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2017 Beta EVO 250 2 Stroke SS

-Smaller countershaft sprocket to tie the engine torque to the ground

-Slower turn throttle assemble

-Different combustion chamber to reduce the engine’s power pulses

-Heavier primary drive gear for additional smoothness. -“Hi-Torque” exhaust system

-Heavier flywheel to help smooth out the power. • New combustion chamber: with a lower compression ratio and layout dedicated to less competitive use. Allows for super smooth engine response at any rpm, including very slow sections creating an engine that is more precise, manageable and always under control. • Primary drive with additional inertia: together with the flywheel, it further smooths out the engine power. • Flywheel with increased inertia: provides reduced power pulses and smooth power that is pleasant to ride without sacrificing the overall performance. This also helps in reducing the amount of clutch that is needed in the sections. • New silencer: the internals are totally revised with new packing that improves top end performance and power delivery in the lower and mid ranges all while reducing the exhaust noise. • Long-stroke throttle: completes the package by providing a slower turn to eliminate abrupt throttle blips.

2017 Beta EVO 250 2 Stroke SS2017 Beta EVO 250 2 Stroke SS

2017 Beta Evo 200 2 Stroke

2017 Beta Evo 200 2 Stroke2017 Beta Evo 200 2 Stroke

Wiggles Wim Crouwel-related fonts: Unknown Crouwel #1, Edgar Fernhout (a Wim Crouwel tribute font in kitchen tile style taken from a 1963 poster), Kalender 1976 Letters (octagonal based on a Wim Crouwel calendar from 1976), Kalender 1976, Brusselmans (based on a Wim Crouwel poster), Rabobank (based on a Wim Crouwel poster), Brabant (based on a Wim Crouwel poster) Woodcut, Woodcut Recut, Woodcut Banjo. Griffin reconstructed this family from the metal typeface and from many scans from rare documents provided by Stephen O. Done with Rebecca Alaccari. P22 Art Deco Display (2002) is a Broadway style face. This font was created based on just four basic shapes. [Google] [More]  ⦿ Military type fonts Archivette with “military” style fonts: AmarilloUSAF, Bank-Gothic-Medium-BT, RAF_PW_ATH, RCAF_60SQO_ATH, SF-Fedora-Titles-Shadow, Stencil-Gothic-BE, USAAF-code. Tal Leming writes: The family was originally designed by Allen Mercer for use on the company’s commissions, most notably the legendary promotions for Custom Papers Group. Sava’s face, Cyrillic, 1987: A gorgeous old slavonic style typeface with upper and lower case. Bolsko, Latin, 1966/67/68: Bol is a small place on the island Brač. The Foundry writes: Architype Bill was developed from the few letterforms created by Max Bill for a 1949 exhibition poster. It was designed so that it can be used equally well on the paper, metal plates, seals, plaques and everything else Academy needed. Antennas, Antennas Outline Antiquity Arcostellati, Arcostellato, Arcangolo, Arcontorno (2011): a blackletter family. Treasury (2006): a huge type family based on a calligraphic script by Hermann Ihlenburg from the late 19th century. Lace Ladder Last Days Of Summer, Endless Summer, Beach. [Google] [More]  ⦿ Tom C. Ideal for license plate forgers. Imaki (2011, futuristic; was Cybertron Metals; based on the logo of the Japanese Beast Wars Metals series), Indiana (2012, from the titling for the Indiana Jones movies and comics), Instruction (2012, monospaced and monoline caps typeface for engineering applications), Interceptor (2014, sci-fi), Invaders (2012, based on posters for the 1960s movie), Iokharik (2014, a Mandarin-stylized runic typeface based on the language described in Wizards of the Coast’s Dungeons and Dragons), Iori (2013, octagonal stencil family). Sultan: a Celtic-Arabic simulation typeface after “Mosaik” (1954) by Martin Kausche. Plywood (2007): a retro typeface based on Franklin Typefounders’s Barker Flare from the early 1970s. Windsor is the typeface used in the titles of many Woody Allen movies. Mike graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art, and now lives and works in San Diego. Jeannie Jelly Bean series: I’s, Wide, O’s, Split Jetsons Jolly Swash 9+Tall, +Tall Wide Tail). Isomixed (+Inline, +Inverted, +Light, +Inline Light), Isomixerd Moire (nine textured styles). Based on an all-cap rough-brush metal typeface called Agitator, designed by Wolfgang Eickhoff and published by Typoart in 1960. Based on a 1919 alphabet by Van Doesburg obtained by dividing a square into 25 equal smaller squares. P22 Art Deco Chic (2002), based on the Art Deco hand lettering of Samuel Welo, ca. Done together with Kevin King, this is a revival of Troubadour (1926, Wagner&Schmidt). Sol Pro (2010): a 20-style revival and extension of the monoline sans typeface Sol by Marty Goldstein and C. It is mainly a graphic and web design company (with a web site that does not show on my Netscape browser. All the revenues from its sale will be donated by Canada Type to the GDC, where they will be allocated to a variety of programs aiming to improve the creative arts and elevate design education in Canada. View Wilson Thomas’s commercial typefaces. We were really into this as well, so that formed the starting point for Shag Lounge. Book Jacket (2010): this is a digital extension of the film type font Book Jacket by Ursula Suess, published in 1972. [Google] [More]  ⦿ Sean Lenahan San Diego, CA-based designer of Future Militia Impact Stencil (2015). So the lowercase went overboard plenty alternates and swashes and ligatures. Patrick Griffin came up with a rounded signage font called Cryptozoo, whose Notice reads Concept and design by Leo Obstbaum, VANOC Brand & Creative Services. Tabarnak (2012) and its shadowed version, Tabarnouche (2012). Canada Type writes: The original film typeface was a simple set of bold, panoramically wide caps and figures that give off a first impression of being an ultra wide Gothic incarnation of Microgramma. Horvath: RAF_45D_851ATH, RAF_45D_841ATH, RAF_PW_ATH, RAF_WW2_841ATH, RAF_WW2_641ATH, RAF_WW2_851ATH, RCAF_60ATH, RCAF_60SQ_ATH, RCN_8ATH. 1880), Fuck Love, Woodcutter Rocks (white on black), England (dingbats), Mechanic (garage mechanic dingbats), Rodaja (script), Le Petit Chaos, Old Deutschland (blackletter), Mister George, Cloud Candy, Ceporro, Old School Toons, Big Drama (fat poster style), Serial Font, Hotel Madriz, Lady Fiesta, Punk Army, Enfermo Rules, The Laguna, Casa Camaron, Mister Muerte (dripping blood font). Commissioned by Christian Schwartz. 2008: Madawaska (a rugged slab serif), Ebenezer (grunge), Gnuolane Stencil, Raincoat, Report School (avant garde sans), Jesaya, Carouselambra (art nouveau), Debusen (rounded), Barge (military font), Renju (2008, potato or rubber stamp print face), Otoboke (handlettered), Hit (informal hand), R6 D8 (futuristic sans family), Rexlia (an octagonal machinistic family), Hybrea (a display sans with TV screen rounding), Sweater School, Tussilago (2008, a neutral sans family), Presicav (extended sans), Hover Unit, Addlethorpe (grunge), Scheme (rounded sans), Usurp (bouncy poster lettering), Negotiate (technical sans family), Divulge, Sewn, Gnoulane (condensed sans), Moja, Teeshirt (old typewriter face), Pound (art deco marries grunge), Graveblade (heavy metal font), Synthemesc (psychedelic anti-Starbucks font), Chysotile (white on black grunge), Cardigan (sans), Gurkner (balloon style), Reagan (grunge). Complete suites of typefaces in this genre, however, are nearly impossible to find, especially families that are crafted with as much care as Burbank. State Machine (Virus, 2004). Mouthy Music fonts: Fret Full (2010), Fret Station (2010). A nice package called Civil War Press can be bought here. In 2013, Patrick Griffin redrew and optimized these condensed and ultra-economical typefaces in his Trump Gothic Pro and the rounded version, Trump Soft Pro. The Treasury System is an intuitive set of fonts that takes advantage of the most commonly used feature of todays design software: Layering. Most of his fonts were withdrawn in 2012. Trump Script (2010) revives the African look script by Georg Trump called Jaguar (1962). Trump Gothic West is a revival of Trump’s original Signum, but in three weights and italics for each. Cattails Chain Gang, Krazy King Channel Check Mate (checkered flag font). Torque (2009) began its life as an amalgamation of an American athletic lettering style and classic space lettering styles. Goudy Two Shoes (2006): a digitization and expansion of a 1970s type called Goudy Fancy, which originated with Lettergraphics as a film type. Typefaces made in 2010: Idiom (2010, a piano key family inspired by P22 Albers), Vector RG (2010, an octagonal typeface inspired by the 1979 Atari Asteroids video game UI screen font), Sevigne (2010, monoline geometric avant-garde sans that looks a bit like a stencil), Velvet (2010, a heavy rounded block retro typeface inspired by the typeset album covers of the protopunk rock band The Velvet Underground), Monocle (2010, monospaced and monoline geometric sans). Folkwang Pro (2017, at P22). Marvin (2010): a fat comic book face. In 2011, he and Kevin Allan King published the refined Orpheus Pro family, which was based on the elegant Orpheus by Walter Tiemann (1926-1928, Klingspor), and its Italic which was called Euphorion (Walter Tiemann, 1936). The entire Octin series is free at DaFont. The accompanying Flieger Dingbats were by Lotta Bruhn. Riveted Road Trip Sausalito Nautica (2011). The creative director is Michael Paul Young. Based first in Rochester, NY, and now in Chicago, IL, Grieshaber ran Typeco, a typographic services and solutions company established in 2002. Trench Rounded was inspired by Wim Crouwel’s exhibition poster for the sculptor Claes Oldenburg. In 2013, he published Selecta (an organic rounded sans, T26), Thunderbolt (an octagonal army style typeface family with a military stencil, T-26), Xcetera (2011), Ignorance (an American 19th century style penmanship font), Psalta (an octagonal blackletter typeface), Nadsat (a geometric display sans with some interlocking letters), Cobono (organic sans), Prox (sans face), Zurika (a wonderful crazy script face), Faddish (T26: a fashion mag typeface), Heraldry (T26), Cedi (YWFT: a hand-printed typeface family with huge multi-character ligature set to simulate real handwriting), Tcho (T26: a soft rounded sans family that covers Latin, Thai, Arabic, Greek and other scripts), Dejecta (a striking scratched titling face, T26), Nedo (2011, a bold prismatic display typeface inspired by the work of Nedo Mion Ferrario in Venezuela), Quam (2012, an elliptical sans family), Pictypo (2012, a useful icon typeface). Cina’s fonts include the pixel fonts Caliper (1998), YWFT Bit (1998), 6x7oct (1998) and BlackGold; the handwriting font Cinahand; Blessed (1999, techno), YWFT Cam (1998, a slab serif based on industrial lettering), CommunityService, Crossover (1998, dot matrix with stars instead of dots), Composite (1998, octagonal), Formation (1999, a big octagonal family), Jute (2004, a masculine, military, sans-serif), YWFT Maetl (1999, octagonal, angular family), YWFT Moteur (a technical, retro, machine-like design; it briefl went under the name Alloy—in the early 2000s it was heavily used in the video gaming magazine Playstation), YWFT Novum (2002: a heavy block font that draws inspiration from a typeface originally used by the Swiss graphic designer Siegfried Odermatt), Pakt, Reversion (1997, squarish), Selector, Selek (1998, pixelish), Service (2001-2002, an octagonal family), YWFT Signature (1998), Trisect (1999, three-lined family), Unisect (1999, organic monoline sans), YWFT Ultramagnetic (1996, a popular rounded gothic typeface family), Ultramagnetic2 (1999), YWFT Ultramagnetic Expanded (2011), Unfinished. This designs importance is in being the predecessor – and perhaps direct ancestor – of Aldo Novareses Microgramma (and later Eurostile), which paved the worlds way to the gentle transitional, futuristic look we now know and see everywhere. Badge Ball and Chain (neat), Ball Bearings Balls and Bats Banjo (2012). 