Motorcycle Oil Filter Cross Reference and Look up

IMPORTANT! –To look up a specific oil Filter press the keys ‘Control’ and ‘F’ Proceed to search for your bike brand and model. -If your chosen motorcycle has the reference [5], look at the bottom table in the [5] section for the details on your oil filter. Same if your chosen motorcycle has the reference […]

how hard is it to learn to ride a motorcycle?

So you’re considering riding a motorcycle, but wondering if you’re even capable of riding one with no experience at all. You have no friends or family who are into bikes so you’re all on your own for this one. Sound familiar…

How much does it cost to paint your Motorcycle?

How much does it cost to paint your Motorcycle ?  There is no set price for how much a motorcycle paint job will cost. Many variables to consider and what is right for you in price and quality. The price of your paint job will depend on what you need painted, how difficult the job […]

Are Chinese Motorcycle Fairings any good in 2020?

Are Aftermarket Motorcycle Fairings even worth buying? The Vast Majority of Motorcycle Fairings in the world are produced in China. Even stock Fairings that come with brand new bikes are produced in China or similar countries. The materials, how they’re are produced, and the quality of the factory is what will determine if they’re worth […]