The Best Black And Orange Motorcycle Gloves

Choosing a motorcycle glove that fits you and your bikes style is always important. Colour scheme is everything when choosing the correct gear and so we’ve compiled a guide on the best black and orange motorcycle gloves. It’s important to find a glove that produces adequate protection that fits well and it’s colour scheme happens to be black and orange. 


One thing to note is that there isn’t a huge range of black and orange motorcycle gloves, if you want this colour scheme keep in mind your choice of gloves will be alot more limited. Luckily I’ve compiled the best orange and black motorcycle gloves available. 

Fox Racing Bomber Gloves

All round best black and orange gloves

All Round best black and orange glove

I chose this glove because it’s black and orange colour scheme is highly aesthetic, the contrast of the black hard knuckles against the orange leather makes this glove look very cool. 


Fox Racing Bomber provides decent protection for its price. If you manage to smack the top of your hand the bones should be properly protected because of the carbon fibre hard knuckles and finger sliders. 


The material used throughout the glove is genuine goatskin. Real leather means your glove is going to properly protect your hands from abrasion or scrapes if you manage to fall off. Instead of palm sliders this glove uses two layers of synthetic leather. 


Why synthetic leather on the palms of your hand? Firstly it provides added protection on top of the goatskin when you put your hands out to fall, but more importantly synthetic leather can reduce the friction between your hand and the road.



Black and orange

Very cool

Quality protection


Finger sliders

Hard knuckles

Genuine GoatSkin

Touch screen compatible 

Good customer reviews



No Palm Sliders

No upper wrist protection


100% Airmatic Gloves

The Best Budget black and orange glove


While this glove is designed for off-road, it works well for all types of riding and comes in a cool black and orange colour scheme. This glove veers more into the comfort and aesthetic side of things, and while does provide decent protection you could find better gloves if protection is your priority. Otherwise 100% Airmatic is a good choice for an black and orange glove.


if you drive in warm heat either off road or through streets and cities, this glove will do well. It’s perforated dual palm protects against blisters and adds a new layer of comfort. Although the photo doesn’t show this, TPR details keep your knuckles properly protected, your thumb and wrist will receive added protection because of the cuff and thumb panels built into the glove.



Black and Orange

Budget friendly

Great airflow

Very comfortable



Not designed for touch screens

Could be better protected

No upper wrist protection


Cortech Hyper-Flo Air Gloves

Best Protective orange and black glove


Cortech Hyper-Flo Air offers a black and orange glove that is both durable and very protective. This Highly fortified glove is a hybrid of goat skin and Clarino wrap. What this means is that it keeps you protected while maintaining airflow and keeping your hand cool, a great summer glove.


Looking at the photos it’s quite obvious this black and orange glove can take more of a beating than its counterparts in this guide. What it sacrifices in aesthetics is made up for in durability and quality protection. 


The glove comes with hard finger sliders so that in the case of a crash the bones in your fingers shouldn’t break nor will there be any scraps or abrasions. TPR knuckle protection keeps your knuckles properly protected and light impact padding helps to reduce the damage done when you hit your hand impacts with the road or a hard object.


This glove is designed for those who drive in warmer climates, adequate airflow keeps your hands properly cooled. For example the finger sliders are vented, so the air will flow through the fingers and out of the hard knuckles or wrist. If you ride in cold weather you should probably consider another glove because the cold air will directly enter into the glove.



Great protection

Hard knuckles

Finger sliders

Goat Skin and textile

All round thicker glove

Great for summer or warmer climates

Good airflow

Touch screen compatible



Competition is more aesthetic

Not ideal for cold weather riding



Alpinestars Megawatt Gloves

Honourable mention


While the vast majority of this glove is black and only a small portion is orange, I decided to include it anyway because it’s such a good quality glove that’s been received great feedback. 


It’s community customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive which is always a good sign when shopping for motorcycle gear. It’s in the affordable range of gloves that still provide good quality protection.


While it is a glove meant for off roading it can pull off city riding as well. It wouldn’t be recommended for interstage or touring because it lacks protection in some areas. The materials used are perforated leather and stretch polyamide. This combination works great for hot weather, it allows an abundance of air to flow through the glove. In terms of protection, the hard knuckle’s are surrounded by a leather lining and foam padding on the palm prevents abrasion. 



Great summer glove

Very comfortable


Hard Knuckles

Foam padding



Small amounts of orange

Not ideal for interstate or touring


Black and orange is a fantastic colour scheme for motorcycle gear and gloves. Not to mention it’s the choice of KTM. All though choosing this color scheme limits you to the motorcycle gloves you can purchase. There’s still a hefty variety of black and orange gloves to choose from. Hopefully we’ve given you an idea of what they look like and the best black and orange gloves to choose from.