2003: Zupiter, Blue Highway. Jazz Gothic (2005): an expansion of an early 1970s film type from Franklin Photolettering called Pinto Flare. Victorian fonts: Alouette, Swamp Funk Void. 2006: Octynaz (grunge), Paltime (ornamented), Jolie Ecriture Desard (children’s hand), Mango (comic book face), Desard (child’s hand), Bulltoad, Lerku (eroded serif), Charbroiled (also eroded), Ceroxa (eroded stencil), Nagomi (a chiseled-look Asian font based on calligraphy of Chikako Suzuki from Nagoya), Whiterock, Yellande, Chilopod (a futuristic typeface inspired by the logo from the 1980s videogame, Atari Centipede), Order, Goldburg (based on a typeface by George Bowditch, 1957), Laserjerks (2006, brutalist), Milibus (futuristic), Bonobo (serifed), Ohitashi, Sarasori (TV-tube shaped typeface in the style of Oban), Structia (an octagonal family), Betaphid (octagonal), Gendouki (futuristic stencil), Slugger (athletic lettering), Marianas (a gorgeous art deco face), Lineavec (octagonal), Corzinair (serif family), Buxotic (a great caps face), Cinecav X (for closed caption TV and DVD), Salsbury (comic book face), Lonsdale (loosely based on a font called Parkway Script, which was designed by Emil Hirt in 1964), Alepholon (futuristic), Kwokwi, Mikadan (a tribute to Stephenson Blake’s Verona from 1948, which was in turn based on William Dana Orcutt’s Humanistic from 1904), Marion (a beautiful transitional family), Quasix (hookish), Skraype (grunge stencil), Bleeker (casual lettering), Linefeed (monospaced line printer font), Draculon (a casual typeface inspired by the letterforms of William Orcutt’s humanist font from 1904 which was in turn based on an Italian manuscript from 1485), Mahavishnu (a mix between 1970s psychedelics and art nouveau), Doradani (a corporate identity sans family), Korotaki (futuristic). Duklja, Cyrillic, Latin, 1984: In this case the typeface makes basis of graphic identification. Gallery (2004): art deco. He had a nervous breakdown and was sent to a mental hospital, where he came to the conclusion that Gleason was evil because he was fat, leading him to hate fat people. Roos (2009): A 10-style revival of Sjoerd Hendrik de Roos’s De Roos Romein (1948), created in cooperation with Hans van Maanen. Apart from the crazy games, obligatory signum and many other things Iva got many picture books which her grandpa made from time to time. An avid RoboFog scripter, he joined Erik van Blokland and Just van Rossum to initiate the RoboFab project in 2003. Clean Cobblestones Code Hijack (2014). The fonts are partitioned over Intro Rust, Intro Script, Intro Head and Intro Goodies. Slang (2004): a blood scratch face. The monoline extended sans family Cillian (2010). This is possibly his most recognizable face. [Google] [More]  ⦿ Tibor Lantos Budapest-based creator (aka Frodo 7) in 2009 at FontStruct of FontMoot 01 (pixel face), Brego, Magor (minimalist, De Stijl typeface), Andromeda Strain, Elrond (Tengwar font), Oil Stencil, Optill 2A and 2B and 3A and 3B (optical illusion fonts), Rivendell (Celtic weaving), Cubeology (patterned cubes), The Two Towers, Mike Wazowski (emoticon face), Edoras Stencil, Elessar, Earendil, LE Meta (dot matrix), Coccinella (dot matrix), +Two, +TwoB, Picosec, Picosec Rounded (ultra fat retro), Palindrome, Valimar, Fundin Eco, Fundin Regular, Lost Entropy (series of rectangular fonts), Bombs and Men (2009, modular and blocky), Eärendil, Chromosomes, Denethor-Sans (octagonal), Edoras-, Elspeth-, Elspeth-Grey, FontMoot-01 (pixel face), French-Defence-v2 (chess font), French-Defence (chess font), Gilgalad-v2, Gilgalad (octagonal), Hommage-a-Escher-LC1, Hommage-a-Escher-LC2, Legolas-Codex-Stencil, Legolas-Codex (blackletter family), Legolas-Stencil (+v2; art nouveau style), Mirkwood-Regular and Mirkwood Outline (pixel typefaces), Nimrodel-FS, Faramir (gridded), Faramir Black (octagonal, mechanical), Elessar, Vertebrae, Etudes Pour Noir et Blanc (01, 02, 02 Vertebrae), Eomer FS, Karyotype (horizontal stripes), Snooker Ball, Aragorn, Mirkwood Nano (pixel face), Mirkwood Second Iteration, Mirkwood First Iteration, Haldir (pixel face). Domino, Dominodot Dot matrix fonts: Belly Button (2013), Fandangle (2013), Trace Remains (2013), Billiards (2013), Pome (2013), Cow Poke (2013), Rouletto (2014), Crawler (2014), Zephyrelli (2012), Yoyo (2012), Carousel (2011), Corsivo Punti (2011), Wisp (2011), Amusement (2011), Menagerie (2011), Junk (2011), Iphont (white on black dot matrix face), Lyrical (dot matrix script), Petits Pois, Elli, Industrial Magic, Wind Chime, Domestic Bliss (2010, +Serif, +Sans Serif), Ying Yang (2009) Double Decker Eau de Kerning. Lai, 2000), and these airplane lettering fonts by August T. The stitching typeface Cut Here. Orwellian was hand hinted by Tom Grace of Virgo Type and mastered by Psy Ops in San Fransisco. Callie Mae (2013: a rounded organic sans), Cardosan (2013, runic script), Carlton (2012), Celestial, Chapleau (2012, art deco), Chinyen (2005, oriental simulation), Clark (2013), Classic Robot (2011), Coburn (2013: miltary stencil), Colony Wars (replaced by Gallonigher), Comic Book, Constitution Class Hull, Convoy (2011, based on the logo for “Armada” and “Robots in Disguise”), Counterfire (2014, stencil), Crichton (2013, an avant-garde font based on the title logo from the “Farscape” television series), 2015 Cruiser (2013, based on the police-car lettering used in the move “Back to the Future II”), Crystal Deco (2008, based on the logo for much of the merchandising for “Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull”), CuniformEnglishNormal, Cyberfall (2013, octagonal / mechanical typeface based on the logo of the console game “Fall of Cybertron”), Cybertron Generations (dingbats, now replaced by Transdings), Cybertron Metals, Cybertron OpCode (2014), Coulson (2014, stencil), Cyberverse (2011, futuristic), Cyrodiil (2014). Circuit Board Solid, Circuit Board Outline, Circuit Board Outline Numbers, Circuit Board Simple, Micro Clean, Microcircuitz, Circuit Board Simple, Schematode (2013). Pacmania (2013), Palisoc (2013), Pcap Terminal (2014, sci-fi face), Phoenixians (2012: based on the logo of Centuri’s Phoenix arcade game), Pixel Cowboy (2015), Pixel Musketeer (2013, based on Sony’s Wild Arms and Wild Arms 2 games for the Playstation), Pixel Azure Bonds (2015), Pixel Combat (2015), Pixel NES (2013: based on screen fonts of Colecovision, Timex Sinclar, Nintendo, SimTech’s ModeX VGA, Tandy Color), Planewalker (formerly called Magic Cards. Contempole Crimped Pincushion (2010). Sole Soma (2009): 3d letters mades from cubes. His lovely g poster (2010). P22 Yule (2005; Heavy, Inline): a stone chisel family with a hint of Neuland. Heath Robinson (gorgeous mechanical font). Minuteman Printshop has colonial fonts. In 2010, Peter Bruhn started a typeface but he died before it was finished. This was a project by Radomir Tinkov, Ani Petrova, Svetoslav Simov and Vasil Stanev. 2016: Refuel (octagonal, based on military aircraft markings), Expressway Soft (a sans-serif font family inspired by the U. In 2011, Kevin Allan King and Patrick Griffin completed work on an exceptionally beautiful revival, Ratio Modern (the original by F. ] This is an informally hand-printed typeface co-designed with Brian Allen, Carl Crossgrove, James Grieshaber and Karl Leuthold at Ascender. Upon a second look, they are clearly more than that. Devojačko, Cyrillic, Latin, 1969 (Maiden): A curly affectionate face. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿ Rian Hughes
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[MyFonts] [More]  ⦿ Robert Alonso
[BA Graphics]
[MyFonts] [More]  ⦿ Robert Dingcong Robert Dingcong is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Bacolod City, Philippines. The picture books contained poems, drawings, pictures and of, course letters. SandsofFireNormal, Schnaubelt (2011, rounded technical caps face), Semphari (2014), SharpAvienne (2014), Sierra Madre (2012: an avant-garde typeface based on the Sierra Madre casino’s logo from Fallout: New Vegas: Dead Money), Silverball Oblique (2012, LED font), Simple Runes, Sinescript (2013), SkeksisNormal, Skir, Sorenson (2013, a stencil typeface), StarburstPips (2014), StarcraftNormal, Starfleet (2004), Stark (2012: based on the title logo of the Iron Man and Iron Man 2 movies), Steamcog Caps (2013), Steampuff (2012), Steamwreck (2012), Steiner (2014), Sternbach (2011), Straczynski (2011, based on the opening credits for the classic television series “Babylon 5”), Strongarm (2014, based on the title logo of Hasbro’s Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015) line), Suchet (2013: a nice art deco typeface inspired by the material of BBC Production’s legendary “Poirot” series starring David Suchet), Symtext (2012, a faux 5×5 bitmap font based on the lettering used in early VGA games, such as Syndicate). , House Ed Interlock), Zamora. He started Virus in 1997, and works out of the Barnbook Studio (now Studio 12) in London’s Soho. P22 Garamouche (2004, with Richard Kegler). [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿ MapSymbs. Mage Script (2013), Majel (2013, an avant-garde typeface), Majoram (2012, a hairline avant garde typeface), Majoram Serif (2012), Manga (2011, oriental simulation), Mara’s Eye (2013, based on the lettering used on Disneyland’s Indiana Jones “Forbidden Eye” ride), Marston (2013, on the title logos of numerous Spaghetti westerns), Masterforce, MasterforceHollow, MasterforceSolid, MaximalBeasts, Maximus, Mechalock (2013, based on the “Combiners” subline logo from Hasbro’s “Robots in Disguise” Transformers series), Mech Tech (2013, based on Hasbro’s “Transformers: Dark of the Moon’s” toys’ “Mech Tech” logo), Medabots (based on the Hasbro toy line), Megatron (2011, based on the logo of the live-action Transformers movies), Microgramma Extended (later replaced by Probert), Minerva (2012: based on the logos used for Shout’s releases of Transformers: Headmasters, Masterforce, and Victory), Mission GT-R (2013, based on Takara’s “Transformers: GT-R”), Mode X (2012, based on lettering from classic “Mode X” games of the early 1990s), Modern Cybertronic (2013: an alien-dings font based on Jim Sorenson’s “Ancient Autobot” script), Modern Destronic (2013: based on Jim Sorensen’s “Ancient Decepticon” script), Modern Iaconic (2014: based on the ‘runic’ letting found in Transformers: Legacy), Mons Olympia (2014, sci-fi), Montalban (2011, based on the title credits of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan), Moria (runes), Morse Tech, MysticEtchingsNormal. In 2015, he designed the octagonal typeface Percolator, and Saddm’s Shawarma icons (a fun military icon font). Com, which grants Extensis the exclusive rights to market and develop future versions of QualiType FontHandler. Buy it at Lost Type. Shabash is rooted in an identity design project for Kashmir, an Indian restaurant in Stockholm. This is your offspring’s global hope, optimism, and total awareness. Klumpp), DDT (neutral sans), Thump (fat, casual), Desperate Glamour, Pricedown (an up of his free 1990s font, patterned after the lettering on The Price Is Right show), Mitigate (monoline and slabbed; has some typewriter styles), Catwing, Walken (slab serif stencil), Silicone (soft rounded sans family), Movatif (sans), Gunplay (a stencil family inspired by the poster for the 1972 Steve McQueen/Ali MacGraw film The Getaway), Fragile Bombers (octagonal), Forgotten Futurist (techno sans, 19 styles), Bullpen (slab serif), Coolvetica, Duality, Good Times, Strenuous, Shlop (paint-drip style), Dirty Baker’s Dozen (stencil), Junequil (VAG Rounded style), Owned (graffiti), Domyouji, Threefourtysixbvarrel (stencil), Enacti, Uniwars (futuristic, 16 styles). Chunkfeeder (2002) is a beautiful monospaced octagonal OCR-like family. Computer Backplate, Milky Way. Architype Van der Leck (1993-1994). Go (2005): a techno face. Tetrominoes Black (2010): a 3d typeface cloned from TP2 Marriott’s Tetrominoes. Mason (1992, +Serif, +Sans). Typefaces from 2017: Bignoy (Wild West, modernized), Kimbo (octagonal), Mensrea (organic sans with beveled, inline, and various layered and graffiti styles), Nibbles (a food truck-inspired dingbat typeface), Huggy (an art nouveau typeface influenced by the work of Heinrich Heinz). She grew up in Homel, Belarus, and moved to Vilnius in 2013 to study Visual design and Media at European Humanities University. Taboo (2009) is a geometric display typeface that was inspired by lettering by Armenian artist Fred Africkian in 1984. A sans typeface family. It includes lots of custom work for banks, TV stations, and companies/groups like New York Times, Pixar, Jacquin’s, University of Toronto, and the Montreal Airport. There you have the country lover shaking hands with the rock and roll enthusiast. Most of Ćirić’s types were for Cyrillic, while some have Latin alphabets as well. A subtle variation appeared in the Stedelijk Museum catalogue for painter Jean Brusselmans. An octagonal and threatening stencil. [Google] [More]  ⦿ Military Symbols and Fonts Free NATO military truetype fonts. Com] [More]  ⦿ Type Supply
[Tal Leming]
