The Best Slip-On Exhausts For Harley Davidson Motorcycles

In this buying guide, we’ll be covering the best Slip-On Exhausts For Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Harley Davidson motorcycles are synonymous with loud exhausts that can be heard long before the bike is even in view. Over the decades, the Harley sound and style has become a defining trait.

A number of companies have taken on the challenge of improving that sound and style with their own aftermarket exhausts. But with so many to choose from, which is the best slip on exhaust?

Aftermarket exhausts can have a lot of benefits for your Harley. Better volume and performance, reduced weight and improved riding feel to name just a few. In our experience, the ‘Vance and Hines 3” Round Twin Slash’ is the best overall slip-on for Harleys.

Read on to find out why…

Overall Best

Vance & Hines 3″ Round Twin Slash Slip-On Exhaust

‘Vance and Hines’ make stellar exhausts for all types of motorcycles but there has always been a special focus on Harleys. HD fans rave about ‘Vance and Hines’ exhausts and with good reason. Decades spent fine tuning their craft has made ‘V&H’ THE aftermarket exhaust company for Harleys. Their 3” Round Twin Slash Slip-On has earned the top spot on our list.

This slip-on style exhaust exudes class and sophistication. The sleek twin pipe design might fool you into thinking it is a subdued muffler. Until you hear it roar to life, that is. This exhaust is just as much ‘Beast’ as it is ‘Beauty’. Even at idle, it delivers a throaty rumble that is satisfying and somehow reassuring. When revved, the bike comes to life with a passionate growl that means business.

This exhaust offers tremendous improvement over the stock sound and the signature dual barrel design adds a bit of flair to the motorcycle. Not to mention, the improved air flow gives you a decent power boost that does not go unnoticed. The heat shields are a welcome addition alongside the louvered core baffles which produce that awesome soundtrack. When all is said and done, you cannot go wrong with this fantastic pair of slip-ons for your Harley.

  • Great build quality
  • Seasoned manufacturer
  • Massive improvement over stock
  • Impressive sound and power output
  • Heat shields prevent discoloration of the chrome
  • Optional baffles available to reduce sound by 3-5 dB
  • No engine tuning needed
  • Plug and play
  • The manufacturer installation guide is not the most intuitive
  • May not work flawlessly with older, carbureted engines

Premium Choice

Vance & Hines 4″ Monster Rounds Slip-On Mufflers

The fact that ‘Vance and Hines’ have not one but two products featured on our list should tell you everything you need to know about the brand. They make high quality products that few other manufacturers can compete with. As such, their 4” Monster Rounds Slip-On Mufflers are the perfect complement to your top of the line Harley.

Specifically designed for use with the biggest, baddest touring machines Harley offers, the ‘Monsters’ are a set of premium slip-on exhausts that give your touring motorcycle a unique look and terrific sound. All without making any compromises on function or usability of other features of the motorcycle.

The ‘Monsters’ come in a dual exhaust configuration with one pipe on either side of the bike, under the saddle bags. There is an almost minimalist aesthetic to these slip-ons and the sleek pipes fits in perfectly with the overall design of a Harley. They use the same heat shield style as in the ‘Twin Slash Slip-ons’ to prevent discoloration of the metal. Furthermore, these slip-ons come in chrome for that classic cruiser look, or black to fit right in with the powder coated engines on newer models.

As for the sonics of these slip-ons, tourers will be delighted to know that the exhaust note is powerful and beefy, but without that obtrusive harshness that can become quite annoying on long, transcontinental journeys. It is loud, but not the type of ‘loud’ that makes people around you uncomfortable.

On the contrary, the sound is a balanced, pleasing one that makes your presence known to the immediate surroundings and not the adjoining ZIP codes! All in all, they are an awesome set of pipes for your Harley Davidson.

  • Top notch materials and construction
  • Reputable brand
  • Compatible with saddlebags for touring
  • Balanced sound
  • Sound not annoying for longer trip
  • May require a tune or remap to deliver optimum performance

Emgo Universal Slip-On Exhaust

Let’s be real, folks. Harleys are premium, expensive machines. They can retail for well into the tens of thousands of dollars and that’s before options and other miscellaneous costs are factored in. As such, it can be quite discouraging to go exhaust shopping and find that even low quality products are selling for an exorbitant price.

Enter, the ‘Emgo Universal Slip-On’. Here we have a retro styled, universal fit exhaust that is made from high quality materials, packs a punchy, heavy sound, and arguably looks even better than the pipes selling for three times as much! Emgo’s ability to offer such a compelling product at such a reasonable price deserves all our praise.

And it truly is compelling. Where else will you find such a cool design and sound signature without spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars? The exhaust’s retro styling recalls the golden age of Harleys, where chopping up bikes and customizing them with your own unique style was considered a status symbol. The free flowing exhaust gives you more ‘OOMPH!’ down low and up top.

The Emgo will fit right in on your next motorcycle build, be it stripped down bobber, or lean, mean dragster. The versatile use cases, ease of installation and relative simplicity to maintain make this THE exhaust for garage builds and projects. Just be careful not to wake up too many of your neighbors with the absolutely other-worldly sound of this exhaust.

  • Heavy, raw sound
  • High quality construction and materials
  • Budget friendly
  • Makes the motorcycle feel much more responsive
  • The sound may be a bit too loud for everyday use

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