The Best Harley Touring Motorcycle Exhausts Reviewed

This is our review of the best exhausts for Harley Davidson Touring motorcycles.

We tested over a dozen exhausts for the Harley Davidson Touring line of motorcycles and shortlisted our favorites. These exhausts offer the best build quality, highest performance, and most pleasing sound. 

Overall, Freedom Performance Exhaust’s Sharp Curve Crossover offers a pretty complete package. It has exceptional build quality, enhanced power figures, and a beefy exhaust note to boot. 

After 10 years of professional testing and reviewing motorcycle accessories, we’ve become an authority on high-quality motorcycle exhausts. If you’re having trouble choosing an exhaust for your Harley Davidson Touring bike, let us help. 

Keep reading for more of our thoughts on the best exhausts for Harley Davidson Touring motorcycles.

Overall Best

Freedom Performance Exhaust Sharp Curve Crossover Exhaust

Freedom Performance’s Harley Davidson Touring exhaust is easily the best on this list. It offers an excellent combination of features with aggressive styling and durable build, loud exhaust note, and a noticeable bump in power. 

High-grade stainless steel is used for best-in-class durability and rigidity. Our testing subjected these exhausts to the highest pressure and heat, and Freedom Performance’s exhaust did not so much as flinch. The design is unique, with a curved look that suits Touring chassis bikes. 

You can get these curved pipes in your choice of matte black or chrome. That means you can color match them to the latest Harley Davidson engine finishes. 

And if you end up getting the chrome version, it’s completely blue-proof. So you don’t have to worry about your exhausts becoming discolored over time. We also appreciate the integrated heat shields, which make long highway journeys much more comfortable. 

While it’s not the most performance-focused pipe on this list, it does pack a couple extra horsepower and torque figures. But you don’t need a dyno to feel the faster acceleration, smoother throttle response, and ease of passing on the highway. 

In fact, we are glad to report that you get better performance throughout the rev range, not just down low or at redline. This helps make the riding experience a lot more enjoyable. 

The fact that this exhaust is lighter and mounts higher than the stock alternative does not go unnoticed on the heavy Harley Davidson Touring motorcycles. The lighter weight and boosted torque make low-speed maneuvering a cinch. The higher mounting prevents the exhaust pipes from scraping on large bumps in the road. 

Lastly, the sound of this exhaust gets two thumbs up from us. It is louder than stock, without being annoying for long journeys. The exhaust character is deep and thumpy, just how we like it. The sound booms and echoes for miles around. 

It’s the kind of sound that is simultaneously aggressive and reassuring. You feel like you’re riding a big, bad cruiser without breaking many noise pollution laws. If you’re a fan of balanced exhaust notes, you’ll like what Freedom Performance has to offer.

  • Highest grade stainless steel
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish curved design
  • Durable build
  • Full coverage heat shields
  • Blue-proof
  • Available in chrome and matte black
  • Huge boost in power
  • Faster acceleration
  • Better top-end performance
  • Triple stepped headers
  • Louder, fuller sound
  • The low and bass-heavy exhaust note
  • The design may be divisive

Best Sounding

Bassani Road Rage Mega Power Exhaust

If you prefer to have a bit more grunt to your motorcycle exhausts, the Bassani Road Rage Mega Power brings all of it! In addition to the crisp exhaust note, Bassani also offers a stellar build and improved power figures. 

This 2-into-1 style exhaust for Harley Touring motorcycles uses the highest grade, 16-gauge double-wall steel. It has TIG welds which allow it to withstand the highest exhaust pressure and heat. The design won’t be to everyone’s taste, but you can get your choice of chrome or matte black. 

The 2-into-1 style enables ‘scavenging,’ and the boost in power is immediately noticeable. If you aren’t familiar, ‘scavenging’ is when exhaust pulses from one cylinder help the other cylinder intake more air and produce more power as a result. 

In day-to-day riding, we noticed that our Touring bike was faster to accelerate, had a smoother feel, and was generally faster throughout the rev range. We suspect the oversized collector is also to thank for this hefty boost in power. 

