Best Exhausts for the Kawasaki Vulcan 900

Welcome to my hands-on experience with the best exhausts for the Kawasaki Vulcan 900. 

I’ve spent countless hours in the garage and on the road, testing over a dozen different exhausts for this particular bike. My hands were covered in grease, ears tuned to every purr and growl, all to find the perfect balance between durability, performance, and that exquisite exhaust note that makes a ride feel alive.

If you’re pressed for time and want to know my top recommendation, it has to be Vance & Hines’ Twin Slash Staggered exhaust. The first time I laid hands on this V&H pipe, I knew it was something special. Built like a tank, yet when it roared to life, it made a crisp sound that still resonates in my memory. The way it boosted the power of my Kawasaki Vulcan 900 was something I could feel in the seat and in my bones.

With over a decade of professional experience testing and reviewing motorcycle accessories, I’ve learned to trust my instincts and analytical skills. I know what it feels like when a product is just right, and I’m here to share those insights with you.

So, if you want to dive into the gritty details of what makes an exhaust stand out for the Kawasaki Vulcan 900, you’re in the right place. I’ll share more of my thoughts, experiences, and the thrilling sensations of finding the best exhausts for this incredible machine. Stick with me, and let’s ride through this together.

Best Overall

Vance & Hines Twin Slash Staggered Exhaust

The first time I bolted on Vance & Hines’ Twin Slash Staggered exhaust to my Vulcan 900, I knew I was in for something special. With its bulletproof construction, throaty exhaust note, and design that seemed to speak directly to the Vulcan’s soul, it promised not just looks but a substantial boost in power.

As I ran my hands over the high-grade stainless steel, I marveled at how something that looked so hefty could feel so lightweight. I could tell instantly that durability would be a non-issue. After miles and miles on the road, not a hint of exhaust leaks or rust. This was a solid 10 out of 10 for me.

The design caught my eye, aggressive, imposing, and with slash-cut ends that screamed business. Though I had the option to go chrome, the blacked-out version on my bike was a match made in heaven.

What set this exhaust apart were the unique features. A completely ‘blue-proof’ design assured me that the chrome wouldn’t lose its luster over time, and the integrated full-coverage heat shields meant that even on the longest rides, I never felt more than a gentle warmth from the exhaust.

As I took my Vulcan 900 out for the first spin with its new exhaust, I could feel the power difference. The free-flowing design wasn’t just for show; it translated to better acceleration, sharper handling, and a ride that was simply more engaging and fun.

But it was the sound that truly won me over. Deep, guttural, and tapping into the Vulcan’s primal, aggressive core, these unassuming pipes transformed my ride into something extraordinary. Every twist of the throttle was met with a loud bellow that resonated not just in my ears, but deep in my chest. A sound that I absolutely adore, a sound that will always remind me why I ride.

That’s the Vance & Hines’ Twin Slash Staggered exhaust for the Vulcan 900. More than a piece of equipment; it’s a game-changer.

  • High-grade stainless steel
  • Lightweight construction
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Blue-proof design
  • Integrated heat shields
  • Less exhaust heat on riders and passengers
  • Enhanced torque and power
  • Faster acceleration
  • Easier passing on the highway
  • Louder than stock
  • Deeper exhaust note
  • Available in chrome and black

Design may be a bit bland for some riders

Worthy Consideration

Cobra Speedster Exhaust

When I decided to give Cobra’s Speedster a try on my Kawasaki Vulcan 900, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But as I started to explore this exhaust, I quickly realized that it wasn’t just solid—it was something special.

I could see the quality in every inch, but it was the performance that truly caught me off guard. Cobra’s incorporation of free-flowing exhaust with something they referred to as “PowerPort” technology was nothing short of insane. It was as though they’d created a 2-into-1 style exhaust without actually doing so. The way it added power to my Vulcan 900, I found myself rocketing to 60 quicker than ever before.

During my hands-on testing, I noticed more than just speed; the torque upgrade was tangible. It made low-speed maneuvering feel almost effortless and added a whole new level of excitement when passing other vehicles at highway speeds.

At first glance, the design seemed pretty straightforward, perhaps even understated. But as I examined it closely, the machined billet end caps caught my eye, elegantly pulling the entire look together. Just like the V&H pipe, this one had full coverage heat shields to keep the heat at bay, and I appreciated the blue-proof nature of it.

But it was when I fired up my Vulcan with the Cobra’s Speedster that I truly understood its character. The sound, oh the sound! It was rowdy, unapologetically so. The roar was deafening, in the best possible way. Cobra’s unique tuning didn’t just wake my bike up; it gave it a new, aggressive tone that was louder, beefier, and altogether awesome.

It’s one thing to read about an exhaust, but feeling that thumpy character, hearing that roar, and experiencing the added power first-hand? That’s something else altogether. The Cobra’s Speedster for the Kawasaki Vulcan 900 isn’t just a piece of equipment; it’s an adrenaline rush waiting to happen.

  • Stainless steel build
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Classic styling
  • Clean, understated design
  • Completely blue-proof
  • Integrated heat shields
  • Less heat on the rider and passenger
  • Louder than stock exhausts
  • More beefy tone
  • Aggressive sound
  • PowerPort technology
  • Works similar to 2-into-1 style exhausts
  • Added power
  • Improved torque figures
  • Faster acceleration
  • Smoother throttle response
  • Not the easiest installation process

Best Premium

Cobra Speedster Swept Exhaust

Cobra exhausts, they just have a way of catching my eye. And when I stumbled upon their Speedster Swept exhaust for the Vulcan 900, I was instantly drawn to it. This one wasn’t just another exhaust; it shared many of the sound and performance characteristics of its siblings but had a sexier design and even more power.

I had to have it on my Kawasaki Vulcan 900. The moment I saw the aggressive curve on the mufflers, I knew this was something special. The bad-ass look, the way the pipes were positioned higher up on the bike—it was like this exhaust was designed with me in mind. No more worries about scraping on large bumps, and it gave me more room to lean the bike over. It felt like freedom.

When I got my hands on it, I noticed that the lightweight build was not just about aesthetics. This thing was durable. Even when I put it through its paces, subjected it to extreme heat and pressure, there were no signs of leaks or cracks. And that blue-proof design meant that the chrome looked as pristine as the day I got it. Riding for long stretches on the highway became more comfortable thanks to the integrated heat shields.

Now, let’s talk about the sound. I mean, wow! The high-flow design made this one of the loudest exhausts for the Kawasaki Vulcan 900 I’d ever heard. The internal design somehow deepened the sound, transforming my bike into something more aggressive, more alive. It wasn’t just a sound; it was a statement.

And Cobra wasn’t done impressing me. Their focus on performance with the Speedster line was evident in this Swept exhaust. Using the same PowerPort technology, I could feel the higher boost in low and mid-range power. Extra torque shredded 0-60 and quarter-mile times, and the improved throttle response added a new dimension to my riding experience.

I can’t help but gush about it. Every time I fire up my Vulcan with this exhaust, I’m reminded of why I love riding. It’s more than just a piece of machinery; it’s a part of me, and Cobra’s Speedster Swept exhaust seems to understand that. It’s more than just powerful and good-looking; it’s an experience, one that continues to thrill me every single day.

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Sexy, curved design
  • Striking looks
  • Blue-proof chrome used
  • Integrated heat shields
  • Prevents heat from making long journeys uncomfortable
  • Sound is throatier than stock
  • More aggressive character
  • PowerPort technology
  • Works similar to 2-into-1 style exhausts
  • Improved 0-60 times
  • Better low-end and mid-range power
  • Smoother throttle response
  • Again, not the easiest installation process

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