Tal Leming is a graphic designer, type designer and letterer who lived in Wilmington, DE, but moved his stakes to Baltimore, MD. 2011: Ugocranis (a brutalist typeface), Clipwave, Wheaton (MICR-inspired), Mango Scribble, TRS Million (dot matrix face), Ugogranis (constructivist), Gomoku (paper cut face), From The Internet. Links: Hammill Institute on Disabilities, wikipedia. The earliest typefaces: Base (stencil), Evac (octagonal), Claes (a heavy blacked out display typeface named after Swedish sculptor Claes Oldenburg), Raider, Error (LED simulation face), Reserves03 (2009), Output II (2009), Scape (octagonal stencil), Void, Vacant (2009, monoline stencil), Debacle (2009), Scam (2009; a fun geometric experiment), Immortality, Asecs, Analog SE, Scheme (pixel face). Comes with Garamouche Ornaments (2004). The lowercase is a superposition of Scrolls lowercase atop a pre-release version of Sterling Script, yet another Canada Type font. Rajdhani is an Open Source typeface supporting both the Devanagari and the Latin scripts. In 2016, he created the free hand-crafted typeface Zuma. This typeface was based on the idea for an uncredited film typeface called Whitley, published by a little known English typesetting house in the early 1970s. Still in 2013, he designed Woodcutter Black Square, DaPunk, Woodcutter Pollita Alegre (a penis font), Woodcutter Hungry Pig, and Woodcutter Hand Light. House fonts at YWFT by unknown designers: YWFT Knit (2010: knitting patterns), YWFT Motif (2015), Ramsey Condensed (2015), YWFT Roamer (2016), YWFT Whisky (alchemic), YWFT Psychosis, YWFT Filbert (2012), YWFT Nim (2012, combining the hipster style with overlays for bevel and shadow effects), Dogma (2012, alchemic), Attic (spooky poster face, in EPS format), YWFT Yoke (textured all-caps), Riblah (2003, dot matrix), YWFT Fraktur (tattoo face), YWFT Burls (2013, fat poster typeface), YWFT Coltrane (2011, handdrawn poster typeface), YWFT Symplify (2013: haute couture snowflakes), YWFT Smoothie, YWFT Chance (2016), YWFT Skipper (2016), YWFT Wheatgrass (2016), YWFT Estee (2017), YWFT Watermelon (2017), YWFT Burtonian (2017, named after Tim Burton), YWFT Crew (hand-crafted). At ATypI 2008 in St. It’s available in 7 weights and obliques). [Google] [More]  ⦿ Perry Mason
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[Neale Davidson] Free original designs, often with a science fiction feel, by Neale Davidson (b. A revival of a brush script by Imre Reiner called Mustang (1956). He used FontStruct in 2008-2009 to make over 550 decorative fonts, and became one of the world’s top experts on FontStruct, FontShop’s on-line font editor. Break, Balance Beam, After Party (2010). Coopers big fat hippy idea, cowboy it with heavy slabs, give it true italics, then swash away at both for beautiful mixture. Messenger (2010), a calligraphic script. Horizontally Phased (like IBM logo from afar), Vertically Phased, Field Goal. Stretto (2008) is a revival and expansion of Sintex 1 (Aldo Novarese, Nebiolo, 1973), a funky nightclub face. Note: MyFonts writes the designer’s name with an e instead of an a: Shiva Nalleperumal. Extensive (large page warning) Typodermic catalog. Opentype programming help for several fonts by Michael Doret, such as Deliscript (2009), Dynascript (2011) and Steinweiss Script (2010). Typefaces from 2014: Reload (octagonal), Reload Stencil (military stencil). Fountain sold many of his typefaces. MapSymbs are NATO APP-6 and the new APP-6a military map marking symbols made up as embeddable TrueType Fonts. Calcula is a display typeface that uses smart OpenType features to explore the space between lettering and typeface design, creating maze-like spaces between letters. The real Patrick Griffin, a graduate of York University, lives and works in Toronto, where he founded Canada Type and made it the most successful Canadian typefoundry. 1, Woodcutter Electric, Woodcutter Cloth, Street Style (graffiti font), Gothic Punk, Human Body Parts, Dirty Harry, Woodcutter Fine Sketch, Woodcutter Invisible, Miley Cyrus (scanbats), Old Guard, Circus and Fair, Comic Cover, Woodcutter Gigantismo, Clockwork Orange (scanbats), Dosmilcatorce, The Walking Dead (scanbats). It can now be found at Undt Typefaces. [Google] [More]  ⦿ You Work For Them (or YWFT; formerly Cinahaus or TrueIsTrue)
[Michael Cina]
Michael Cina (Minneapolis) is the cofounder of WeWorkForThem and YouWorkForThem (in 2002), also known as YWFT. A font commissioned for the Apple iPad. Circus Maximus Outline Cirquela (2012). Jacks (2010): a stitching font. 2010: Cranberry Gin (2010, octagonal), Restore (all caps, geometric sans), From The Stars (an elliptical techno family done with Chikako Larabie), Thrusters (space age face), Dream Orphanage, Kengwin (rounded slab serif), Gleaming The Cube (Greek simulation face), Vectipede (a slab serif family), Great Escape (an elliptical sans family), Subrocs (connected script), Hackensack (with Chikako Larabie), Polarband (bilined stackable headline face), Naked Power, Special Forces (a great macho slab serif headline face—watch for awards to roll in), Warugaki (handpainted), Warmer, Honfleur (art deco; with Chikako Larabi), Voivode (a headline typeface done with Chikako Larabie), Hachimitsu (Asian look face, done with Chikako Larabie), Kadeworth (rounded retro look sans, done with Chikako Larabie), Gnuolane Jump (2010, with Chikako Larabie), Markerfield (brush), Board of Directors (Bank Gothic style family, done with Chikako Larabie), GGX88 (a Swiss sans family), Body Goat, Reversal, Gord (techno), Computechnodigitronic (LED, LCD geek-look font), Bench Grinder, Inklea (a bubbly face), Skygirls (retro brush script), Gloss (a paint brush typeface based on Champion, 1957, G. Other fonts by him: Chesslaer (1991), Schneller (1991). Göran Söderström (b. Valet (2006): inspired by an uncredited early 1970s all-cap film type called Expression. Expo (2004): an octagonal family. He graduated from Louisiana State University in 1997. These are mostly display typefaces. Department of Transportation’s FHWA Series of Standard Alphabets, also known as Highway Gothic), Conthrax (squarish, techno), Cornpile (cartoonish), Electric, Evensong (art deco), Fledgling (a very tall typeface), Gymkhana (sans), Remissis (sans), Sunday Evening (a reverse contrast typeface), Meloche (Meloche is a unique grotesque sans-serif typeface influenced by hand-painted French signs of the late nineteenth century. A custom typeface for Allied Domecq Spirits & Wine Limited, the brand owner of Ballantine’s Scotch Whisky. He has been honoured with an award of Excellence in Type Design from Association Typographique International (ATypI) for his Gothic Gothic (2004, blend of blackletter and English style), and by TypeArt’05 (for Operina Cyrillic). Funk, Funky palms Gancio (2014). A digital version of Friedrich Poppl’s Poppl Heavy (1972), which in turn was one of the many responses by type designers to Cooper Black. Bigfoot (2008), the fattest font ever made (sic). He writes: I wanted to introduce some more American typographic and lettering influences. A rounded sans family at Fountain. Repeat Ribbodini (2010, ribbon font). Done with Rebecca Alaccari. Chubby Cinder Block (2010): a 3d typeface with texture thrown in. Diamonds Are Forever, Liberty (dot amtrix fonts) Didactic fonts: Back to School. Informa (2009): a comprehensive 36-style sans serif text family based on traditional lettering. Digital, Digital Whimsy (gorgeous fonts in which the meat of the glyphs is made up of 0’s and 1’s), Digital Italics, Digital Non-italics. Although the modern style appears to be a radical departure from his first sans single alphabet of 1925, the structure of this later serifed style is still grid based and geometrically constructed. His fonts, now all at Letters From Sweden: The beautiful understated modern Neptuna sans family, on which he has worked for 14 years. All her fonts are in vector or image format. The shapes are almost geometrically reduced thus providing a decorative effect, legibility and possibility to be transferred in all materials. Dingbats: Digital Biz Bitz (2012), Capitalist Pictograms (2012), Kapitalist Kit (2011), Weather System (2011), Twelve Days of Christmas (2010), Learning For Business (2010), Calder Symbols (2010), Mad Aliens (2010), FSEmoticons, Maven Pictograms, Temp (weather dings), Sports Wave, Bullet ArrowsDinner at 8 Diode Directional Ditier Cycles (2010): a grunge version of J. Oblique Octovision Remix Open&Shuttered Day, Open&Shuttered Night Oriental simulation/look: Shoji Pixel, Shoji Stage&Screen Soapbox, Chinese Democracy, Asian Influence. View Michael Cina’s typefaces. Priori (2003, Emigre) and Priori Acute (2010, Emigre) are Escher-like trompe l’oeuil fonts. Copyright 2007 VANOC Brand&Creative Services. Paganini (with Kevin Allan King) is another jewel in Canada Type’s drawers: Designed in 1928 by Alessandro Butti under the direction of Raffaello Bertieri for the Nebiolo foundry, Paganini defies standard categorization. Included are AmericanIndian, Animals, Arrows1, Arrows2, Borders1, Borders2, Boxes, BrailleFont, Buildings, Bullets1, Bullets2, Bullets3, Business&Government, CSLCyrilGothic, CSLShalomOldStyle, CarrElectronicDingbats, Carta, Charting, Clocks, CommonBullets, Computers, Czar-Bold, DavysDingbats, DavysOtherDingbats, Electronics, Festive, Fleurons, Food, Furniture, GeographicSymbolsNormal, GildeSorts, Hanzi-Kaishu, HomePlanning, HomePlanning2, Household, Hygiene, Landmarks, LandscapePlanning, Medicine, Military, MilitaryID, MiniPics-ASL, MiniPics-ConfettiMedium, MiniPics-Digidings, MiniPics-International, MiniPics-LilCreatures, MiniPics-LilDinos, MiniPics-LilFeatures, MiniPics-LilFishies, MiniPics-LilFolks, MiniPics-NakedCityDay, MiniPics-NakedCityNight, MiniPics-UprootedLeaf, MiniPics-UprootedTwig, MiniPics-Zafrica, MiniPics, MorseCode, Music, MusicalSymbolsNormal, NauticalFlags, OfficePlanning, PCOrnaments, People, Plants, Qwerty-Mac, Qwerty-PC, Science, Semaphore, Shapes1, Shapes2, ShpfltnatA, Sign, Signs, Sonata, Space, Stars1, Stars2, Swifty, SymbolProportionalBT-Regular, Technology, Tools, Tracks, Transportation, Weather. New Alphabet 1 through 3. Similar typefaces include ITC Zipper (1970) and Berthold Beat Star (1972). In addition, we have the same fonts as above with the original (shorter, Windows DOS 8. Typeco Topaz Serif Tall (2012, FontStruct) is a pixel typeface. After seven months of meticulous work on some of the most fascinating letter forms ever made, we can easily say that Treasury is the most ambitious, educational and enjoyable type journey we’ve embarked upon, and we’re certain you will be quite happy with the results. Sterling Script was initially meant to a be digitization/reinterpretation of a copperplate script widely used during what effectively became the last decade of metal type: Stephenson Blake’s Youthline, from 1952. Avenue, Avenue Alphabet (white on black). Their enthusiastic description: The Orpheus Pro fonts started out as a straightforward revival of Tiemann’s Orpheus and Euphorion. ) a handwriting font service for 100 USD. Supermercado One (2011, Google Font Directory) is a low contrast semi geometric typeface inspired by naive industrial letters. Based on a 1941 De Stijl alphabet designed by Bart van der Leck for the avant-garde magazine Flax. Blackhaus (2005), an extension of Kursachsen Auszeichnung, a blackletter typeface designed in 1937 by Peterpaul Weiß for the Schriftguss foundry in Dresden. Middleton Brush (2010): a redigitization of R. In 2015, she designed the rough military stencil typeface Trafaret for Latin and Cyrillic. Fido (2009) is the official font of dog owners everywhere. SEB Basic is the new sans type family for Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB (2009). [Google] [More]  ⦿ Military Stencils No fonts here, but plenty of information on military stencil fonts. Modern Ancient (chiseled font imitation) Molecular (+Complex, +Complex 1), Dense Molecular Complex (1 through 5), Molecular Architecture, Tessellation 1 (+Continuous), Tessellation 2. The typeface evolved into an amalgamation of a neo-grotesque style sans serif and hand-cut lettering. This Hairline-to-Heavy 20-weight Latin / Cyrillic sans family was designed for universal use, and is a tad wider than normal. Since 1990 he has worked with cultural institutions, activist groups and charities and produced a steady stream of posters. It has a zip file with these fonts: Aircraft (Perry Mason), Blockschrift-für-Flugzeuge (by Ronnie Olsthoorn), Stencil (URW, 1992), AmarilloUSAF (Tom C. Disco Ball, Disco Salvation. Sailor (2005): digital rendition of West Futura Casual (late 1970s film type). In 2016, she published the free triangle-themed font Delta. In the same style: Conveyor Belt, Milk Bottle, Cookie Cutter, Erector Set (2010). Based on Crouwel’s New Alphabet and developed in consultation with him)—a free version of this is New Alphabet (2008, Matt McInerney). This is eighteen-stye sans family that extends Novarese’s Recta. This is accompanied by Trentor Script (2006, octagonal). ), Tall Big Top, Jackpot, Skulls&Cross Bones Redux, Crosshairs, Drama Club, Good Day Sunshine, Butterfly, Steps and Windows, Heartbroken, O Christmas Tree, Christmas Lights, Candle, Supper Time (alphadings of plates), Sands of Time (alphadings of hour glasses), Fishbones (commercial since 2012), Handy (alphading with hands), Hang Ten (feet alphadings) and High Five (hand alphadings), Armade and Ghost Ship Armada (ship alphadings), Cut Here (stitching alphadings), Schematic (electric circuit alphading), Masquerade, Mortar Board, Gear Bits, Gearswork, Hi-Lo Gears, Gears, Resistor, Gear Shift, Castle, Castle with Flags, Antique Keys, Rounded Keys, Pods, Piano Keys (+Alt, +Correct), Framework, Dixieland Jazz, Spats, and City of New Orleans (the last three are alphdings based on the same Victorian alphabet), Saturn, Piggy Bank, Voodoo Doll, Dice, Fist Bump. Gnomos is a grungified merovingian typeface [Walden Font claims that it was found in a 16th century house]. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿ Ruud Aarbodem Ruud Aarbodem from the Sector Informatica, Haagse Hogeschool, Den Haag, has a 45-truetype dingbat font file, and an 89-type 1-dingbat font file in his archive. ): Pome (dot matrix), Cow Poke (dot matrix), Sausalito Nautica, Cut Here (stitching typeface), Belly Button (dot matrix face), Rouletto (bejeweled typeface), Picnic Basket (alphadings), Fandangle (dot matrix), Trace Remains (dot matrix), Billiards (dot matrix), Cross Worded, Script Town, Schematode (connect-the-dots), Electrifunkified, Aloha, Signal Strength, Ink Well, Satellite, Supper Time (alphadings), Mike (alphadings), Licorice, Conga Lounge OF, Monkey Bars, Daisies, Fractal OF (textured face), Saloon OF, Ball and Chain, Say What. A set of sans headline typefaces based on letters used by Canadian painter Alex Colville. Radičević, a book about monuments and tombstones posted along roads. Octohedron (2012), Okuda (formerly Okudagrams; based on the LCARS characters from Star Trek: The Next Generation), Omnicron, Ophidian, Optic (2011), Optimus (2011, based on the original Transformers logo from Hasbro), Orion (2012, a techno-style font based on the “Robots in Disguise” logo from Hasbro’s 2012 Transformers toyline), Overseer (2011). [Google] [More]  ⦿ RST Fonts