We think this is the best-sounding exhaust for Harley Davidson Touring motorcycles. It is louder than stock and has a beefier character. The rumble and ‘thump-iness’ really wake up your Harley’s twin-cylinder engine and make for a more fun riding experience. 

In fact, the sound may be a bit too loud for some riders. Even though we love the sound, it can easily become annoying on longer journeys. 

Still, the Bassani has some other compelling features too. For one, it brings a nice power-up to your bike. Besides the aforementioned ‘scavenging,’ you also benefit from a free-flowing design that makes the bike feel peppier and more eager to get going. 

Finally, if you were looking for special features to set your Harley Davidson Touring motorcycle apart from the pack, this Bassani pipe has full coverage heat shields and an optional contrasting end-cap. 

One thing to consider is that 2-into-1 style pipes drastically change up the look of your motorcycle. And it might take a bit of time for some riders to get used to the look of this exhaust with their saddlebags.

  • 16-gauge steel
  • High-quality welds
  • Hold up better to high temperature and pressure
  • Available in chrome or satin black, with a contrasting end cap
  • Special collector design for peak efficiency
  • Adds a lot of power to the engine
  • Torque gains can be felt throughout the rev range
  • 2-into-1 style exhaust
  • Enables ‘scavenging’
  • Deep and meaty sound
  • Loudest sounding Harley Touring exhaust
  • Full coverage heat shields
  • Less heat is thrown on riders
  • Loud exhaust gets annoying on long journeys

Highest Performance

Two Brothers Comp-S 2-Into-1 Exhaust For Harley Touring

It may not be everyone’s favorite style of exhaust, but Two Brothers’ 2-into-1 Comp-S brings by far the biggest boost in power and torque to your Harley Davidson Touring bike. The sound is loud and rowdy to match, while the sturdy build keeps high-pressure exhaust gasses in check. 

Let’s kick it off with the build quality of this exhaust. It is not as well-built as the other exhausts on this list but still uses high-grade stainless steel and does its job pretty well. As for the look, it is akin to old bobbers and cafe racers. 

Whether you get it in chrome or black, the carbon fiber end cap is a nice touch, and we wish more Harley exhausts would incorporate it into their designs. 

As for the sound characteristics, this pipe focuses on the low frequencies so that you get a deeper, more resonant exhaust note. It’s not as loud or crisp as Bassani’s offering but also wouldn’t feel out of place at the race track. And for Touring applications, the sound doesn’t get too annoying. 

But the real star of the show is the performance of this exhaust. TBR’s race-inspired design is perfect for adding a couple extra horsepower and lb-ft to the Harley’s engine. Even more impressive is TBR’s unique tuning that delivers the extra performance in a linear, predictable fashion, so it is even more usable and fun. 

Low-end torque gains mean smoother low-speed maneuvering and faster acceleration off the line. And the extra ‘oomph!’ located up high in the rev range makes passing other vehicles on the highway that much easier. Speaking of low-speed maneuvering, the lightweight design is a godsend for the 800+ lb Harley Touring bike. 

Another handy design feature is the mounting of this exhaust, which is significantly higher than stock and prevents scraping on large bumps in the road. And if you want to lean the bike over, you get more space to do it. 

All said and done, the Two Brothers Racing Comp-S is a fantastic Harley Davidson Touring exhaust. We highly recommend it if you want your dresser to feel closer to an agile supersport in terms of performance.

  • Highest performance exhaust pipes
  • Comes in chrome and black
  • As much as a 5 HP boost in power
  • TIG welds hold up really well to high pressure and temperature
  • The bike is faster to accelerate
  • Top-end power is also improved
  • Stainless steel construction saves weight
  • Carbon fiber end cap
  • The power-weight ratio is better
  • Unrestricted exhaust flow
  • 2-into-1 style enables scavenging
  • Compatible with both forward and mid controls
  • Uses stock O2 sensors
  • Build quality is not as good as the other options

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