Akrapovic Motorcycle Exhaust Review

This is our review of Akrapovic motorcycle exhausts. 

We look at the most popular motorcycle exhaust brands to see if they actually live up to the hype. Our review will focus mainly on the build quality, the performance, and the sound of an exhaust. 

Akrapovic is a name you’re probably familiar with. Since its inception in 1990, the company has made some of the best sounding and highest performing exhaust systems for motorcycles. 

Their exhausts boast a loud and raucous sound, and you can find an Akrapovic for everything from 2-strokes to V-Twins. 

We have been riding and working on motorcycles for the better part of the last twenty years. If you want an informed opinion on the quality of different exhaust brands, you came to the right place. 

Keep reading for more of our thoughts on Akrapovic motorcycle exhausts. 

Product Overview

Akrapovic have been around for more than 30 years now, and during that time, they have established themselves as THE high-performance motorcycle exhaust brand. 

‘Akras’ are known for their premium construction and the massive power gains they bring to any motorcycle. They also have an unmistakable sound that is loud but refined and pleasing to the ear. 

But they aren’t without their drawbacks, as we will discuss below. So without further ado, let’s get into our review of Akrapovic motorcycle exhausts.

  • Premium build quality
  • Modern, angular design
  • Lightweight
  • Loud and aggressive exhaust note
  • Race-inspired
  • Free-flowing exhaust architecture
  • Unique hexagonal design for mufflers
  • Ideal for sportbikes
  • Most expensive exhausts

Build Quality

Akrapovic exhausts set the bar for every other exhaust manufacturer when it comes to construction. Akrapovic exhausts are usually the nicest and most well-built motorcycle exhausts on the market. 

The welds are beautifully done so that they look even better than they perform. Akra usually uses high-quality TIG welds that can withstand the highest temperatures and pressures from the exhaust. 


Akrapovic uses high-quality materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, and carbon fiber for most of its lineup. In fact, they have quite a few titanium full system exhausts that look like a million bucks and add tons of power to the engine. 

The metal parts have high-quality finishes that hold up to extreme temperatures. And the whole package just feels premium.

Another plus point of these exhausts is that they are lightweight. You can drop quite a few lbs from your motorcycle with a full system Akrapovic, weight savings that won’t go unnoticed on either road or track. 


Besides the high-quality materials, Akrapovic exhausts also benefit from precise machining and construction. The design is also modern and has that ‘going 200mph standing still’ aesthetic. 

That said, Akrapovic’s design language may not appeal to some. While their pipes feel right at home on a supersport literbike, they may be too aggressive looking for your Harley or other classic cruisers. 

Overall, we love Akrapovic’s design, especially the unique hexagonal mufflers they use. However, it may not fit with every motorcycle type. 

Research and Development

Akrapovic has over 30 years of experience making motorcycle exhausts, and a lot of that time was spent on the racetrack. The company has a rich history of motorsports and racing. 

The research and development that goes into their race exhausts have definitely trickled down into their commercial products. 

Their exhausts were built to crush lap times, so rest assured they will do anything you ask them to, be it street or track. 


Akrapovic’s exhausts are the Holy Grail of motorcycle acoustics. Depending on the bike, the exhaust note may be deep and resonant or high pitched and ‘growly.’ 

All we know is, they sound absolutely phenomenal. Again, Akrapovic’s unique hexagonal styling and conical design are to thank for this. The unconventional proportions help amplify sound and make it more ‘meaty.’ 

We also love the fact that Akrapovic exhausts change up the exhaust note throughout the rev range. So what sounds deep and gurgly at idle will be high pitched and shrill at redline. 

And they’re loud too. Like, seriously loud. It’s the type of exhaust note you can hear from a couple miles away. In fact, Akrapovic exhausts may be too loud for some regions where noise pollution laws are more strict, so definitely do your due diligence before you buy.  


Akrapovic exhausts are also famed for their high performance. Their exhaust systems use a freer-flowing design that allows the engine to work at peak efficiency and generate more power. 

Of all the exhaust systems we test and review, Akrapovics tend to deliver the highest power gains. In fact, their full system exhausts can give you anywhere between 3 and 10 extra horsepower! 

If you want to shave those last few milliseconds off your track times, get an ‘Akra.’ 


Finally, we come to one of the very few drawbacks of Akrapovic motorcycle exhausts. All of the premium materials, the racing heritage, the sleek designs, and ear-splitting exhaust notes come at a price. A pretty hefty price at that. 

Akrapovic exhausts tend to be priced higher than the competition. In fact, it is likely you will have to pay at least a couple thousand dollars for a full system for your motorcycle. 

Alternative Exhausts

If you like Akrapovic’s offerings but want to explore some other options, check out the ones below. 

SC-Project exhausts

SC-Project is an Italian motorcycle exhaust manufacturer with much the same ethos as Akrapovic. Specifically, their brand is all about high-quality materials, loud exhaust notes, and power gains. 

The design is somewhat restrained compared to Akrapovic, but some riders will like the clean look of these exhausts. Sound quality is just as good as Akrapovic, and you will be hard-pressed to find a louder exhaust. Performance is top-notch. SC-Project has made exhausts for MotoGP race-winning bikes, so suffice to say, they know what they’re doing. 

Arrow Exhausts 

Arrow is another Italian motorcycle exhaust manufacturer that gives Akrapovic a run for their money. Their design language is just as passionate and experimental as Akra. However, you can find Arrow exhausts at a more affordable price. 

While we aren’t the biggest fans of Arrow’s sound, it is a loud and rowdy one that will please your inner hooligan. The free-flowing design and low weight also enable a better power-to-weight ratio. Definitely shortlist Arrow if you need a high-quality motorcycle exhaust. 


Akrapovic motorcycle exhausts offer high-quality construction with premium materials. They have a unique sound character that goes well with high-performance supersports. That said, Akrapovic makes exhausts for a variety of motorcycle types. 

The only drawback of Akrapovic motorcycle exhausts is their price. But even then, we think they are well worth it for all the sound and performance benefits you get.

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