[Radomir Tinkov]
Radomir Tinkov (RST Fonts) is a Bulgarian type designer. Crouwel created a rigid grid system across the poster of 57 vertical by 41 horizontal lines, also forming the basis for the construction of the letterforms. House industries commissioned me to develop the United family as an homage to stereotypical U. Patterns Pavers Piccadilly (2010). Warlords (2011, based on the logo of the game series), Whitestone (2014, octagonal), Whittle (2013, octagonal), Winslett (2012, Far West face), Wreckers (2013, octagonal). See also here and here, here, and here. Traci Daberko made Sunset, RV Park and Princess. The headline sans Alasar. Ira wrote that he enlarged and systematize the letters from the drawing which was made in time when the seal was in good condition and that he wanted to preserve the freshness of irregularities and that there were several weights in each letter while their height is only optically the same. Typefaces from 2015: Averes Title (a sharp geometric sans titling typeface), Averes Title Roman (fashion mag styles). Barber Shop Barcoded Basket Beachwear (horizontally striped) Beatnik Beltway. Grunge typefaces: Feather (2010). A revival ofHermann Schardt’s Folkwang (1949-1955, Klingspor). A bubblegum font modeled after Richard Weber’s 1958 font, Papageno. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿ The S2 Company Two military symbol dingbat fonts with tanks, soldiers, airplanes, rockets, and other killing devices. Followed by Olympukes 2012 (2012), which acknowledges the complex contradictions of the modern Olympics. Curls And Twirls Cut HereDaisies (nice rounded square letters with painted daisies) Decoscriptic, Decoish. Jane (2014) is a rounded sans typeface family. This was followed in 2013 by a softer version, Vox Round. Showcase of Jonathan Barnbrook’s typefaces. An athletic lettering family commissioned by Reebok for their 2008 NFL Sideline and NHL Center Ice collections. Rastko: Although one may think it is an ordinary serif face, it contains Cira’s specific typographic handwriting. Inspired by the geometric Kufic style of traditional Arabic calligraphy, Calcula is a functional OpenType typeface, with design principles that are rooted in lettering, in that each letter reacts to neighbouring letters, adapting to its context. After acquiring Morgans & Wilcox, Hamilton Manufacturing offered Geometric Light Face Condensed as their own No 3020 and the Geometric Light Face as No 3021. The list of his typefaces: Rastko, Latin, 1955: It is a versal typeface made in only one weight. Libertine (done with Kevin Allan King) is an angular calligraphic script inspired by the work of Dutchman Martin Meijer (1930s): This is the rebel yell, the adrenaline of scripts. Made warmer and friendlier in the 2016 release of Qanelas Soft. Ricardo Cordoba writes: Fab reminds me of leafing through my first Letraset catalog in the mid-1980s all those decorative typefaces with rounded ends and tubular shapes, trying to imitate the look of neon signage. In 2007, Mathieu Réguer wrote a thesis at Estienne on Barnbrook. I tried replicating what they did but in a different way. Hydrogen (2007, a rounded geometric unicase family. He is in awe of assault rifles, and thus created the ornamental caps typeface Arsenal (2014). Tomato (2005): done with Rebecca Alaccari, this is the digitization and quite elaborate expansion of an early 1970s Franklin Photolettering film type called Viola Flare. The recipe was simple: Follow Mr. Canada Type writes: The Treasury script waited over 130 years to be digitized, and the Canada Type crew is very proud to have done the honors. Two weights, East and West. Trump Gothic (2005): a revival and expansion of two different takes on Signum (1955, Weber), Georg Trumps popular mid-twentieth-century condensed gothic: Less than one year after Signum, the Czech foundry Grafotechna released Stanislav Marso’s Kamene, a reinterpretation of Signum. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿ Walden Font
[Oliver Weiss]
Walden Font sells historical typefaces&clip-art by Oliver Weiss from Winchester, MA. LFS Siri (2011, Letters from Sweden) is a variable contrast humanist sans family. He writes: This typeface was inspired by Toyata IQ typeface project. The prototypical Cyrillic poster face. Waveform WPA Household Arts Stripes, WPA Household Arts Chex, WPA Household Arts (poster stencil face) Wee The People, Small World. It is located in Carlsbad and Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA, and run by Michael Jarboe. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿ Typodermic
[Ray Larabie]
Ray Larabie (b. An improvement on an earlier Canada type family called Tiger Script. In 2015, Rui Abrey and Göran Söderström finished it as Bruhn Sans (Fountain Type). That custom font project was finished by David Quay and Freda Sack. Face VMA, Latin, 1976/77: A big project for the Military Medical Academy (abbreviated VMA) in which the letters had to be constructed on grids using rulers and compass only. [Google] [More]  ⦿ MyFonts: Camouflage fonts A selection of typefaces tagged camouflage at MyFonts. 2004: Affluent, Threefortysixbarrel (stencil face), Tank, Telidon (dot matrix face), Funboy, Neuropol X, Neuropol Nova, Mufferaw (comic book face), Larabiefont, Zekton (techno), Strenuous 3D, Silentina (advertised as “a silent movie font”), Amienne (brush script), Fenwick Outline (free), Betsy Flanagan (1998, a keyboard face), Boopee (children’s handwriting), Pirulen (in the general Bank Gothic style), Zalderdash. Reload Alt and Reload Alt Stencil were added in 2015. Gaslon (2005): a modification of A. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿ Ufuk Aracioglu
[Horizon Type (was: Type & Design)] [More]  ⦿ unfontunately
[Andreas Johansson] Andreas Johansson is the Gothenburg, Sweden-based designer in 1999 of the medieval Cyrillic font Magna Veritas (based on a scan). He created the (free) type family Combat (2005), which consists of a stencil subfamily in 3 weights and a dingbat family of weapons (Handguns, Air, Ground, Water). The italic needed to get the same treatment for its lowercase that Tiemann envisioned for the uppercase. At FontStruct, they created some modular typefaces in 2012: Military Stencil, Cybertron, Command User Interface. [Google] [More]  ⦿ MyFonts: Military stencil typefaces MyFonts hit list for military stencil typefaces. Downloads: All 151 fonts in truetype format. He also made Struktur (2012), a typeface based on Herbert Bayer’s Universal Alphabet. In 2000, the company entered into an agreement with Extensis Group at CreativePro. Nuke (2005): a fat stencil grunge weith pizzazz. YWFT is located in Knoxville, TN and/or Baltimore, MD. He was professor at the Faculty of Applied Arts, University of Arts, Belgrade from 1964 until 1997. David Phillips made B-52 (2001, octagonal typeface inspired by the lettering used on the vehicles of the U. Gala is the digitization of the one of the most important Italian typefaces of the twentieth century: G. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿ Pavel Bolotov Designer of the foliate typeface Leaf Cut (2016) and Stencil-And-Grunge (2017). It was named to honour John Gibson FGDC (1928-2011), Rod’s long-time friend and one of the original founders of the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada. The family more than doubled its size into 23 total fonts and was rechristened House Gothic 23. Trentor (2006): octagonal and bi-lined. In 2005, he left House and started his own company eventually called Type Supply. In the 1960 Venice Biennale Dutch entry poster, he drew grid-based letters with 45-degree angles for olanda, the style influenced by his boyhood fascination with naval lettering. The fat counterless typeface Tenshu (2010). Cryptozoo (2009): Late director of design for VANOC, the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Committee, Leo Ostbaum, commissioned Canada Type to make a typeface for the Vancouver Winter Olympics. Python scripting guru working mainly with Letterror and House Industries on projects using FontLab and Robofab. The last joint project of King and Griffin in 2012 was Pipa, a pseudo-psychedelic groovy bellydancing font: Originally made for a health food store chain we cannot name, Pipa is the embodiment of organic display typography. Creations in 2011: Midori Dot (2011, a dotted kana face), Sierpinski Black Initials (a stunning decorative caps typeface based on Sierpinski triangles), Fontstructivism (constructivist Latin/Cyrillic face), Sierpinski White Initials, Vasarely Squares (experimental—letters based on Victor Vasarely’s work), Hurin (counterless, created after Nagasaki by Tom Muller), Strider (an optical illusion 3d multilined face), Dot Dot White (texture face), Dot Dot Black (texture face), Garamond Italic SP (a pixelized version of Garamond Italic), Rohan (+NE01, +NE03: a textured lined 3d logotype family, +NE04, +NE10), Gray Scale (a very interesting texture experiment in which gray scales are “simulated” by simple font mechanisms). Tanqueray (2010): octagonal face. Spadina (2010): a psychedelic / art nouveau revival with Kevin Allan King of Karlo Wagner’s Fortunata (1971, Berthold). After graduation in 1997 from the Louisiana State University Graphic Design program, he worked as a designer at two agencies in south Louisiana. Bihari’s Corvina Black from 1973. He also did the typography and fonts for the 2010 issue. Ćirićica, Cyrillic, 1970/72: This typeface was designed as a result of the first research on transforming Serbian handwritten Cyrillic into constructive letterforms. It is a type of typeface imitating relief forms. In a way, dipping into a block of text set in Marigny is like putting on your favorite pair of comfortable slippers. Bogradsko, Cyrillic, Latin, 1982: This typeface was used for designing the covers and title of his second book of graphic communications. Marso changed a few letters, most notably the wonderful a and g he added, and also made a bold weight. Most fonts come from the IMSI and WSI collections. In 2016, Shiva designed the Trench superfamily, which consists of the heavily ink-trapped typeface families Trench Sans, Trench Rounded, and Trench Slab. Typefaces from 2015: Rude High School, Imprenta Gonzales (white on black), Estrategia (textured style), Monkey Business, Venganza (dripping blood font), Woodcutter Executive, Left Hand Comic (textured), Dirty News, Gorilla BCN (a great hand-crafted athletic lettering typeface), Neo Protein (bio-grunge), Barrio-Santo (graffiti style), Periodic-Table-of-Elements, TerrorToons, Vanilla-Candy, Baseball-Icons, Boots, Fine-Homage, Jesus-Christ (religious icons), Lock, Meredith (texturted typeface), Neo-Victorian, Old-Europe (soft blackletter), White-Army (military stencil), HeadWear, Oil-Icons, Pollito-Peligroso (white-on-black letters), Taxi, The-Dentist, Planeta Zero (white-on-black letters), Cronenberg, Hell Bar, Horror Poster, Big Gipsy Bro, Peccatum (bloo drip font), Tempus Fugit (grunge), Indiana State (a great shaded titling face), DJ Icons, Gentleman Icons, Dope Crisis (textured), Bad Quality, Love and Hate, Smoking (dingbats), Phantom of the Opera (dripping blood font), Video Games (dingbats), Beauty Initials, Knife, Ciudad Capital, System Error (dot matrix font), Rejilla (gridded font), Punk Survival, Watches, Barrio Chino (grungy typeface), Delayed (dot matrix font), Impertinencia, Ecology, Anchor, Comic Sandchez, Beard, Globe Icons, Jalisco Company (hand-crafted 3d typeface), Summer Icons, New Art Deco (textured art nouveau typeface), Gordita Alegre, Banned World, Pixel Chaos, Dirty Grunge, Metal Curvy, Jazz Club, One Percent, Profile, Scoreboard, Sentencia, The Octopus (silhouettes of octopi), New Sailor (tattoo script), Cleaner, Bear Icons, Woodcutter Trama, Manolete (wavy font), Skully (alphadings), Big Designer, Vintage Punk (white on black), Streets of Fire (textured), Nordica, Belle Epoque (art deco), Bakery, The Worlds Best