The Best exhausts For The Suzuki GSXR 1000

Let me take you into the world of high-performance exhausts for the Suzuki GSXR-1000, a realm where speed meets sound and design.

I’ve spent countless hours on the road, pushing a vast array of pipes for Suzuki’s crown jewel to their limits. My hands-on experience with exhausts, coupled with real-world tests, has led me to discover the Top 4 that truly stand out.

At the forefront of this discovery is the Two Brothers M2 Black Series. This exhaust is more than just a piece of hardware; it’s a symphony of timeless design, a soothing yet exciting sound, and performance that leaves you breathless.

Join me as we dive deeper, and I’ll share with you the details of why the M2 and others have earned their spots as the best exhausts for the Suzuki GSXR-1000. It’s a thrilling ride, and I can’t wait to take you along!

Overall best

Two Brothers M2 Black Series Exhaust

When I got my hands on Two Brothers’ M2 exhaust system, I could instantly see the infusion of their extensive racing experience in its design. This wasn’t just an exhaust; it was a machine that took liter class bikes, like mine, and cranked them up to an exhilarating new level.

The M2’s all-black theme mesmerized me. From the premium stainless headers merging with a black muffler to the internals crafted from black billet aluminum and the magnesium endcap coated in black Teflon, it was a stunning blacked-out look that was understated yet irresistibly eye-catching.

But the M2 wasn’t all about aesthetics. Utilizing Two Brothers’ V.A.L.E system, it promised a leak-proof fit and performance that was bound to impress. I had to see it for myself.

After installing it on my bike, I hit the road to experience the true magic of this full system. As I throttled, I could feel the improved flow of gases out of the engine, and my bike began to register impressive power gains. The increase in horsepower and torque was palpable. My bike was not only lighter but handled much better, and I could sense every bit of its newfound strength.

Then came the sound – a massive improvement that I had to hear to believe. My GSXR’s exhaust note transformed into something louder, more pronounced, and robust. It was as if the M2 had awakened my bike, extracting every bit of volume the engine could produce.

Riding with the M2, I felt a connection to my bike like never before. It was an upgrade that touched every sense, from the way it looked to the way it roared and powered down the road. It was a transformation that I’ll never forget.

  • All black theme
  • Premium materials
  • Reduces weight
  • Increases power
  • Improves sound
  • Perfect fit thanks to V.A.L.E system
  • Full systems are usually more expensive

Best Budget

Hindle Evolution Exhaust System

When I first laid eyes on Hindle’s Evolution exhaust for my GSXR-1000, I was intrigued by its promise of power, performance, and acoustic beauty. Installing it, I quickly found out that it was so much more than its sleek appearance.

The stainless steel headers and mid-pipes caught my attention right away. They created a vacuum effect within the exhaust, making it an incredibly efficient exit path for the gases. I dug into the mechanics and learned that the use of Mandrel bending was key to the improvements in performance and power generation. After a few runs, I could truly feel that whopping 7 HP difference in power figures! It was a beast in action, and I was in control.

Riding with the Hindle Evolution, I found a newfound agility in my bike. The reduced weight allowed me to take corners with a lightness I’d never felt before, and accelerating on straights became a breeze. The aerodynamic design, coupled with its unique architecture, reduced drag and let my bike move effortlessly through the wind.

But it wasn’t just about speed and performance. The Hindle Evolution had a sound all its own. The exhaust’s shape and style were meticulously crafted to produce the loudest and meanest exhaust note I’d ever heard. With a completely open endcap, devoid of any noise suppression, it was a roar that demanded attention.

Riding with this exhaust on my GSXR-1000, I quickly realized that earplugs were not just a suggestion; they were a must! The sound was aggressive, potent, and absolutely thrilling.

For anyone in search of an exhaust that brings together power, aesthetics, and an unparalleled sound experience, the Hindle Evolution is a perfect match. Riding with it has transformed my bike into a more potent and exciting machine, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • Massive improvement in power
  • No noise suppression
  • Premium stainless used
  • Mandrel bending improves flow of gases
  • Lighter than stock
  • May be too loud for everyday use

Best Premium Choice

M4 Suzuki GSX-R1000 Exhaust

When I first decided to give the M4 exhaust a try on my GSXR-1000, I wasn’t expecting anything extravagant. It’s a slip-on with a rather unassuming appearance, but don’t let that fool you. From the moment I installed it, I realized that the M4 was all about performance, lightweight construction, and an extraordinary sound.

Sporting a matte black treatment from inlet to end cap, the M4 looked stealthy on my bike. Its simple appearance was accented with a silver M4 badge prominently displayed on the mouth of the megaphone-style muffler, adding just the right touch of flair.

But what truly set the M4 apart wasn’t its looks; it was the sound. Among slip-ons, this one was something special. I was stunned by its exhaust note, one of the loudest I’ve ever encountered. The free-flowing design that gave it this powerful sound was the same feature that allowed it to boost my bike’s performance.

And oh, what a boost it was! With the M4 on my GSXR-1000, the stock 189 HP shot up to 192 HP. Though I couldn’t pin down the exact torque figures, I could feel a definite improvement in the power-to-weight ratio as I rode my now lighter bike.

The M4 may not be the most eye-catching exhaust out there, but it has proven to me that it doesn’t need to rely on looks. Its performance enhancements and unforgettable sound have transformed my riding experience, making it perfect for anyone looking to inject some more power into their ride.

  • Louder than stock
  • Saves weight
  • Stainless steel
  • Blacked-out look
  • Easy installation
  • Expensive

Slip On Exhaust GP Series Motorcycle Muffler For GSXR1000

When I stumbled across the Slip-on GP for my bike, I was on the lookout for a budget-friendly exhaust that didn’t compromise on quality. I knew I had found something special with this stainless steel slip-on. Not only did it offer decent power gains and a more robust sound than the stock exhaust, but the price was also incredibly attractive.

The first thing that struck me about the Slip-on GP was its construction. Made with stainless steel, it felt feather-like compared to my bike’s stock exhaust. This significant drop in mass was appealing in itself, but when I discovered it also offered a slight increase in horsepower, I was sold.

Once I got the exhaust installed, the difference in my bike’s handling was immediate. The combination of a slight boost in horsepower with the weight reduction made my bike feel much smoother and easier to control. What really took me by surprise, though, was the increase in sound, especially considering the price point. There was no dB killer or noise suppression in the construction, resulting in a loud and gutsy sound that I absolutely loved.

The free-flowing architecture of the Slip-on GP not only amplified the sound but also helped eject gases from the engine faster. This made my bike feel even more responsive and robust, enhancing the overall riding experience.

But it was the sound that became my favorite part about this exhaust. Loud, unbridled, and emphasizing the GSXR’s performance, it added a slick, megaphone-style pipe to my bike that turned heads everywhere I went.

If you’re on a budget like I was, but still want to enhance your bike’s performance and sound, definitely consider the Slip-on GP. It’s proof that you don’t have to break the bank to get a quality product that delivers.

  • Decent increase in power
  • Loud sound
  • Megaphone styling
  • Not the biggest power-up

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