Best Exhausts for Harley Davidson’s V ROD Motorcycles

Here, we recommend the best exhausts for Harley Davidson V-Rod motorcycles. 

Our review focuses on the most important features of each exhaust, including the build quality, performance, and of course, the way it sounds. Each option was also tested extensively, so we can back up our review with real-world experience. 

Our favorite exhaust for the V-Rod was Bassani’s Road Rage B1. This purpose-built V-Rod exhaust boasts a loud and rowdy sound, a free-flowing design that aids performance, and best-in-class construction that is designed to last. 

The V-Rod is one of our favorite Harleys, owing to its excellent design, sporty feel, and incredible performance. Having ridden the V-Rod extensively over the past 10 years, we can help you find the best exhaust for your particular requirements. 

Keep reading for more of our thoughts on the best exhausts for the Harley Davidson V-Rod.

Overall Best

Bassani Road Rage B1 Exhaust For Harley V-Rod

Bassani’s Road Rage has always been a fan favorite. This B1 version brings the same loud and raucous exhaust to the V-Rod. It also has some massive performance gains in tow, alongside a durable construction that can withstand all that extra ‘oomph!’

Let’s talk about that construction. Bassani went with high-quality 16-gauge steel construction for this pipe. It is lighter than the stock alternative, so expect an improved power-weight ratio. The megaphone-style muffler looks even meaner than it sounds, and you can get it in your choice of black or chrome. 

The Road Rage is packed to the gills with some really useful features. You get full coverage heat shields for more comfort on hot days and long journeys. The included Quiet Baffle can be used to take away a couple annoying dBs if that’s more your speed. 

But you don’t buy this V-Rod exhaust for all that stuff. You buy it for the raw, unbridled performance. The stepped header design and high-flow exhaust architecture deliver a sizable boost in power. And Bassani’s unique collector design ensures that every ounce of performance is extracted from the V-Rod’s engine. Besides that, the 2-into-1 design enables ‘scavenging’ to get a bit more torque down-low in the rev range where it matters. 

The result is a faster, more agile, and peppier bike. In fact, this is the exhaust of choice for V-Rods that have already had every other performance mod done to them. The Bassani adds that last couple HP to the V-Rod. 

As for the sound, it is louder, throatier, and deeper than stock. It has that signature Bassani growl that we can’t help but adore. The sound is rich and boomy, thanks to the unique muffler design. Really, it’s probably the best sounding exhaust on this list!

  • 16-gauge steel
  • Chrome and black versions are available
  • Integrated heat shields
  • A free-flowing exhaust design
  • Faster acceleration
  • Stepped headers
  • Unique collector design
  • Massive power boost
  • Louder, deeper sound
  • Quiet Baffle available
  • The design may not appeal to some

Best V Rod Slip-On Exhaust

Bassani 4” Slip-On Mufflers For Harley V-Rod Muscle

If you don’t want to spend a ton of cash on your next V-Rod exhaust, the 4” slip-ons from Bassani make for a cheap upgrade. You get a louder, more aggressive exhaust note and a fantastic design that blows the stock exhausts out of the water. 

These slip-ons won’t add much power to your V-Rod’s engine. In fact, the only thing the free-flowing design is good for is louder sound. But the lightweight build of these pipes does make the V-Rod a little less chunky. They use the same high-grade, 16-gauge steel as the Road Rage pipes, so you can expect them to withstand the highest exhaust pressure and heat. 

These pipes sport a larger, rounded design that looks pretty mean. It fits in well with the V-Rod, and we think most riders will appreciate the black end caps with contrasting flutes, which add a bit of flair to the design. 

Personally, our favorite feature of these slip-on exhausts for the V-Rod was their deep and thumpy exhaust note. The pipes really wake up the engine and generate a more imposing sound that transforms the V-Rod from cruiser to bruiser! 

These pipes have a lot more character than the stock exhausts. We loved the crackly pops and bangs these slip-ons produce every time you let off the throttle. This can be tuned out if you don’t like it, but we chose to leave them in. 

Lastly, you get full coverage heat shields, and all of the necessary mounting equipment is provided in the box. The instructions are clear, concise, and easy to follow. All said and done, it won’t take you more than 20 minutes to have these exhausts ready to go.

  • 16-gauge steel
  • Lightweight build
  • Large, rounded design
  • Improved power-weight ratio
  • Free-flowing exhaust design
  • Louder sound
  • The deeper and more imposing exhaust note
  • Pops and bangs on deceleration
  • Integrated heat shields
  • Easy install
  • Not the biggest bump in power

Best Exhaust for V Rod Muscle

Akrapovic Open-Line 2-Into-1 Exhaust System

Akrapovic doesn’t always make Harley Davidson exhausts, but when they do, they go all out. The Open-Line is a 2-into-1 style exhaust for the V-Rod Muscle that outdoes the competition with every feature and every bit of its design. 

The Open-Line 2-into-1 exhaust for V-Rod Muscle takes design and build quality to the next level. This full system exhaust uses high-grade stainless steel for the headers, titanium for the muffler, and carbon fiber for the heat shield. All of that premium hardware gets you enhanced heat and pressure resistance, times 1000! 

It also means the exhaust is lightweight. Seriously lightweight. The 30 lb weight reduction is immediately noticeable and goes a long way towards making the V-Rod Muscle easier to maneuver. It also improves the power-weight ratio by quite a bit. 

The design of this exhaust makes you look twice. Whether you get it in chrome or black, the shorter muffler fits in surprisingly well with the V-Rod Muscle and gives it a more performance-focused look. 

Speaking of, performance is this exhaust’s middle name! The free-flowing exhaust architecture and stepped headers result in the biggest power boost of any V-Rod Muscle exhaust on this list. In fact, we measured a 4 hp increase in power and almost 2 extra lb-ft with this exhaust installed. 

In our tests, the V-Rod Muscle was faster in accelerating, had an easier time with low-speed maneuvering, and felt more confident on the highway. If it weren’t for the exorbitant price, this V-Rod Muscle exhaust would have had the top spot on this list.

  • Stainless steel headers, a titanium muffler
  • Carbon fiber heat shields
  • Sporty, performance-focused design
  • Available in chrome or black
  • 4 HP increase in power
  • 2 lb-ft increase in torque
  • Almost a 30 lb weight reduction
  • Improved power-weight ratio
  • Better handling at low speed
  • Faster acceleration
  • The most expensive exhaust on this list

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