Logos, Special Unit (textured typeface), Manifesto, Shooter, Woodcutter Carnage, Black Rain (sketched), Soft Addiction, Digital Camera Symbols, Surf, Tailoring, Palo Santo, Morbida (rounded athletic letters), Fine Shadows, The Woodcutter (dings), Experimento (textured typeface), Seven Sisters, Senior Citizen (dingbats), Hotel California, Woodcutter Hand 2015, Fire Department (scanbats), Dolor de Muelas [toothache], Hamburger, Vintage Mixed Vol 1 and 2, Torremolinos, Ol Torero (bullfight scanbats), Formula 1 (scanbats), Presidents of the United States of America, Furure Blood (dripping blood typeface), Wild West Icons, Maravillosos, Territorio (textured display face), Forced Flowers, Black Hole, The Death, Extra Fat (comic book font), Cristobal, Cirilico, Fuck Off (a very useful raised middle finger font), Mexican Skull (the best Mexican skull font anywhere), Old Nuremberg, Maria Dolores, China, Street College, Rodriguez, Tourism, Community, Oklahoma (varsity font), Smartphone Icons, Science Icons, Horse, Greek Mythology, Persiana (a Venetian blind font), Alcohol, Whatsap Emoticons, Library (possibly the best library icon font today), Candelita, Remember Me, Flamenco, Universidad 2015 (athletic lettering), Sneakers, Fire, Industrial Worker, Europe, Abstemious, Police, School, Paris, Savage Empire, Nautical (dingbats), Crusader (dingbats), Woodcutter MMXV, Rats, Monster Mash, 5th Avenue Stencil, Baby Icons, New Space, City Icons, Diamonds, Punkland, Temblores, Puttana Antique, Human Anatomy (dingbats), Guerra Santa, Winter Icons, Farm, NeoWriter, Russia. Of these, Cypher7 is free. It was as simple as a work brief can be. Typefaces from 2013: A large Neue Haas Grotesk / Helvetica-style sans family called Acronym, from Hairline to Extra Black and Outline. A grunge calligraphic script: The original Heathen was made by redrawing Phil Martin’s Polonaise majuscules and superposing them over the majuscules of Scroll, another Canada Type font. The themes and systems in these early letterforms are encapsulated in this new (2016) four-weight family Architype Ingenieur. Iva’s typeface, Cyrillic and Latin, 1986: Rastko: My brother’s daughter, Iva, was the first child that joined our family of applied artists. It was inspired by the concepts explored by George Orwell in his monumental work Nineteen Eighty Four and follows Henry Caslon’s Italian model. House went through a bit of a sans serif obsession in the early 2000s and decided that it was time to give House Gothic its time in the spotlight. One can purchase these creations at MyFonts: B-52 (Italic, Regular, Shadow), Bamboo, Konstruct (2002, Bold, Alternate, Outline, Regular, Shadow, square, Thin), KutOut, Massi, Princess, Sunset, RV Park (Western), Stock Stuff (dingbats). While it definitely is a classic foundry text typeface with obvious roots in the oldstyle of the Italian renaissance, its contrast reveals a clear underlying modern influence. An informal typeface used as a casual typeface in MyPublisher’s BookMaker software. Atomic Age (2011) is a free font at Google Font Directory. The alphading typefaces Rat Race and Picnic Basket. A tube-design family reminiscent of the 1980s. Timonium (2012) can be bought from Type Supply. Kevin King is also credited. (Exaggerated ink trap face) Scaffoldini (2010): a 3d gridded face. Done with Rebecca Alaccari, this is a revival and expansion of a photolettering era typeface called Cantini (1972, Letter Graphics). FF Dagny OT Thin is free. Taibaijan (faux Arabic), Takara (former Robot Masters; based on the “Robot Masters” logo from Takara’s Transformers), Tandysoft (2011, based on the old typeface of the MC-10 computer), Tellarite (2013: based on the canonical glyphs of the “Tellarite” language from Paramount’s Star Trek franchise), Tetrahedron (2012), Thorass (runes), Thundara (the old name was Thundercats), Tirolese (2013, an alien glyph font), Tonopah (2012, western font), Toril (2011), Transdings (replaces Cybertron Generations: based on Transformers logos from Hasbro), Transformers, TransformersHollowNormal, TransformersSolidNormal, Transmaidens, Transmetals (based on Hasbro Inc’s, “Beast Wars: Transmetals” logo), Trek Arrowheads (2013), Trek Arrowcaps (2013), Tsa Script (2011, based on logos used within TSR’s classic “Dragon Magazine”), Turok (2011, based on the logo of the “Turok” video game), Turtles (2011, based on the popular classic “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” logo), Twobit (2013, LCD font) Vector Sigma (2011, based on the secondary “Beast Machines” logo), Vecna (2014), Videopac (2013, a stencil typeface based on a Philips gamme from the 1970s), Virtucorp (2014), Visionaries, Visitor Script (2013), Volkoff (2013, a Russian style tencil face). P22 Cezanne Pro (2006). [Google] [More]  ⦿ Martin Fewell
[Fewell Foundry]
[MyFonts] [More]  ⦿ Maryia Hilep Maryia Hilep is a designer and photographer, based in Vilnius, Lithuania. A non-FontStruct font, this is his first hand-printed typeface. Epitaf, Cyrillic (Epitaph, my name, unknown year): An unpublished typeface found by his sons in the files. [Google] [More]  ⦿ Michael Cina
[You Work For Them (or YWFT; formerly Cinahaus or TrueIsTrue)]
[MyFonts] [More]  ⦿ Michael Jarboe
[Reserves (or: AE Type)]
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[August T. Echelon (2001, connected upright script). A military stencil face: Clint Schultz hired me to create a custom version of United for use on props in a Paramount feature film. Although unique among Canadian provincial license plates, this typeface is very similar to, if not outright identical with, the typeface used on car plates in 22 American states: Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Vermont, Washington, and West Virginia. Vulgat (2014) is a vibrant display typeface based on uncial letterforms. It is also one of the very first designs made under the direction of Alessandro Butti, a very important figure in Italian design. Then I scanned the work and worked on it digitally. Deliscript (a winner at TDC2 2010) is an upright connected script with accompanying slanted version. Power Grid, Power Gridlocked Process This (2010) and Flowcahrt (2010): based on graphs of computer programs. Related to the early experimental versions of Paul Renner’s Futura. 3) file names: truetype, opentype, type 1. Aka Neue Design and Neue PH. A great grid-based connected retro script at Fountain. These are often stencil or cargo fonts. HWT Geometric has been expanded digitally to include a Regular Condensed version. All proceeds will go towards higher education expenses of design graduates. Chikita (2008): an upright ronde script done with Rebecca Alaccari, and rooted in the work of 1930s Dutch lettering artist Martin Meijer. Fonts made in 2012: Font Neuf, Khazad (stencil font), Oktogon Stencil, Oktogon Outline, Thorin Stencil (army stencil), Deagol Stencil. Build A Bridge Buzz Kill Carp Black, Carp Blanc Caterpillar, Tall Caterpillar. [Google] [More]  ⦿ MyFonts: Combat A list of typefaces that evoke combats. All 151 fonts in opentype format. Typeco New Wave (2012, FontStruct) is an op art party font. 2014: Mesmerize (a large free sans family), Kingsbridge (a large slab serif family with sharp points on the A, M, N, V and W), Manbow (a layered geometric art deco display font which includes solid, clear, stripe, polka-dot and screen patterns), Breamcatcher (all caps art deco font inspired by the piano sheet music for With Every Breath I Take which was featured in the Bing Crosby/Kitty Carlisle musical comedy film, Here is my Heart), Kilsonburg (Dutch deco based on an old Vogue magazine cover), Uchiyama (poster typeface), Goldsaber (art deco design), Vexler Slip (unicase), Rakesly, Dacquoise, Pretender, Rimouski (a rounded geometric font family), Nulshock (techno), Recharge (techno/industrial font), Interrogator Stencil, Strange Alphabets (arts and cratfs font), Angerpoise Lampshade (free). More recent typefaces by Radar Design, mostly created by Jens Gehlhaar: Amoebia (organic family), Cornwall (sans), Gagamond (mini-serifed), Blindfish (almost grunge). It was published by Sorkin Type and can be downloaded from Dafont. [Google] [More]  ⦿ Taddekk Designer of the military typeface KoszPL (2002). Blanchard (2009): a revival and elaborate extension of Muriel, a 1950 metal script typeface made by Joan Trochut-Blanchard for the Fonderie Typographique Française, that was published simultaneously by the Spanish Gans foundry under the name Juventud. View Mike Jarboe’s typefaces. He writes about this pleasant casual roundish typeface: Marigny, designed by Tal Leming, is a casual typeface that was drawn with serious typography in mind. Jackpot (2005): The idea for Jackpot came from a photo type called Cooper Playbill, which as the name implies was simply a westernized version of Cooper Black. Architype Van Doesburg (1996). A versatile set of fonts from sans to zwans: Satura Pro, Satura Parts, Satura Text (elliptical), Satura Core. Runway (2004): racetrack lettering. Typefaces from 2016: Hastings (art deco), Timepiece, Norfolk (octagonal; based on US Navy ship lettering), Nuffle (slab serif), Nuffle Dice, Outland (octagonal), Subspace (based on the early logo for CBS/Paramount’s 2017 Star Trek television series), Spellweaver Nodes (a simple runic connect-the-dots font based on Dragon Magazine’s fantasy hieroglyphics), Gobotronic (based on a design from Jim Sorenson, Gobotronic is a symbolic interpretation of the language of Hanna-Barbera’s own take on robots in disguise), Kaplah (angular sans), Brainstorm, Manhattan Tower, Persis, Exostencil, Phelps (based on the Mission Impossible series), Inquisitor (insipired by the Dark Heresy sub-titles from Fantasy Flight Games), Steamwheel (steampunk style), Horizon, Thirty-Seven (art deco), Draconis (loosely on the title logos of Wizards of the Coast’s Dungeons and Dragons: Fifth Edition game line). Siren Script (2009-2010): Done with Rebecca Alaccari, this six-style script family is based on the metal typeface Stationers Semiscript (BBS, 1899). P22 Operina won an award at TypeArt 05. [Google] [More]  ⦿ Neale Davidson
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Type designer at Canada Type. Ćirić immediately awarded himself with the title of granddad, opened the door of his studio and showed her all those games and toys from the world of the applied and other arts. [Google] [More]  ⦿ Marsh Wise Fort Loudon, PA-based creator of the military fonts CrappyWehrmachtTypewriterBold (1996), SS-Runes, WWIIGermanTacSymbols (1998). Great techno pop typefaces. I used my hand and a toy wheel taken from a JCB toy truck. Mike Mitered, Zietgeist: striped 3d typefaces. View the typeface collection of Letters From Sweden. In 2013, Kevin Allan King and Patrick Griffin revived Georg Trump’s transitional typeface Mauritius (1967, Weber). Santini (2004): Bauhaus-inspired architectural lettering. Metamorphous (2012, Sorkin Type) borrows its arches from Gothic cathedrals—it was inspired by Jonathan Barnbrook and by the free font Morpheus. It revives the only typeface designed (in 1962) by Olle Eksell (1918-2007). This is a didone family with a refined humanist trait. Based upon Herbert Bayer’s 1931 universal, modern serifed alphabet. [Google] [More]  ⦿ VirusFonts (was: Virus Foundry, Studio 12)
