The Best Exhausts for the Dyna Street Bob

Here, we take a look at the best exhausts for the Dyna Street Bob. 

Our recommendations are based on the real-world testing of over a dozen different exhausts. The tests aimed to weed out exhausts with the best build quality, highest performance, and most pleasing sound. Moreover, we even factored in the design and cost. 

As such, Bassani’s Road Rage II stood out from the crowd. This 2-into-1 style pipe is one powerful hunk o’ metal. It generates a fantastic soundtrack that is louder and fuller sounding. And the styling is a retro bobber-inspired one that just works. 

We have been testing and reviewing motorcycle exhausts, accessories, and other parts for over a decade. So if you want an informed opinion to help you make the most worthwhile buying decision, leave it to us. 

Keep reading for more of our thoughts on the best exhausts for the Dyna Street Bob.

Overall Best

Bassani Road Rage II 2-Into-1 Dyna Street Bob Exhaust

Bassani’s Road Rage exhaust for the Dyna Street Bob offers a loud and beefy exhaust note, best-in-class construction, and a noticeable boost in power. 

This is a classic 2-into-1 style exhaust for the Dyna Street Bob. It is fashioned out of premium stainless steel, making it more durable. It can also withstand higher temperatures and pressure. 

It comes in classic chrome or a black satin finish. The chrome variant has a contrasting black billet end cap that looks really cool, but we still think the satin black fits better with the Dyna Street Bob’s blacked-out engine. 

The design also integrates heat shields into the exhaust, which are great for longer journeys. Another advantage of this exhaust is that it mounts higher to account for the Street Bob’s taller shocks. This prevents scraping on large bumps and gives you more room to lean the bike over. 

The boost in power is another nice plus point. The 2-into-1 style brings higher, more concentrated exhaust flow to the bike, adding quite a bit of horsepower. The result is a bike that feels faster and smoother. Torque gains help propel the bike to 60 a lot quicker too. 

Finally, the best part of any Bassani exhaust we have the sound. The exhaust note is a lot louder than stock but also deeper and more crisp. Suffice to say, it’s our favorite exhaust note of any pipe on this list. And if you want even more volume, the removable baffles can get you just that.

  • Premium stainless steel
  • Comes in chrome and satin black
  • Integrated heat shields
  • A free-flowing exhaust design boosts power
  • Bike accelerates faster
  • Specifically designed for Dynas with taller shocks
  • No scraping on large bumps
  • Louder, beefier sound
  • Deeper exhaust note
  • Removable baffles can make it even louder
  • The design may not be to everyone’s liking

Worthy Consideration

Bassani Radial Sweepers Exhaust

Unsurprisingly, we have another Bassani exhaust on this list. While it can’t match the 2-into-1 pipe’s power, it still puts out a ton of grunt. And this one is even louder than the last. In fact, it may be a bit too loud! 

The Radial Sweepers are the polar opposite of the Road Rage, at least from a design perspective. Sure, both use the same high-grade 16-gauge double-wall steel, and both have full-coverage heat shields, but that’s where the similarities stop. This is a proper true dual to the Road Rage’s 2-into-1. 

The design of the exhaust is a lot shorter, which actually helps it produce as much power as it does. The look is a bit more aggressive, too, with its backswept design and slash cut ends. 

The shorter design paired with, the higher exhaust flow results in enhanced power and torque. In our tests, throttle response was noticeably better. Furthermore, we got faster 0-60 times, and the engine just felt peppier. 

The sound quality is much improved too. Again, the shorter proportions help. You get a louder, rowdier exhaust note. It is also deeper and meatier. In fact, it may be a bit too loud for some jurisdictions, so maybe leave the removable baffles on!

Speaking of drawbacks, the heat shields might as well be made of cardboard for all the good they do! The higher mounting may prevent these pipes from scraping on the road and enable you to lean further, but it also positions the mufflers closer to the rider.

  • 16-gauge double-wall steel
  • Backswept design
  • Mounts higher on Dynas with taller shocks
  • No scraping on bumps
  • Aggressive exhaust note
  • Loudest true-dual exhaust for Dyna Street Bob
  • Low-end torque is noticeably improved
  • The bike is faster to accelerate
  • Heat shields integrated into the design
  • Higher mounting makes heat shields less effective

Premium Choice

Cobra Speedster 909 Exhaust For Harley

Cobra’s Speedster 909 exhaust for the Dyna Street Bob combines a stealthy look with a loud, in-your-face exhaust note. Premium construction and enhanced performance are also in attendance. 

Cobra went for a sleek and understated look with this exhaust. It still uses high-grade stainless steel for durability, but the design is more restrained than most. The full-coverage heat shields are completely blacked-out, with the chrome inner tip being the only bit of flair. 

Really, this Dyna Street Bob exhaust is all about the performance. It uses Cobra’s patented ‘PowerPort’ technology, which enhances power throughout the rev range. We were surprised by the massive power gains and the overall torquier character of the bike. 

The throttle felt smoother and more responsive. But the real improvement is in terms of top-end power. Seriously, we mistook this true-dual for a 2-into-1 out on the highway! 

You are also treated to a louder exhaust note. More than that, it is a more pleasing exhaust note. The acoustics are beefier, more imposing, and more aggressive. And because it’s a true-dual exhaust, it has that crisp and powerful exhaust character that 2-into-1 style pipes can only hope to achieve. 

It’s not without its drawbacks, though. For one, the installation process is a bit of a hassle. The instructions aren’t the most intuitive, and mating exhaust to Dyna was almost more trouble than it’s worth. We admit we got it installed by a professional and recommend you do the same.

  • Understated design
  • Better low-end torque
  • Integrated heat shields
  • Ideal for longer rides
  • Powerport technology
  • More power throughout the rev range
  • Smoother throttle response
  • Lightweight design
  • One of the loudest Dyna Street Bob exhausts
  • Deep, rumbly, exhaust character
  • Outperforms most 2-into-1 style exhausts
  • Not the easiest to install

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