves a good sound. The distinct growl, or maybe a throaty purr, became my riding soundtrack – and I found it thoroughly satisfying.

The installation? It took me about an hour to get the Akrapovic’s race system properly settled on my FZ09. Thanks to the clear instruction manual, it was pretty straightforward. Of course, having personally installed countless exhausts over the years helped.

In terms of looks, I have to admit, this exhaust is visually stunning, but most of it is hidden behind the FZ09’s fairings or inner parts. After I installed it, only the slip-on part of the exhaust was visible, concealing the fascinating piping that had caught my eye right out of the box. Still, knowing the beauty that lay beneath only added to the thrill of the ride.

  • #1 racing brand
  • Top notch build quality
  • Great aesthetic
  • Stainless steel headers and mid pipes
  • You don’t necessarily need fuel mapping
  • Hand welded
  • Light weight
  • Compact design
  • Carbon fibre clamp
  • Designed specifically for racing
  • Great power gains
  • Pricey
  • For best results requires fuel mapping

Two Brothers S1R Exhaust System

Best Slip-On Exhaust

For my Yamaha FZ09, speed was the main game, and I knew I needed something special to not just boost the speed but enhance the overall performance. That’s when I came across the Two Brothers S1R exhaust system, and let me tell you, it was a game-changer.

First off, the S1R is incredibly light, and that was an immediate attraction for me. Once I had it installed, it almost seemed hidden due to its compact design. What really caught my eye was its aerospace carbon fiber exterior, which I knew would contribute not only to its longevity but also further reduce its weight.

As I delved into the internals of the S1R, I was intrigued by the perforated core technology. It promised more weight reductions, but what really got me excited was how it would affect the sound and the way the gases were channeled from the engine.

After installing it, I could feel the immediate impact on two essential areas: top speeds and improved torque. Though the enhancement leaned more towards speed than torque, the balance was just right for me.

Then there was this unique feature I observed – the S1R pipes turned an amber color. I was told that some riders don’t like this color change, but to me, it signaled quality. Only the best stainless steel does that, and it was like a mark of excellence on my FZ09.

Now, let’s talk about the sound. Imagine your FZ09 purring like six cats. That’s exactly what the S1R did for my ride. Though I know some might crave a louder roar, especially younger riders who want to make a statement, I found the deep, throaty putter just perfect. It was satisfying in every sense, and not once did I have any qualms during my rides.

In all honesty, the S1R has transformed my FZ09 into something more thrilling, more efficient, and more fun to ride. It’s not just an exhaust; it’s a statement of quality, performance, and style.

  • Super compact design
  • Large portion made from high temperature carbon fibre
  • Piping made from stainless steel
  • Super lightweight
  • Decent sound
  • Piping turns amber color with time
  • Full serviceable
  • Made in USA
  • Easy installation
  • Deep throat sound
  • Could be louder
  • Pricey
  • Light weight comes at the cost of aesthetics

M4 Slip On Exhaust

Searching for a quality slip-on exhaust that would fit my Yamaha FZ09 was more challenging than I anticipated. It seems the selection is rather limited, likely because the FZ09 is relatively new in a sea of thousands of different motorcycle models that exhaust manufacturers must adapt to.

After some research, I came across the M4 exhaust, and it piqued my interest as one of the best options for the FZ09. They claimed that this slip-on exhaust would reduce weight by a whole 10 pounds! Could that be true?

I had to find out for myself. I placed both the stock exhaust and the M4 on a large scale, and the difference was indeed just over 10 pounds. I didn’t get into performance testing as it would be more time-consuming, but I knew that the 10-pound reduction would surely enhance my ride.

One thing I wasn’t so thrilled about was the fact that the M4 was only a slip-on exhaust. It meant that the benefits wouldn’t match those of a full system exhaust, and with a little more investment, a full system might offer more value. But I recognized that not every rider is looking for a full system, so I pressed on.

Once I had the M4 in my hands, I could feel the quality. The combination of stainless steel and carbon fiber felt just right.

Now, getting this exhaust installed was a bit of a challenge. I actually had to slice off part of my stock exhaust to fit the M4 properly. It wasn’t a task for the faint of heart, but thankfully, the instructions on M4’s website were clear and straightforward.

In the end, the M4 exhaust was everything I wanted it to be, even if getting there was a bit tricky. It’s an option I would consider again, recognizing the limitations of a slip-on but also appreciating the tangible benefits it brought to my FZ09.

  • Overwhelmingly positive customer reviews
  • Reduced weight by 10 pounds compared to stock
  • Easy installation
  • Carbon Fibre
  • Would be a lot better as a full system design
  • Requires partially cutting off stock exhaust

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