HONDA CBR600F F3 1995-1998

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Honda CBR600F F3 1995-1998


High Quality ABS Plastic (Injection Molding) fairing kits.

Precision OEM Perfect Fitting, guarantee 100% fitment.

Aftermarket Fairing compatible with 

Make: Honda

Model: CBR600F F3 1995-1998

  • OEM Grade Abs Plastic
  • Pre Drilled Precision OEM Fitment
  • Custom Paint Schemes Free of Charge
  • Free Heat Shield
  • Free Tank Pad

Custom Paint Schemes

IF you are looking for a certain paint scheme that you can’t find on the site please contact us and we’ll a custom paint scheme for you at no extra cost. The colour schemes on our website are just a few examples of what we can actually do for you.


All our Aftermarket Fairing kits are made from High Grade ABS Plastic which means it with stands high to low temperatures heat resistance and  chemical resistance 

For fitting we use Injection Molds made with OEM Body Work. Which means you get precision fits or money back guarantee. 

Paint Quality

We don’t skip any steps in the process of painting the fairing. We follow each step but most importantly priming the fairing with it’s first coat to improve adhesive of the topcoat. Providing alkaline and corrosion resistance. Many aftermarket suppliers cut costs by skipping the priming process but if you aren’t happy with the quality, money back guarantee. 

After applying the colour coat the last part of the painting process is the clear coat. The clear coat is vitally important in providing a protective role to prevent cracking. It is applied to the surface of the fairing before being cured by ultraviolet light. 

Inspection Process

Even though the fairings are made by skilled professionals we have three inspection process to make sure that nothing has been missed throughout the manufacturing process and before the fairings are about to be sealed for shipping.


We apply two layers of pearl cotton packing in and around the fairings. We also use high quality seven layer of corrugated cartons.

Returns and guarantees 

1) For incorrect or missing parts:

If there is a missing part you need to report it within 48 hours after the fairings have arrived. After approving we will ship replacement to buyer all for free (include fairing cost & shipping fee)

2) For quality issues:

You  must report the defect within 48 hours after fairing package arrival. After approving, we will ship replacement to you all for free (include fairing cost & shipping fee)

3) For damage incurred in shipping

You must report the damage within 48 hours after fairing package arrival and send us photos of the damage. After approval we will ship a replacement to you all for free (include fairing cost & shipping fee) 

4) For order cancellations

You must request cancellation of order within two days after payment arrives. More than 2 days after payment is confirmed, we will not accept order cancellation.

Shipping Times

Production of the fairing takes between 5-7 days Business and shipping will take 6-7days.

So all shipments take two weeks to arrive. Two and a half at the Maximum. 

If you order on the Friday there is a good chance it will have a delay of two or three days due to production not processing over the weekend and only beginning on the following Monday. If you have any questions feel free to contact us here at