The Best exhausts For The Suzuki GSXR 1000

Here, we’ll be focusing on some high performance exhausts for the Suzuki GSXR-1000.

We put a huge variety of pipes for Suzuki’s halo bike through their paces in real world tests, using our experience working with exhausts to rank the Top 4.

Chief among them is the Two Brothers M2 Black Series, delivering the best of all worlds with timeless design, pleasing sound, and stellar performance.

Read on to find out why the M2 and others are our picks for the best exhausts for the Suzuki GSXR-1000

Overall best

Two Brothers M2 Black Series Exhaust

Two Brothers used their extensive racing experience to design this exhaust. The M2 takes liter class bikes and turns them up to eleven. It is a full system that employs advanced engineering to improve power output, sound and even adds to the look of the bike.

Black is the theme here. Premium stainless headers merge with a black muffler. The internals are all black billet aluminum and the magnesium endcap is coated in black Teflon; a perfect blacked out look that is understated but still eye-catching.

M2 uses Two Brothers’ V.A.L.E system that ensures a leak proof fit and optimal performance. This design allows the exhaust to offer improved flow of gases out of the engine, increasing horsepower and torque. Our test bike registered impressive power gains with this setup. Figures aside, our bike felt and handled much better, thanks to the power-up and reduction in weight.

Another massive improvement was in the sound department. Our GSXR’s exhaust note was louder, more pronounced, and beefier. The M2 really wakes the bike up and extracts every bit of volume the engine can produce.

  • All black theme
  • Premium materials
  • Reduces weight
  • Increases power
  • Improves sound
  • Perfect fit thanks to V.A.L.E system
  • Full systems are usually more expensive

Best Budget

Hindle Evolution Exhaust System

We are big fans of Hindle’s Evolution exhaust for GSXR-1000. It focuses on performance and power, with equal consideration given to the acoustics and build.

The Evolution exhaust features stainless steel headers and mid-pipes that create a vacuum effect within the exhaust, making it the most efficient exit for gases. The use of Mandrel bending further improves performance and supports power generation. All that to say that the Hindle Evolution makes a whopping 7 HP difference in power figures!

This power is usable as well, with the reduced weight making the bike feel lighter in corners and more effortless to accelerate on straights. Track performance is further aided by the aerodynamic design of this pipe. Its unique architecture reduces drag and helps the bike move effortlessly.

Hindle’s Evolution is a great option for folks looking for a more aggressive sounding exhaust. The shape and style of the exhaust is aimed at producing the loudest, meanest exhaust note, with a completely open endcap, devoid of any noise suppression. Suffice to say, with this exhaust fitted on the GSXR-1000, earplugs are a must!

  • Massive improvement in power
  • No noise suppression
  • Premium stainless used
  • Mandrel bending improves flow of gases
  • Lighter than stock
  • May be too loud for everyday use

Best Premium Choice

M4 Suzuki GSX-R1000 Exhaust

The M4 is another great exhaust for the GSXR-1000. It is a slip-on that features a free flowing design for enhanced performance, lightweight build, and awesome sound. It is perfect for all you squids looking to get some more power.

The M4 is a bit unassuming. It is not the most eye-catching but sports a matte black treatment from inlet to end cap that looks stealthy. A silver M4 badge is prominent on the mouth of the megaphone style muffler, adding a bit of flair.

But the M4 doesn’t need looks to turn heads; its exhaust note does all the heavy lifting. Among slip-ons, it is one of the loudest. It achieves this thanks to its free flowing design that also allows it to make more power.

Power figures for our test bike improved drastically. The stock 189 HP on our GSXR-1000 got a bump up to 192 HP with the addition of this exhaust and some custom tuning. Torque figures were inconclusive but we can tell from riding the now lighter bike that the power to weight ratio is definitely better.

  • Louder than stock
  • Saves weight
  • Stainless steel
  • Blacked-out look
  • Easy installation
  • Expensive

Slip On Exhaust GP Series Motorcycle Muffler For GSXR1000

This stainless steel slip-on is perfect for those of you who are on a budget. It offers decent power gains, heavier sound than stock, and looks decent as well. Really though, it’s the cheap price for such a good product that really makes it attractive.

The Slip-on GP is constructed with stainless steel, making it feather-like compared to the stock exhaust. This drop in mass alone would have made this a compelling product but it also offers a slight increase in horsepower.

While the increase in horsepower is nominal, coupled with the lower weight, it really makes the bike feel a lot smoother and easy to handle. Moreover, this exhaust comes with an uncharacteristic-for-the-price increase in sound. There is no dB killer or noise suppression element in the construction, making it loud with a capital L! It has a free flowing architecture that helps eject gases from the engine faster, thus making your bike feel more responsive and gutsy overall.

The sound of this exhaust really is our favorite part about it. Loud and unbridled, it helps accentuate the GSXR’s performance, while also adding a slick, megaphone style pipe to your bike. If you’re on a budget, definitely consider this pipe for your bike.

  • Decent increase in power
  • Loud sound
  • Megaphone styling
  • Not the biggest power-up

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