Best Metal Knuckle Motorcycle Gloves


Metal knuckle motorcycle gloves provide great protection for your hands, look awesome and arguably the coolest motorcycle glove, and technically speaking could make pretty effective knuckle dusters. 


All these gloves look far cooler than 90% of the gloves on the market, unfortunately they aren’t widely available and if you are shopping for metal knuckle gloves, you’re going to be limited in the options you can actually purchase. 


Fortunately I’ve compiled a list of the best metal knuckle gloves available. I chose these gloves based on a variety of factors including my own experience as a motorcyclist for the last decade,  the gloves level of protection, the brand’s overall trustworthiness and reputation. Lastly the materials used plus the perks of using that specific glove. 


I do wish to say that a lot of the well known motorcycle glove brands are not producing metal knuckle gloves. Now that’s not to say that these recommendations will be of poor quality but just as a reminder. 


I noticed metal knuckle motorcycle gloves are generally quite cheap but because of their cheapness their protection will be average and you definitely will find more expensive gloves that provide superior protection.


Dainese Full Metal 6 Gloves


Dainese Full Metal 6 Gloves were the only high quality metal knuckle motorcycle gloves I could find available on both revzilla and amazon. These gloves are very expensive and unless you’re looking to purchase premium metal knuckle gloves I suggest scrolling down further to the cheaper glove reviews. 


Dainese produce great quality gloves that generally are on the premium side of things. These gloves are lightweight, provide maximum protection, comfort and a great aesthetic, but all these bells and whistles come at a high price. 


The knuckles are made of titanium and carbon fibre but they look like a dark metal to the eye.

The glove is covered in thick leather goatskin, the joints of your fingers are protected by carbon fibre inserts, and there’s even titanium protection on the top of your hand in the lower area near your wrist. 


This glove is perfect for protecting your hands in a high speed crash, for example the palm is protected first by Polyurethane inserts and reinforced leather so if you put your hands out the road will never reach your bare skin. 


A quite common non fatal crash is simply going around a corner too quickly and sliding out. Your pinky finger quite commonly takes the brunt of this type of crash. Luckily the dainese uses  thermoplastic inserts around the little finger for added protection in the case of this type of crash. 


This metal knuckle glove not only will take a serious beating, it’s designed for comfort and ergonomics. Small things that all improved comfort and fit like tightening straps, precurved wrists, and pre curved fingers means the glove is quicker to fit comfortably. 



Awesome protection

Awesome comfort

Awesome fit

Touch Screen compatible

Premium Quality Glove

Goat Skin leather

Titanium Knuckles



Extremely Expensive 


ILM Alloy Steel Knuckle Gloves


What made this metal knuckle motorcycle glove stand out was honestly it’s got great customer reviews on amazon. There’s a couple thousand reviews so for a budget glove a lot of people seem to be happy. 


For a budget glove ILM surprisingly brings with it a lot of bells and whistles such as the quality it prices. It’s metal knuckles means your knuckles are properly protected in case of a crash but the metal finger protectors where your second finger joint is and rubber sliders on the top joint would provide quality protection in a scenario such as if you were to slide off around a large corner and drag the top of your hand along the road.


Unfortunately this glove isn’t entirely covered by leather and the mesh covers the palm. This isn’t good in the scenario of a high speed crash. If you fall and put your palm of your hands out at high speeds, the mesh will disintegrate very quickly and your bare hands would take the brunt of the fall. 


In saying this there’s a customer review where the rider came off at 70MPH and ILM steel knuckle gloves properly protected the riders palms. 



Good protection for the top of your hand

Touch screen

Very affordable

Overwhelmingly positive customer reviews

Steel Knuckles

Great aesthetic 

Good finger protection



Poor protection for your palm area

Uses some type of mesh material


Solomone Cavalli Metal Knuckle Motorcycle Gloves


I personally haven’t heard about the motorcycle brand solomone cavalli, their gloves and products accumulate very positive customer reviews so I feel they’re trustworthy. Another very affordable metal knuckle glove that shares a lot of similarities with the ILM Alloy steel glove. 


Again for a cheap glove it’s top of the finger protection is quite good. It uses a type of metal knuckle, and then the tops of the joints are protected by rubber finger protection. If you manage to scrape the tops of your hands in a crash they’ll be adequately protected. 


This hard knuckle glove also has touch screen sensitivity so you can play around with google maps or sms without taking them off. Although like the ILM they have leather surrounding the joints but not around the palm of the hand. This could be dangerous in the case of a high speed crash if this mesh material burns away before you’ve finished sliding.


For a bit more money you could purchase yourself a full leather glove which would provide far better protection and wouldn’t risk being worn away in the case of a crash.



Very Affordable

Highly aesthetic

Metal Knuckles

Touch Screen compatible

Great customer reviews

Hook and Loop



Small amount of leather used

Poor palm protection


Hopefully using this guide has helped you in your choice of a metal knuckle motorcycle glove. It’s true that there’s very little on the market for this type of glove, and you might even be better off finding a custom made glove. If other alternatives do come available we’ll be sure to add them into this review. 

There may be small glove manufacturers you could contact who might manufacture metal knuckle gloves, it will require some time and research but you may have no other options simply because it’s either a very expensive glove, or extremely cheap gloves. In saying that the cheap gloves are actually pretty decent and customer reviews state they protect you in a crash.