Best Exhaust For The Suzuki GSXR 600

In my quest to find the best exhaust for the Suzuki GSXR 600, I delved into researching a ton of options and personally tested the top contenders. This hands-on experience was not just about numbers and specifications; it was about feeling the ride and understanding how each exhaust changes the bike’s personality.

The Voodoo Shorty exhaust really stole the show for me. It wasn’t just about the excellent weight reductions or even the phenomenal sound; it was the whole experience. Playing the clutch with the Voodoo became an auditory adventure, and the added torque brought a new level of fun to my rides.

Of course, choosing a slip-on exhaust can be a highly personal decision. What worked best for me might not be your perfect fit. So, I’ve listed a few other top-notch recommendations for the GSXR 600, all of which I’ve had the pleasure of testing. Keep reading, and you’ll discover why each of these exhausts could be the right one for your ride.

Overall best

Voodoo Shorty Slip-On Exhaust

When I stumbled upon Voodoo’s shorty slip-on exhaust for the GSXR 600, I didn’t expect to find my top pick from a lesser-known brand. But from the moment I installed it, the loud exhaust gave my GSXR a whole new, mean personality that I absolutely fell in love with. Its simple design not only shed unnecessary weight but also funneled gases more effectively, providing that extra oomph right from the start.

The power gains with the Voodoo were mostly noticeable in the lower rev ranges, thanks to its long length and wide diameter. This brought a delightful increase in good old-fashioned horsepower. Holding the compact stainless steel structure in my hands, I could feel its quality and lightness. It was, in fact, the lightest exhaust I tested, so the power gains were quite evident across the board.

Aesthetically, VooDoo went against the grain, keeping things minimalistic. Instead of the usual frills that many modern exhausts flaunt, Voodoo’s no-nonsense design was a refreshing and fitting complement to the GSXR 600.

The only snag for me was how the Voodoo’s small size seemed slightly overshadowed on the backdrop of the large GSXR. If you’re hunting for an eye-catching accessory, this might not be your best option. But don’t let the size fool you; once on the road, its seriously loud sound turned heads and garnered attention. Some riders might find it a bit too loud, but that’s a personal preference.

In terms of build quality, I couldn’t have asked for more. The exhaust felt strong and substantial, constructed from high-quality stainless steel. It left me confident in its longevity and durability. Voodoo’s shorty slip-on proved to be not just a pleasant surprise but a thrilling discovery for my GSXR 600.

  • Great looking design
  • Superior build quality
  • Roaring sound
  • Will piss off your neighbors
  • Loudest exhaust we tested
  • Loud but didn’t get on your nerves
  • Overwhelmingly positive customer reviews
  • Installation hardware included
  • Improve torque
  • Easy install
  • Most probably will require a fuel tuner
  • Relatively small and inconspicuous

Best Budget

Radiant Cycles Shorty GP Exhaust

Searching for a budget exhaust for the GSXR 600 felt like navigating a minefield. Most of the low-cost options seemed doomed to fall apart after a year or quickly deteriorate due to the heat the GSXR produces. But after sifting through countless possibilities, I found something worth considering: the Radiant Cycles shorty GP slip-on exhaust.

Though it couldn’t match the more expensive options, the Radiant Cycles exhaust showed a semblance of quality that caught my eye. It promised longevity, delivered a deep roar, and looked pretty decent too. I didn’t have the chance to use it for years, but the overwhelmingly positive customer reviews and respectable materials gave me confidence.

The one area where Radiant Cycles truly shined was weight reduction. Weighing in at just two pounds, it was a featherweight option and over twice as light as what I’d previously installed. This weight loss translated into tangible power gains, a surprising but welcome perk from this budget exhaust.

Sound-wise, this exhaust was loud and sometimes a bit raw and gruff. It couldn’t match the pleasant tone of the Voodoo, but it was a significant improvement over the stock exhaust. I couldn’t help but think that the sound could be further enhanced with better piping.

Though my experience with this exhaust was brief, mainly for the purpose of this article, the overwhelmingly positive customer feedback and the good quality materials (mostly stainless steel with a power-coated finish) left a lasting impression. For those on a tight budget looking to upgrade their GSXR 600, Radiant Cycles offers a compelling option without breaking the bank.

  • Decent materials
  • Loud
  • Excellent weight reduction
  • Very affordable
  • Decent aesthetic
  • Compact design
  • Simple install
  • Overwhelmingly positive customer reviews
  • Doesn’t bring significant power gains
  • Very small exhaust, you’ll hardly see it once installed.

Best Premium Option

Hindle Evolution Slip-On Exhaust

There’s something genuinely seductive about Hindle’s Evolution slip-on exhaust for the GSXR 600. Its sleek design and gleaming silver casing make it one of the most aesthetically pleasing exhausts I’ve ever come across. Its larger size ensures that it won’t hide shyly beneath the fairings; instead, it’ll be on full, radiant display. Performance and power gains? Superb. And the throaty boom it emits whenever I twist the throttle? Absolutely addictive.

The Hindle Evolution stands out in more ways than one. It’s noticeably larger than the other exhausts I’ve tested, giving it a distinctive, eye-catching presence that many slip-on exhausts lack.

The larger size is not just for show – it helps improve the velocity of your bike’s gases. I noticed a notable improvement in mid-range torque and felt power increases across a wide range of revs.

Of course, bigger size usually means more weight, but Hindle cleverly countered this by offering a carbon fibre option. However, a word of caution: this material, while lighter, is less durable, so if you happen to crash, it’ll likely need replacing.

And speaking of carbon fibre’s longevity, Hindle uses a stainless steel core to keep the heat in and reinforce the overall strength of the exhaust. They also use high-temperature packing, a feature they claim is unique to Hindle, which further helps to retain heat and protect the carbon fibre and nearby engine components.

As for the sound, the Hindle Evolution doesn’t just purr – it roars. A booming, thunderous roar that comes to life when I play with the throttle. It’s not as throaty as some might prefer, but for me, the deep purr at idle is a satisfying symphony to my ears.

  • Second to none aesthetic
  • Excellent power gains
  • Satisfying sound at idle
  • Playing the throttle creates a booming roar
  • Carbon fibre options available
  • Stainless steel core
  • Excellent longevity
  • Eye catching
  • Pricey
  • Size negates some weight improvements
  • Carbon fibre option lacks durability

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