Best low-profile motorcycle helmet

February 28, 2021 By Tristan

Fed up with a large bulky helmet, wanting something effective and low profile, with today’s technology, having a low-profile helmet can be just as effective as the big and bulky ones. Have a look at the range offered below and see for yourself. Low profile helmets offer great visibility, are light weight and allow you to enjoy your ride more. They are also easier to store if you ride to work and tight on storage. With regard to safety, all the helmets we display have passed the DOT safety standard with flying colours.  To pass the DOT safety standard helmets must be tough and be able to withstand impact. It’s the same requirement for all helmets. Making sure your low profile helmet is compliant with safety standards is essential and something we pride ourselves on.  Low profile helmets are available for both males and females and in all different shapes and sizes. There are low-profile full-face helmets, low profile open face helmets and many more.

GMax GM65 Bravery Helmet

GMax has plenty of experience in manufacturing helmets, it was founded in 1999 and has been producing top of the range products since then.


Passed Dot Safety standards

Interior is removable and replaceable

Buckle is quick release

Non scratch visor

Potential for intercom

This helmet is perfect for those wanting a fresh clean look. It’s simple but contains some great features. It has great air flow and ensures you stay dry and comfortable whist riding. It’s great for conversations or situations where its acceptable to leave your helmet on. The options for sun shields to suit different conditions is ideal. Changes to shields are quick and easy

GMax GM65 Naked Helmet – Solid

This helmet has a list of features, and is a nice simple ultra-low-profile design.


Passed DOT safety standards

Cushions removable and replaceable

Intercom compatibility

Dry and comfortable

This helmet is an Ultra-low-profile design. It’s got a sun visor that can drop down. Great for afternoon rides. Swapping visors is easy and tool free. The interior is made with Moulded EPS which allows for great airflow and durability. Also comes with the ability to install Bluetooth, something it doesn’t come with but can be purchased separately.

Bell Scout Air Helmet

Bell is a well-established brand that has been around for over 60 years. Its experience in the helmet industry stretches generations. Bell was first established in 1954 and has maintained a high quality of motorcycle helmet ever since.

Key features

This helmet is DOT certified

Ultra-strong shell structure

Its available in 5 different sizes

Add-ons available.

If you’re looking for one of the most well-established low-profile helmets on the market. Then this is it. It’s well known for its ear padding that provides safety for your ears, this is unlike other low-profile helmets and sets it apart from the pack. This ultra-low profile helmet has plenty of class and character to it. It’s made from a mould that specialises in contact designs for increased safety and longevity. Passes both the DOT safety standard and the ECE.

Its materials along with being robust are also lightweight. Weighing just under 1Kg it won’t be making your neck sore any time soon. Lining for the helmet is made for comfort and fits around your head well.

It comes in 5 different sizes so you could get your whole family a new helmet. It also has different interior lining sizes to fit different shapes of heads. The helmet can have add-ons as well with the ability to add on a face shield or intercom.

Daytona Helmets Motorcycle Open Face Helmet Cruiser- Dull Black 100% DOT Approved

These helmets are made for comfort and should feel snug on your head. This is for the best protection as it doesn’t move and distract you. Meets and exceeds the DOT safety standard that is set in place as a minimum requirement for helmets in the US. This helmet is made to fit small and large heads, there’s a range of helmets for all shapes and sizes. If you have always had trouble finding a helmet that truly fits your head well have a look at the ranges and let us know if any of these have suited you.

Another great feature of this helmet is that there’s no pinching from the strap, this can happen when you are moving along at speed and can irritate the rider. It’s also distracting and dangerous. To prevent this, the chin strap is adjustable and can be moved to sure not to get in the way of the beard

VCOROS Motorcycle Half Helmet Sun Visor Quick Release Buckle DOT Approved Half Face Cycling Helmets for Men Women

This helmet comes in lots of different colour and pattern options. It has a handful of useful features that go along with it well.

Key features

It’s got a quick release chin strap

Integrated drop-down sun visor

Comes with 5 years warranty and any issues you have with the helmet in this time you can replace for a new one.

Whether you are after a low-profile riding helmet for short trips or it’s something that you prefer to wear on all your rides, finding one that suits you well is important. There is a wide range of low-profile motorcycle helmets on the market. Ranging from low profile open half face to low profile full face, the choice is yours. If you can’t find what you are looking for here. Check out Revzilla as I’m sure they have what you need.