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Jonathan Barnbrook was born in 1966 in Luton, England. 1974) is based in Stockholm and has been designing typefaces since 2006. The psychedelic typeface Jingo (2014, with Kevin Allan King): This is the digital makeover and major expansion of a one-of-a-kind melting pot experiment done by VGC and released under the name Mardi Gras in the early 1960s. P22 Posada (2003, with Richard Kegler): based on lettering of Mexican printmaker José Guadalupe Posada (1851-1913) that was used for some of his posters and broadsides. Calcula (2017, Typotheque) was designed by Shiva Nallaperumal, with the help of Tal Leming, who programmed the GSUB features and wrote scripts that generate the ligatures, and Frederik Berlaen who created the custom scripts that made the new decorative styles possible. Trapezoidot, Zoidot, Dotz (dotted typefaces). He worked at Gernandt and started Autodidakt (MyFonts link). Lovingly named to attract business from Quebec, this is a packaging or signage pair of fonts. The collection of American poster fonts of World War II, heavily influenced by art deco, was created in 2013: AcieWF, AlmanzoWF, BalfreyWF, BellofattoWF, BleeckerWF, BleeckerWFShaded, BobbinWF, BullshornWF, CaltWF, CassinoWF, CephusWF, ChippettWF, CutrightBoldItalicWF, CutrightBoldWF, CutrightWF, DickieWF, DragooWF, ElbieWF, EldonWF, ElmiraWF, EnlowWF, EpsomWF, FalaiseWF, FanslerWF, FustianWF, GlancyWF, GoldenWF, GraveneyWF, GreenlawWF, HackettWF, HardwickWF, HarlieWF, HuntleyWF, IrbyWF, IvaWF, JowdyWF, KilroyWF, KododaWF, LacarWF, MaximinoWF, NeldaWF, NuisanceWF, OdonWF, OlindoWF, PaysonWF, PaysonWFBold, PaysonWFBoldItalic, PaysonWFItalic, PerlinaWF, PosterBulletsWF, RemelyWF, RenyWF, SharkeyWF, SheffieWF, TelmossWF, TilmonWF, ToxieWF, UlaWF, WallingtonWF, WilberWF, WylieWF, ZipnutWF. He founded “unfontunately” in September 2001. Inline: Hi-Fi Deco, Track (+Filled), Crispy Inline Imperfect Optical Experiment. Typefaces from 2014: Wrath of Mordor (video game font), Gray Scale, Luthien Pixel (blackletter pixel), Gimli (Bevel Black, Inline Shadow, Inline, Bevel Shadow, Shadow), Zebroid, Hunor, Denethor Sans v2, Vasarely Squares (op-art), Waves (op-art), Ecthelion, Hast Siempre (octagonal stencil). This font eventually became Exemplar Pro (1996-2008, PsyOps). Typefaces from 2013: the Voxelstorm family (3d, Escher-style), Elendil (3d face), Denethor Sans (strong mechanical sans), Mirkwood Nano (pixel face), Waves (op art). Nixon Script (1997, fifties style connected upright script). Ambassador Script (2007): a digital version of Juliet, Aldo Novarese’s 1955 almost upright calligraphic (copperplate style) connected script, with hundreds of alternates, swashes, ends, and so forth. The Foundry writes: Stedelijk first appeared in the seminal Vormgevers poster, commissioned by the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam in 1968. Kleukens is from 1923). We have a rich history from Morris Fuller Benton’s iconic work to the impactful lettering on Works Progress Administration posters to the bluntness of wood type on letterpressed event posters. Trapper (2004) is an 8-weight exaggerated ink trap font family which comes in Trapper Round and Trapper Sharp versions. Based on an old type called Kitterland. Sterling Script (2005): done with Rebecca Alaccari. Gala (2005, expanded in 2017). Segoe Print (2006, Monotype Imaging). The cover’s soft padded letterforms evoke the artist’s work. Followed by Social Stencil (2011-2012) and Social Gothic 2 (2014). Paris, 1852) is the inventor of the six dot raised Braille reading system for the blind first proposed in his book Method of Writing Words, Music and Plain Songs by Means of Dots for Use by the Blind and Arranged for Them (1829). Once that was done, I added completely new Extended and Text styles. Boondock (2005): a revival of Imre Reiner’s brush script typeface Bazaar from 1956. HWT Geometric (2013, Hamilton Wood Type Foundry) is a squarish wood type family: Geometric began its life as a metal typeface from the Central Type Foundry, circa 1884. Griffin writes: This is not your grandfather’s Eurostile. Julian Moncada, Jonathan Abbott and Jonathan Barnbrook jointly designed Doctrine Sans and Doctrine Stencil in 2013 at Virus. Gibson (2011, with Kevin King and Rod McDonald). Crispy Inline (classy) Crooked Marker, Marker Crop Circles Crownbar. AdventureNormal (1998), AdventureSubtitlesNormal, Alpha Mutation (2012, based on the title logo to the 2011 version of “Gammaworld”), Algol (2013, based on the logo for R Talsorian’s “Mekton Zero” role-playing game), Alternity, Amuro (2013, +Condensed: an ocragonal typeface), Anayanka (2013, Cyrillic simulation font), Ancient Thorass (2013), Angel Arms (2012, a shothole font), Anglo Celestial (2014, connect-the-dots typeface), Anglorunic (2011), AngloYsgarth (2014), Angolmois (2013, based on the Hasbro ‘Dark Energon’ exclusive toy line), Armorhide (2013, sci-fi face), Arneson (2013), Artifact (2011; became Ravenwood), Aurebesh (2013, based on the WEG version of Star Wars Imperial Writing). Robur (2010): Done with Kevin King, this set of two fonts revives Georges Auriol’s Robur Noir from 1909. At the Indian Type Foundry, Shiva helped with Rozha One (2014, free Google web font). P22 Numismatic (2005): originally offered by the Devinne Press, and based on ornaments and letters used by 15th and 16th century engravers of seals and coins; however it looks very much like Otto Hupp’s Numismatisch (1900, Genzsch&Heyse). Palm, Tall Palm Paperclip typefaces: Neue Werner Paperclip (2012). He is a type and graphic designer and filmmaker. A faithful digital rendition and expansion of a design called Fanfare, originally drawn by Louis Oppenheim in 1927, and redrawn in 1993 by Rod McDonald as Stylu. King and Patrick Griffin published Wonder Brush in 2012. The monoline sans face Selly (2011). Lattice, Lattice Black Lean Leaves l-e-display Little Miss Muffet. In 2014, he upd the interlocking poster display typeface Tinsel (T26—original from 2010) and published the fantastic cartoon / comic book typeface family Bangbang. Kanno (a geometric sans formerly called Sharon Apple), Kargi (2014), Kentaurus (2013, Greek simulation typeface; he writes: This ‘microgramma-like’ font is based on the “Kentaurus” writing found within Franz Joseph’s “Star Trek: Technical Manual”), Ketchum (2011, a comic book typeface based on the logo of the popular Pokemon franchise), Kehdrai (2014), Kreon (2011, a round techno typeface based on the logo of Hasbro’s Kre-O line). Daedra (2012: based on the Elder Scrolls series of games), Dai Atlas (2013, based on the original Transformers logo from Hasbro), DalelandsNormal (a Celtic typeface based on the lettering used in early TSR Dungeons and Dragons products), Datacron (2013: based on the Fall of Cybertron toyline), Davek (2014, based on the dwarven and “under-mountain” runic scripts found in Wizards of the Coast’s Dungeons and Dragons fourth edition role-playing game), Decahedron (2012), Destronic Graffiti (2013), Dethek Stone (2011, runes), DiamondFantasyNormal, Dinobots (based on the Dinobots logo from Hasbro’s Beast Machines line), Dodecahedron (2012), Downlink (2013, techno), Dragonmaster, Droid (2015), Dunkin and Dunkin Sans (2012, based on the rounded fat letters of the Dunkin Donuts logo), Dovahkiin (2013), dPoly (2013, polyhedra and game dingbats), Duodecahedron (2012), Dwemer (2013), Dynotherm (2013, a heavy octagonal face). Bluebeard (2004), a blackletter face. This font is not, and will never be, available for relicensing, so please don’t ask. The military stencil Pondera (2009). Bastard (1998), Kcap6 (with Matt Desmond), Cheese (1998), Novum (2002), Overcross (2002, unfocused letters), Stem (1998), Testacon (with Kral and Desmond, 1999), Praun (2002, pixel typefaces), OneCross (2002, pixelish stitching family), Estenceler (2004, a great stencil family a bit related to Milton Glaser’s Glaser Stencil), Graphium (2004, octagonal Western style family), Expos (2004, graffiti or poster face), YWFT Pixacao (2007, after the Brazilian graffiti style), Vox (2007, monoline sans), Militia Sans (2007, like a Russian constructivist stencil), Jupiter (roman), Militia (2007, heavier stencil), Merc (2007, grunge), Guild (2007), Clarendon Text (2007, a complete revival), Jezebel (2007, script), Ambassador Script (2007, a digital revival of Novarese’s typeface by that name), Enam (2002, influenced by Crouwel), Enigmatic Hand (2007), Dusty (2007, a Tuscan-eared Western font), YWFT Poplock (2007, experimental), YWFT Pakt (2004, geometric sans), Sudsy (2007), Black Sabbath (2008, ultra black slab serif, by Stefan Kjartansson), YWFT Belle (2008), YWFT Agostina (2008), Bitwood (2009, pixelish western face), YWFT Mullino (2009, letterpress emulation), Trithart (2008, grunge by Emma Trithart), Tapscott (2008, in the style of Rennie Mackintosh), Habano (2008, script), Amorinda (signage script), Retron (2008, connected script), MD01 (medical-themed dingbats), Adelaide (script), Centennial Script (calligraphic), Alexia (calligraphic), Ultramagnetic (experimental), Nash (1997, grunge), Amber (kitchen tile), Fab (3d), 6×7 Oct (1998, pixels and dots), Wool (2009, stencil), YWFT Matter (2009, a wide bold grotesque), YWFT Merriam (2009, a Clarendon-styled slab serif), Agostina Alternate (2011, with Michael Paul Young and Taechit Jiropaskosol), Ramsey (2012), YWFT Dessau (2013, schizograms and capitals like Bauhaus on drugs), YWFT League (2014, inspired by college football jerseys), YWFT Yoke (poster typeface done with Pintassilgo), YWFT Illuminati (2015, abstract capitals). Other fonts: Afterfonts, Andreas Typewriter, Apparition, Cauterize, Cervixcouch, Dubbed (2002, grunge), 7inch, Alvedon, Helifonter (grunge face), Fontility, Headless, Hitman (grunge), Likefontsintherain, Lurker, NoMansFont, Pulsate, SNAFU, Teonanacatl, Thumping (1998), TourdeFont, Unfontgiven, Void, Wartorn (a military stencil), Yoicks, AndreasSansCnd, AndreasSansCndOblique, BennyBold, BennyThin, detachable-penis, doggiestyle, dubbed, Giga66, hardware-requiem, Hardwarerequiem, hardware-requiem-condensed, Hardwarerequiem, Hardwarerequiem (a pixel font set), Hatchet-Man, Helifonter, Industriegebiet, Johansson-Sans, Magna-Veritas, Nobby, Scriptural, Stealthy-Bastards, Still-Font, Tour de Font (2000, caps only crayon font), YouCanMakeYourOwnFont (2002), Zaibatsu (oriental simulation). David Phillip had earler run Radar Design (est. Shiva Nallaperumal designed its Latin. Fredrik is no longer associated with it though. But Fab, with its contemporary twist on that aesthetic, and its unicase characters, manages to look like a cross between Cholla Bold and Frankfurter Highlight. Dominions severely geometric shapes are a strange cross between early Bauhaus minimalism and later sharp square typefaces used for instance in Soviet propaganda posters. Free font Jugend WF (which can also be found here). A rounded version of Canada Type’s Press Gothic. Trump Gothic East is a revival of Marso’s Kamene, but also in three weights and corresponding italics. Driver Gothic (2008): based on the typeface used for Ontario license plates. In 2006, it moved to Vancouver, BC, and in 2009 it moved on to Nagoya, Japan. Burbank (2006-2007, House Industries), a bouncy signage, animation, and package lettering family, about which Christian Schwartz writes: Well-drawn one-off display typefaces are easy to find, especially bouncy sans serifs. Chapter 11 (2009): an old typewriter face. Monte Cristo (2012, with Kevin Allan King) is a grand type family with five styles and 1630 characters with many swashes and ways of connecting the calligraphic glyphs—it is the ultimate wedding font. Has over 1,200 glyphs. Type Supply designs typefaces for corporations and publications. A 20style geometric sans typeface family. For those interested in lists and encyclopedic information: the font names are QTAbbie, QTAgateType-Bold, QTAgateType-Italic, QTAgateType, QTAncientOlive-Bold, QTAncientOlive, QTAntiquePost, QTArabian, QTArnieB, QTArtiston, QTAtchen, QTAvanti-Italic, QTAvanti, QTBasker-Bold, QTBasker-Italic, QTBasker, QTBeckman, QTBengal-Bold, QTBengal, QTBlackForest, QTBlimpo, QTBodini-Bold, QTBodini-Italic, QTBodini, QTBodiniPoster-Italic, QTBodiniPoster, QTBookmann-Bold, QTBookmann-BoldItalic, QTBookmann-Italic, QTBookmann, QTBoulevard, QTBrushStroke, QTCaligulatype, QTCanaithtype, QTCascadetype, QTCaslan-Bold, QTCaslan-BoldItalic, QTCaslan-Italic, QTCaslan, QTCaslanOpen, QTCasual, QTChanceryType-Bold, QTChanceryType-Italic, QTChanceryType, QTChicagoland, QTClaytablet, QTCloisteredMonk, QTCoronation, QTDeuce, QTDingBits, QTDoghaus, QTDoghausHeavy, QTDoghausLight, QTDublinIrish, QTEraType-Bold, QTEraType, QTEurotype-Bold, QTEurotype, QTFloraline-Bold, QTFloraline, QTFlorencia, QTFraktur, QTFrank, QTFrankHeavy, QTFrizQuad-Bold, QTFrizQuad, QTFuture-Italic, QTFuture, QTFuturePoster, QTGaromand-Bold, QTGaromand-BoldItalic, QTGaromand-Italic, QTGaromand, QTGhoulFace, QTGraphLite, QTGraveure-Bold, QTGraveure, QTGreece, QTHandwriting, QTHeidelbergType, QTHelvet-Black, QTHelvet-BoldOutline, QTHelvetCnd-Black, QTHelvetCnd-Light, QTHelvetCnd, QTHoboken, QTHowardType, QTHowardTypeFat, QTImpromptu, QTJupiter, QTKooper-Italic, QTKooper, QTKorrin-Italic, QTKorrin, QTKung-Fu, QTLautrecType, QTLetterGoth-Bold, QTLetterGoth-BoldItalic, QTLetterGoth-Italic, QTLetterGoth, QTLinoscroll, QTLinostroke, QTLondonScroll, QTMagicMarker, QTMerryScript, QTMilitary, QTOKCorral-Cnd, QTOKCorral-Ext, QTOKCorral, QTOldGoudy-Bold, QTOldGoudy-Italic, QTOldGoudy, QTOptimum-Bold, QTOptimum-BoldItalic, QTOptimum-Italic, QTOptimum, QTPalatine-Bold, QTPalatine-Italic, QTPalatine, QTPandora, QTParisFrance, QTPeignoir-Lite, QTPeignoir, QTPiltdown, QTPristine-Bold, QTPristine-BoldItalic, QTPristine-Italic, QTPristine, QTRobotic2000, QTSanDiego, QTSchoolCentury-Bold, QTSchoolCentury-BoldItalic, QTSchoolCentury-Italic, QTSchoolCentury, QTSlogantype, QTSnowCaps, QTStoryTimeCaps, QTTechtone-Bold, QTTechtone-BoldItalic, QTTechtone-Italic, QTTechtone, QTTheatre, QTTimeOutline, QTTumbleweed, QTUSA-Uncial, QTVagaRound-Bold, QTVagaRound, QTWeise-Bold, QTWeise-Italic, QTWeise, QTWestEnd. Nakadai (2011, a unicase techno font based on Hasbro’s Transformers: Prime figures), Neo Gen (2011, based on the logo for the SD Gundam series of games), Neostar (2012, sci-fi), Neverwinter (2011, based on the logo of the popular “Neverwinter Nights” computer game from Bioware) (see also here), Night Warrior, Nippon Tech (faux oriental), Nite Club (2011, dot matrix), Nyctographic (2014). Montreal (+Italics) Monumental, Less Monumental, Mortar Booted (+Thick, Separated, Mission, Booted Mission). The roman lowercase wanted additional alternates and even a few ligatures. Art deco: Arc Neuvo (rounded letters), Arc Nuevo (2012, commercial), Toneelschuur (based on the letterhead created for the Theatre Toneelschuur Haarlem), Shift (bold), Eye Spy (this says Peter Sellers), Mod