The 3 Best Hard Knuckle Motorcycle Gloves

When it comes to protecting your hands on the road, hard knuckle gloves give you the best form of protection and reduce the chances of broken bones in the unfortunate case of a crash.
In this guide I’ve sifted through the infinite selection of hard knuckle gloves to present to you what I believe to be the best hard knuckle gloves on the market. These recommendations are based on my own experience, customer reviews from sites such as revzilla and amazon, and lastly I’ve sifted through the minute details of what makes a good quality motorcycle glove.
I’ve broken down my recommendations into the best overall hard knuckle gloves, the best hard knuckle gloves for those on a budget, and if you’ve got money to splash, premium hard knuckle gloves that are head and shoulders above the competition.

How Much Should You Spend On Motorcycle Gloves?

The first pair of gloves I purchased were somewhere around 30 or 40 bucks? I can’t remember exactly but they were cheap and wouldn’t have properly protected me in a crash. I’m not going to recommend you the most outright expensive gloves on the market but a pair that will provide adequate protection if you’re unlucky enough to land on the tarmac.

It’s up to you how much you want to spend on your safety. I would recommend nothing less than 50 dollars USD for an adequate pair of motorcycle gloves. Something to keep in mind is that a more expensive pair of gloves might provide marginally more protection than a pair half the price but will fit far better on your hand, feel a lot better to ride, and not to mention cheap gloves are generally cumbersome and never fit right or provide inadequate protection.
Scorpion EXO SGS MK II Gloves

All Round Best Hard Knuckle Glove

I chose Scorpion EXO SGS MK II as the best overall hard knuckle glove for a few reasons. First and foremost it’s accumulated tons of overwhelmingly positive customer reviews both on amazon and revzilla.

The glove itself is covered in a thick layer of real leather goat skin. The hard knuckles contain reinforced carbon fibre and padding underneath. This means the glove is lightweight while still providing great protection for your knuckles. Where your fingers go, you’ll see thick TPU finger protectors.

What this all means is that in the case of a crash, your knuckles will be properly protected, the joints on your fingers are properly protected, and if you put your hands out to break your fall the palm sliders will prevent your palms from ever touching the tarmac.
Lastly the glove is touch screen friendly so if you need to check maps or a quick text you can keep these gloves on and still efficiently operate your phone.

On the palms the glove contains Knox SPS Palm Sliders. What these sliders will do is prevent too much friction from being created between your hand and the road. If there’s too much friction between the road and your hands, your delicate little fingers will be completely crumpled. That’s why it’s so important good quality palm sliders allow your hands to slide and not be caught and crumpled. All though this hard knuckle glove isn’t a gauntlet and it’s a semi shorty and as long as you’re wearing a well sized jacket your wrists should still be protected.

The Glove provides overall great protection
Palm Sliders
Real Goat Leather
Reinforced Carbon Fibre Knuckles
Great Customer Reviews
Touch Screen compatible
Great warm weather glove
Works in heat and cold

Isn’t the most stylish glove
All the Extra Protection Makes the Glove a bit Cumbersome
Doesn’t provide upper wrist protection
Because it’s leather not ideal in extreme temperatures

BILT Sprint Gloves

Best Budget Hard Knuckle Glove

When choosing a budget friendly hard knuckle glove you can’t have it all. I decided to choose BILT Sprint Gloves which provide adequate protection with a semi comfortable fit. This glove leans more for the warmer months although I have used it when it was cooler and my hands didn’t freeze up. I do want to remind anyone reading that any cheap or budget glove won’t provide adequate protection in every scenario.

I could have chosen a cheaper glove but I felt anything less would be dangerous in the case of a crash. A short cut glove made from a full leather construction, it contains finger sliders which is a plus for such a cheap glove but it has no palm sliders. So if you come off your bike there’s a chance your hands will be caught on the road and won’t slide properly, potentially causing a lot of broken bones in your hands.

I could tell this glove uses single stitching to keep it together, it’s definitely not ideal because on high speed impact it will come apart quicker than double or triple stitched gloves.

Very affordable
Full leather
Finger sliders
Good airflow
Strong external stitching
Bang for your buck

No Palm Sliders
Will take longer to fit
Uses single stitching

Alpinestars GP Pro R3 Gloves

Best Premium Hard Knuckle Glove

Alpinestars GP Pro R3 are the best hard knuckle gloves money can buy, it excels in all areas from protection, fitting, bringing with it the perks that come with splashing your cash on quality. While there are more expensive options for hard knuckle gloves Alpinestars GP Pro R3 Gloves was a clear winner in the premium range.

To provide maximum abrasion resistance a mixture of cow, kangaroo and goat leather is used throughout the glove. This combination of different leather improves tactile feedback when on the bike and improves the overall durability of the glove.

If you were turning around a tight corner and slid out, it would result in a lowside crash and your pinky finger could take the brunt of the slide. Luckily Alpinestars patented finger bridge that no other motorcycle glove really possesses, protects your pinky in what is one of most common ways a motorcyclist comes off their bike.

This hard knuckle glove provides hard palm sliders to prevent your hands catching on the pavement if you’re to come off your bike. Since this hard knuckle glove comes under the category of gauntlets, it provides awesome write protection, all though in the summer your hands and wrist will be a little warmer.

Gauntlet Style
Maximum protection
Hard Palm sliders
Patented finger bridge
Hard Knuckles
Racing style

Write protection
Gauntlet means less comfort in hot weather