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2015 Husaberg FE250

[wpsed_simage id=7040 title=’2013-Husaberg-FE-350-action.jpg’]2015 Husaberg FE250

2015 Husaberg TE300

[wpsed_simage id=5994 title=’2015 Husaberg TE300′]2015 Husaberg TE300

2014 Husaberg FE501

[wpsed_simage id=4688 title=’2014 FC250′]2014 Husaberg FE501

2015 Husaberg TE250

2015 Husaberg TE250[wpsed_simage id=4676 title=’2015 Husaberg TE250′]The linkage and rear shock has added an element of stability to the Husqvarna that the Husaberg had lost. The forks ride well on the slippery roots and rocks of the Swedish forest, allowing us to ride with confidence in difficult situations. At times they felt a little ‘dead’ but the ability to change rebound and compression on the fly is a nice touch. The forks were more responsive to clicker changes than they were previously.

2014 Husaberg FE450

[wpsed_simage id=3808 title=’2014 Husaberg FE450′]2014 Husaberg FE450

2014 Husaberg TE250

[wpsed_simage id=3655 title=’2014 Husaberg TE250′]2014 Husaberg TE250

2015 Husaberg TE125

2015 Husaberg TE125[wpsed_simage id=3458 title=’2015 Husaberg TE125′]It’s been confirmed that 2014 will be the last year that the Swedish brand, Husaberg, will function independently before merging its state-of-the-art technology with Husqvarna’s rich heritage, under the Husqvarna brand name, for 2015 and beyond. Celebrating 25 years of commitment, passion and innovative off-road motorcycle design, Husaberg’s seven-bike 2014 model range has been improved and refined. 2014 represents a unique opportunity to own a ‘pure enduro’ Husaberg for the very last time.