Squad. This was the first of his typefaces transformed in a computer font. Birdseye Birdsteps Bitten Blackletter: Abbey Blanket Serif Caps, Blanket Sans Serif Block Inline Block Block Mosaic (great gridded letters) Blockheads Blood Sweat&Tears Bolla Fratturato (2011): outlined blackletter face. Black Ops One (2011) is a military stencil face, available at the Google Font Directory. It is a sentimental ornamental headline face. In 2008, at T26: Ealing (geometric sans family, with a hairline), Bauhau (6 weights), Jane (a rounded sans in 12 weights), Quean, Halja (a modular sharp-edged blackletter with illuminated capitals), Faddish (a high-contrast vogue family), Big Boy (11 styles, a slab family from grunge to regular, accompanied by BigSigns, a hand sign font). Based on an art deco typeface found in a Dover specimen book. Simple Elevation (2012) is in the same family. [Google] [More]  ⦿ MyFonts: Crosshairs A short list of typefaces on the theme of crosshairs. The stencil family Super Duty (2004) has 8 variations. In 2013, he created Gothic Winter (snow-capped blackletter), Woodcutter Anonymous (ransom note font; +part2, 2014), The Shining (movie scanbats), Woodcutter Optical Army (op-art), Viking Runes Shields, Fresh Blood, Pig Rules, Pole Dance, Music+Party, Asian Food, Deers (sic), Woodcutter Amor de Madre (curly tattoo font), Tattoo Vieja Escuela 1, 2 and 3, Origami (animal dingbats), Vintage Motorcycle Club (scanbats), Vintage Christmas (dingbats), Terry Richardson World (scanbats), Woodcutter Wire Fence, Woodcutter Points (textured face), Made in Spain 4, I Love 80s (dings), Drugs (drug paraphernalia dings), Barber Shop (dingbats), Woodcutter del Reves, Adventure Time, New York New York (1 and 2), Woodcutter Dripping Classic, Woodcutter Tinta China (ink splatter font), Woodcutter Cross, Nightmare on Social Media, Breaking Bad (scanbats), Fight Club (boxing scanbats), Boligrafo (sketched font), Robots, Luxury Brands, Woodcutter Buena Lettra, Barcelona (scanbats), Devoto (religious dingbats), Joker (dingbats), Woodcutter Typewritter (sic), Banksy (scanbats), Made in Spain 1, 2 and 3 (company logos), Animal City (funny dingbats), LSD Junior (a scary alphading font), Woodcutter Army (army stencil), Woodcutter El Día De Todos Los Santos (Mexican dingbats), Woodcutter Summer Shadows, and the monster dingbat typeface Woodcutter El Dia del Juicio. Dokument Pro is thoroughly reworked and expanded, with different widths still in the pipeline. 2007: Tight (a copy of Dean Morris’s 1976 Letraset chrome font Quicksilver), Headlight, Meloche (a 3-style grotesk), Octin Spraypaint (grunge stencil), Octin Vintage (grunge), Bouffant (script), Octin Prison (stencil), Octin Sports (octagonal), Octin College (octagonal, for sports jerseys), Octin Stencil (free octagonal font family), Burnaby Stencil (stencil), Superclarendon, Conceal, Ohitashi, Stud (grunge), Bristles (grunge), Skirt, Cotton (grunge), Kelvingrove (a bit of copperplate gothic, rounded and shaved), Augustine, Containment, Snowa, Veriox, Scrubby, Transmute, Sheaff, Injekuta (techno), Rinse (grunge), Polyflec, Domyouji (square sans), Winthorpe (old style), Cutiful (script), Flyswim (grunge), Dirtstorm (spray-painted stencil), Shnixgun (grunge), Neuzon (grunge), Oxeran (old typewriter), PRINTF (grunge all caps monospaced), Akazan (sans), Nyxali (a metal tag face), Meloriac (an extra bold Futura inspired face), Nesobrite (25 styles of Bank Gothic lookalikes), Meloriac (headline sans), Walnut (graffiti face), Gnuolane (a narrow sans), Edifact (a damaged computer font), Darkheart, Stampoo (squarish), Raymond (rough script), Hayate (oriental look), Telephoto. The 150-strong collection of their fonts was created in 1992, a few years after the Bitstream/Corel collection. The pixelized typeface Code Hijack. He says: While some typefaces classified as such exhibit too much calligraphy (like Gill Sans, Syntax and Optima), and others tend to favor geometric principles in rhythm and proportion (like Agenda, Frutiger and Myriad), Informa stays true to the humanist ideology by maintaining the proper equilibrium between the two influences that drive the genre, and keeping the humanist traits where they make better visual sense. Many would be classified today as poster types, type to accompany illustrations. In 2004, he received an award of Excellence in Type Design from Association Typographique International (ATypI) for his Gothic Gothic type design. Rapier Zero (2013), Ravenwood (2011), Razorclaw (2013: based on the logo of the Beast Hunters Transformers line), Reanaarian (2014), Reconstruct (2013), Red World (2014), Regen (2012: a science-fiction font based on the logo used on the cover of the Transformers: Regeneration One comics), Rellanic (2014), Renegade (2013, techno stencil, based on FASA’s “Renegade Legions” gaming line), Resavy (2012, a Broadway style art deco beauty), Rio Oro (2012, a Far West Tuscan marquee font), Robot Masters (now called Takara), Roddenberry (2011, based on the StarTrek logo), Roughknight (formerly Materia Arms. Based on Wim Crouwel’s work, the Fodor letterforms were created for the magazine published by Museum Fodor, Amsterdam. [Isn’t this Googlee’s competition. In 2009, Göran Söderström and Peter Bruhn published Trailering Heroine, which was inspired by the typeface Windsor, designed by Eleisha Pechey in 1905. Free truetype fonts: CIRILICA—B-H, CIRILICA-SS-B-H, LATINICA—B-H, LATINICA-SS-B-H, Map-Symbol-NATO-EnBde, Map-Symbol-NATO-EnBk, Map-Symbol-NATO-EnBn, Map-Symbol-NATO-EnCoy, Map-Symbol-NATO-EnD&C, Map-Symbol-NATO-EnPl, Map-Symbol-NATO-EnRgt, Map-Symbol-NATO-EnSct, Map-Symbol-NATO-EnSqd, Map-Symbol-NATO-Pl, Map-Symbol-NATO-Section, Map-Symbol-NATO-Squad, Map-Symbols-NATO-Army, Map-Symbols-NATO-ArmyGp, Map-Symbols-NATO-Bde&Regt, Map-Symbols-NATO-Bde, Map-Symbols-NATO-Blank, Map-Symbols-NATO-Bn, Map-Symbols-NATO-Corps, Map-Symbols-NATO-Coy, Map-Symbols-NATO-Div&Co, Map-Symbols-NATO-Div, Map-Symbols-NATO-Eqpt, Map-Symbols-NATO-Misc, Map-Symbols-NATO-Misc4716, Map-Symbols-NATO-Pl, Map-Symbols-NATO-Regt, Map-Symbols-NATO-Sect, Map-Symbols-NATO-Squad, MapSym-EN-Air-APP6a, MapSym-EN-Land-APP6a, MapSym-EN-Sea-APP6a, MapSym-FR-Air-APP6a, MapSym-FR-Land-APP6a, MapSym-FR-Sea-APP6a, MapSym-NK-Air-APP6a, MapSym-NK-Land-APP6a, MapSym-NK-Sea-APP6a, MapSym-NU-Air-APP6a, MapSym-NU-Land-APP6a, MapSym-NU-Sea-APP6a, Mapsym–Draft-G5, Mapsym–Engineer, Mapsym–FM101-5-1-Gen, Mapsym–NATO-Logsymb, Mapsym–NATO-Tools, Mapsymbs–German-WW2, Mapsymbs–WD-MapIcons2, Mapsymbs–WD-Napoleonic, Milpics-Generic, Milpics-Generic4716, Miltrain-Generic, NATOKit, Planes-S-Modern, PlanesTModern, SoldierWW2, Space-MarinePersonnel, Specsym, StarWarsKit, Soviet-Kit, Tanks-WW2. Secret Scrypt (2004): four shaky script styles done for a New York restaurant. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿ Louis Braille
Louis Braille (b. Siggy (2014) is a funky typeface. P22 Arts and Crafts Tall (1995, art nouveau), P22 Arts and Crafts Hunter (1995). He did a few commercial typefaces at his commercial foundry, Funk King. Gamer (2004-2006), by Griffin and Alaccari: modeled after a few 1972 magazine advertisement letters, the origin of which was later identified as a common film type called Checkmate. Johnny (2006): with Rebecca Alaccari; based on Phil Martin’s Harem or Margit fonts from 1969. Based on the text used in older Magic: The Gathering cards), PlanewalkerDings (2014), Plavsky (2013), Pokemon, Politik (2014, constructivist), Powerpuff (based on the logo of “The Powerpuff Girls” from Cartoon Network), PredaconBeasts, Probert (replaces Microgramma Extended), Protoculture (2012, based on the franchise logo of Robotech). Wikipedia tells us that Patrick Griffin had been locked away in a mental institution by Carter and Barbara, after he walked in on his mother performing oral sex on Jackie Gleason. The raw model was the manuscript of the Fourth Gospel (John’s Gospel) written at time of Despot Djurdje Barnković (1428) created then by by a Inok from Dalša. Muller Narrow was added in 2016. An Apple system font. His retail fonts include the following. Domestic Bliss (+Solid), Blissful Hearts (Valentine’s Day alphadings). In compromise between typeface with serifs and sanserifs in combination of legibility and universal applicability he saw practical solution for many tasks. In 2010, Paulo Heitlinger compared P22 Operina favorably to another digital chancery font, Poetica (by Robert Slimbach, Adobe), which, according to him [and I agree], lacks vigor and dynamism. The result was a letterform of optimal proportions. [Google] [More]  ⦿ Sean Cordes Student at the Art Institute of Phoenix in 2017. LaBoeuf (2011, techno: based on Indiana Jones subtitles), Laser Rod (2011, based on the Transformers line), Lassiter (2012, a spurred Western typeface), Lorre (art deco). In 2010 Peter was commissioned to design a wordmark for the documentary Harbour of Hope. All the forms, with the exception of the letter o, were constructed using only straight lines and triangles on a purely mathematical basis, that showed the continued influence of his earlier Bauhaus training, and the universal alphabet principle. Thus his personal style naturally added to all that was missing to finish the face. In 2001, he set up Typodermic. Lai
[TLai Enterprises] [More]  ⦿ Tom N. Jupiter (2007): based on Roman lettering. [Google] [More]  ⦿ Max Ayalla Mission, KS-based designer of the spurred Victorian display typeface Legendary (2013). Screener (2006): an extensive octagonal family, including Screener Symbols. The forms of both typefaces were reworked and upd to fit in the Ingrid mold, which is the truer-to-calligraphy one. Treasury goes beyond being a mere revival of a typeface. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿ Webfarbrorns Favoriter Link page about airplanes. A crusaders type family praised by Claudio Piccinini. Saxe, Philippe Chaurize and Rebecca Davis. Toothpaste (2011): imitating oozing toothpaste. 2015: Canada 150 (a custom font for the Canadian government; see here, here, this coverage regarding the Inuktitut part of the font, and this reaction by the curmudgeons in Toronto who complain that Ray did this work for free), Autoradiographic (sans family), Built Titling (for compact headlines), Chickweed Titling (cartoon titling font), Cardigan Titling (flared headline face), Bench Grinder Titling, Kleptocracy Titling, Palamecia Titling (rounded black comic book typeface), Quasix Titling, Galderglynn Titling (all caps sans family from hairline to black), Mixolydian Titling, Stormfaze (a sci-fi font started in 1996 and finished in 2015), NK57 Monospace (a 60-style programmer typeface), Gargle, Athabasca (a sans family designed for the rugged Canadian oil patch). It is characterized by flush vertical or horizontal terminals. One of his school projects there was the angular fat stencil typeface Enemy (2014, available at Lost Type). Handlebar, Ovoidotta (now called Sniff), Play Book, BuddhaBuddha, Swizzle Sticks, Computer Backplate, Milky Way, Sprout, Football, Clapboard (for movie makers), Teed Off, Book Stack, Speaker Box, Ant Farm, Sound and Vision, Speaker Grill, Tom Tom, Caged Type, Conga Lounge, Spinal, Add Van, Frostruct, Picket Fence, Regatta, Cranestruct, Impossible Alphabet, Igloo Village, Mortar Board, Jack, Marionette, Golden Gate (+Short, +Solid), Crossed, Eff U (“the finger”. Though the original Treasury script is quite breathtaking in its own right, we decided to bring it into the computer age with much more style and functionality than just another lost script becoming digital. Developed from the phonetic experiments made by Kurt Schwitters with his 1927 universal alphabet. His work is summarized in this 2009 interview by MyFonts. Architype Stedelijk now re-creates these letterforms as a single alphabet typeface in a digital font. In 2004, David Phillips and Traci Daberko went on the found StockBucket, still in Seattle. Gemstone (letters in a mosaic)Glyphs made from broken objects: Broken Combs, Broken GlassesGI Joe Grain Graphont Grid1, Grid2, Pas De Grille Pli Isométrique (+Plombé), Grille Noir Pli Isométrique (+Plombé), Grille Intrépide Pli Isométrique (+Plombé), Grille Facile Pli Isométrique (+Plombé). Bolt, Bolted Bon Mots. In 2007, still at T-26: Heraldry, Thunderbolt 73 through 76 (from techno stencil to techno sans). Slinger (2010): a flared art nouveau face. Coupvray, France, 1809, d. Before 2002: the dot matrix family Telidon, Telidon Ink, the architectural font Jillican (octagonal), Snowgoose, Bomr, Pakenham, Neuropol, Nasalization, Fenwick, Kleptocracy DLX, Sui Generis, Dirty Bakers Dozen (faded stencil), Minya Nouvelle, Asterisp, Chinese Rocks, Jillsville (great artsy Courier), Ulian, Wevli (including Wevli Dingbats), Sappy Mugs (funny mugshots), Sofachrome (1999, inspired by Pontiac car emblems), Eden Mills (1999). Orpheus Pro has been a real ride. Based on an early 1970s film type called Lampoon. MICR fonts: Wedge Solid. Lale (2014), which won an award in the TDC 2015 Type Design competition, uses the opentype features to set up a font system for flowers. Triptihon, Cyrillic, 1962 (Triptych): Another cut face, but this time really taken from the sample made in linocut. A signage family: When I was working at House Industries, we decided that we should develop a font kit inspired by the work of Josh “Shag” Agle. Images of Ratio Modern: i, ii, ii, iv, v, vi, vii. Military; also, athletic lettering), Bamboo, Konstruct, KutOut (a cut out face, dadaist satyle), Massi, Stock Stuff, Tony’s Trees (2003, after a dadaist poster style pioneered by Saul Bass). A custom typeface family that includes Sears Social Monocase. Squiggles Stained Glass, Stained with CrossStarburst Stencil fonts: GI Joe (2012, military), Kid’s Stencil (white on black), Black Tie, Matchstick, Stensei, Stencillated, Tri-Fold, Tri-Fold Cut, Tri-Fold Rounded, Stencil, Stencil Plate, Stencil Face, Semi Stencil, Psuedo Stencil, Psychedelic Stencil. Exocet, Patriot—these were the good old days of the missile attacks on Israel and the war in the Falklands. [Google] [More]  ⦿ Miloš Ćirić Serbian book illustrator, graphic arts teacher and phototype, woodtype and linocut letter type designer, b. Vojničko, Cyrillic, 1975 (Soldiers): When designing this typeface Ćirić consulted the book Blue Line of Life (Plava linija života) by Branko V. The 9-style family Heroine was published at Fountain. It could be seen as a prototype for tombstones. Free trial typeface Reenie Beanie (2002). Before that, he ran TrueIsTrue, and before that was partner in Test Pilot Collective (which he left in 2001), and before that he ran Cinahaus. Cypher (2003, an LED/LCD family) has 24 weights. Based on lettering on US and Russian military vehicles. Smith (1973, VGC), done with Kevin Allan King. Detroit, 1967) most recently was on staff of P22 Type Foundry, where he designed many type families and helped establish International House of Fonts. Their other fonts have the label Foundry and include Foundry Sans (1990, a humanist sans inspired by Stempel Garamond), Foundry Old Style (1990-1994, inspired by Nicholas Jenson’s types), Foundry Wilson (a Baskerville that revives a 1760 font from Scottish type founder Alexander Wilson), Foundry Journal, Foundry Gridnik, Foundry Form Sans, Foundry Form Serif, Foundry Monoline (2000), Foundry Origin, Foundry Sterling (2002, sans serif), Foundry Context (a sans family), Foundry Dat, Foundry Dit, Foundry Fabriek (an industrial orthogonal almost military stencil developed in consultation with Wim Crouwel), Foundry Flek (a dot matrix font), Foundry Plek, Foundry New Johnston, and Foundry Wilson Expert. Available exclusively from P22. It seems that save for that irregularity which inspired and provocative vagueness this model could not offer many clear stylistic characteristics. Through the original film typefaces were a couple of years apart and carried different names, they essentially had the same kind of Roman/Italic relationship two members of the same typeface family would have. Hortensia (2009): a semi-script Victorian typeface modeled after Emil Gursch’s Hortensia (1900). To save cost it was designed to be typeset on their own electric typewriter. All 151 fonts in type 1 format. Architect, Ruled, Gridworks, Blueprint (Solid, Dashed), Quadular (+Serif), Isometric Modified (+Light, +Bold Outline), Isometric (a 3d gridded family: +Basic Latin, +Basic Latin Lite, +More Latin, +Bold, +Black). Short Stack (2011) is Grieshaber’s free contribution to the Comic Sans genre. Based on Theo van Doesburg’s 1928 signage lettering for the Café Aubette in Strasbourg. Oldenburg was so taken with the design, that he asked Wim Crouwel to complete the alphabet. Bastard (1990, blackletter) and Bastard Even Fatter (1995). The fat geometric typeface Tenshu Extra Black (2011). Drawn from Bauhaus Archiv sketches for a minimal sans typeface that was created in 1925 by Herbert Bayer. [Google] [More]  ⦿ MyFonts: Military typefaces Top military fonts at MyFonts. It was inspired by 1950s era connected scripts seen on nameplates of American cars. A narrow sans family. Göran Söderström was previously instrumental in FamiljenPangea’s type design department and is a well-known commissioned type designer who has drawn typefaces for C&A, Zeta, ICA, Posten Frimärken, Expressen, ATG, SEB, WyWallet, Ulf Rollof and collaborated with Stockholm Design Lab, Stefania Malmsten, Pompe Hedengren, Hummingbirds, Designkontoret Silver, The Kitchen and Bold Stockholm. This Carolingian family was drawn by Philip Bouwsma. 2013: Numbers With Rings, Shookup (funky cartoon font), Pastrami on Rye (cutout comic book style), Chickweed, Built (a condensed headline sans), Fluctuation (a softly rounded elliptical sans family), Astrochemistry (sci-fi, techno with rounded edges), Snasm (sci-fi). There are also many wood type fonts, such as Sawtooth WF (2002) and Wild West Press (2010). Its initial release includes five fonts. [Google] [More]  ⦿ WillyMac
[Karla] Original dingbats made in 2001-2002 by Karla: Wmanimals1, Wmanimals2, Wmaquatic1, Wmarchitect1, Wmarrows1, Wmartsupplies, Wmbeauty1, Wmbirds1, Wmchristmas1, Wmchristmas2, Wmchristmas3, Wmcircus1, Wmcorners1, Wmcorners2, Wmcorners3, Wmcrosses1, Wmdance, Wmdesigns1, Wmdesigns2, Wmdinnerware1, Wmdividers1, Wmdrama1, Wmeaster1, Wmeducation1, Wmfashion, Wmflowers1, Wmflowers2, Wmflowers3, Wmfood1, Wmfood2, Wmgraduate, Wminsects1, Wmjewelry, Wmleaves1, Wmmilitary1, Wmmusic1, Wmmusic2, Wmoddsnends1, Wmpeople1, Wmreligious1, Wmrenaissance1, Wmroadsigns, Wmshapes1, Wmstpaddys, Wmsymbols, Wmthe50s, Wmtools1, Wmtransport1, Wmtrees1, Wmvalentine1, Wmwedding, Wmwestern1, Wmwomen1, Wmwritables, Wwmhats. Coffee Script (2004): the digital version of R. Bunyan Pro is the synthesis of Bunyan, the last face Eric Gill designed for hand setting in 1934 and Pilgrim, the machine face based on it, issued by British Linotype in the early 1950s—the most popular Gill text face in Britain from its release until well into the 1980s. In 2006, he released these at T-26: Boutan (Indic simulation face), Heraldry (dingbats), Palm Icons (dingbats for golf), Wingbat (aircraft dingbats). A modern sans serif workhorse family. Although all hand drawn, the resulting typeface had a machine-made appearance. Codesigned with Rebecca Alaccari. Click on Goodies, then Fonts. LED-like, based on Crouwel’s ideas. This typeface was developed from the few letterforms that Crouwel created for an opening spread in a 1972 Drupa catalogue, on the theme “typo vision international”. David Phillips’s fonts include B52 (2001, US military and athletic lettering font), Konstruct (2000, a type family inspired by the hand-drawn typography used in posters by Russian, German and Dutch graphic designers of the 1920’s and 1930’s), and the quirky Kut Out (2002). Creations from 2012: Hardclips (military stencil). [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿ . Typefaces from 2013: Expection. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿ Slavo Ulicny
[Studio 49] [More]  ⦿ Softbox India Software company founded in 2011 by Sudipto Mondal and Glen Mascarenhas, two programmers. Rhino (2005): a revival of the informal typeface Mobil (1960, Helmu Matheis, Ludwig&Mayer). It is based on Griffin’s earlier revival typeface Filmotype Brooklyn. Happily Ever After (2010). This typeface is a quirky, very non-Akzidental take on the vernacular, mostly an exercise in geometric modularity, but also includes some unconventional solutions to typical problems (like thinning the midline strokes across the board to minimize clogging in three-storey forms). His design was never put into production. Based on the handwriting of Martie S. Some of the original characters were replaced with more fitting ones, but the original ones are still accessible as alternates within the font. Mouat] British military man (Major) Tom Mouat designed military dingbat fonts. [Google] [More]  ⦿ Tal Leming
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[MyFonts] [More]  ⦿ The Foundry
London-based foundry set up by David Quay and Freda Sack in 1989. By Griffin and Alaccari. His type designs include PB Stencil (2017: a military stencil), and Salty Sand Sans (2017: triangle-themed). Leather (2005): an expansion of Imre Reiner’s blackletter typeface Gotika (1933). Dads Handwriting (2014, custom typeface). Signature font service for 50 USD. We also made italics and bolds to make you Happy-er. The video game typefaces Pod Invasion and Zogg Domination. Barnbrook designed these typefaces: Apocalypso Pictograms (1997). 2012: Zolasixx (inspired by the video game Zaxxon), Ampacity (neon font), Chromakey (a space deco headline font inspired by box art classic video games including Matrix Marauders and Magical Chase), Disassembler (1980s style bitmap font), Zerbydoo (a dot matrix family), Superego (a geometric-techno font inspired by the cabinet graphics for the 1981 Stargate arcade game), Rukyltronic (a set of dot matrix typefaces), Nerdropol (pixel family), Gulkave (rounded pixel font), Cyclopentane, Palamecia (a fat finger poster face), Gameness (a 1990 retro industrial deco font), Camulogen (headline face), Color Basic (a pixel typeface inspired the by TRS-80 Color Computer), Triac Seventy One (a funky face), Acroyear (retro all-caps headline font), Troll Bait, Strenuous (unicase), Permanence (a retro=futuristic font based on Alvin Toffler’s cover of Future Shok, 1970), Clockpunk (octagonal and quaint), Battlemaze (trekkie face), Mixolydian (industrial sans). Extension Cord Fairy Tale (curly) Fantastic Fast Cars, Fast Lane, Fast Forward Fifty Famous Fairy Tales (bi-lined and bejeweled)Flair Ornate, Flaired Script, Flair, Flaired Floor Plan Flash (gridded face) Folk Art (wooden plank simulation) Font Troll Fractal, Wireframe, Hemisphere, Origami (now Mummification): experiments in glyph partitioning. Many of these are army stencil fonts. Comic book typefaces: Caper or Caper Comic (2008), Captain Comic (2007), Classic Comic (2010), Collector Comic (2006, a comic balloon lettering family), Common Comic (2013). Patrick helped with the production. Compass (+Plain) Connected scripts: Cruise, Jet Cruise (2009), Notched Script (upright, connected), Rough Script (italic, connected), square Script (pixelish, connected). Designer and Co-editor of the Indie Fonts book series, Grieshaber now teaches typography at RIT and runs Typeco. Serial Killer (2005): bloody. His sons Rastko and Vukan write about both aspects of his life. Regular Habitat Relativity Remixintag (2011, a clone of Wallachia by Intaglio). A super-heavy slab face, done with Kevin King. A large x-height sans family whose letters were squeezed through a narrow door. A very thin avant-garde sans: Architype Tschichold is a faithful rendering of Jan Tschichold’s 1929 experimental alphabet which was influenced by Bayer’s single-alphabet. Jedi (2012: Star Wars logo font), JediHollowNormal, JediSolidNormal, Jefferies (former Constitution Class Hull, based on the original Star Trek Enterprise lettering), Jhiaxus (2011, based on the logo of “Transformers: Generation Two”), Joystick (2011, based on the lettering used from Sears’ Tele-Games cartridges), Jumpman (2012, based on the logo of the original Donkey Kong game from Nintendo). Typefaces made in 2011: Scape (2011, rounded monoline stencil family), Velvet (2011), Defense (2011, octagonal slabbed stencil), Offense (2011, strong octagonal mechanical family), Vanitas Bold (2011, Peignotian fashion mag typeface rooted in didones). There you have your perfect substitute for the very overused Cooper Black. [Google] [More]  ⦿ Sergiy Tkachenko
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[MyFonts] [More]  ⦿ Shiva Nallaperumal
Graphic designer from Chennai, who created the octagonal typeface Adian Grid (2012) as a student at DJ Academy of Design, Coimbatore, India. [Google] [More]  ⦿ Wilson Thomas
Designer (aka Funk King, b. 2009: Maqui (an industrial headline sans family), Zingende (art deco family: caps only), Misadventures, Gaz (large retro sans family), Meloriac (heavy display sans), Acrylic Brush, Enamel Brush (a digitization of Catalina, 1955, Emil J. Galerija Grafiki kolektiv, Cyrillic, 1962 (Graphic Collective Gallery): A beautiful Cyrillic display face. He specializes in cult-type typefaces. But did we ever get carried away, and what should have been finished in a few weeks ended up consuming the best part of a year, countless jugs of coffee, and the merciless scrutiny of too many pairs of eyeballs. Love, Love Letters Martini Metroliner and Metroliner Deluxe. Memoriam (2009): An extreme-contrast vogue display script which was commissioned by art director Nancy Harris for the cover of the 2008 commemorative issue of the New York Times magazine. Blackletter font list: Alte Schwabacher, Breitkopf Fraktur, Coelnisch Current, Fette Haenel Fraktur, Ganz Grobe Gotisch, Grossvater Kurrent, Gutenberg Bibelschrift, Kurrent Kupferstich, Luthersche Fraktur, Maximilian Gotisch, Neue Schwabacher, Peter Schlemihl, Suetterlin, Theuerdank Fraktur, Unger Fraktur, W’bg. Vukan, Latin, 1960: Named after his second son, Vukan, this is a sharply cut orthogonal typeface. Neale Davidson’s typefaces: 4E Dings (based on those used in WotC’s 4E Dungeons and Dragons game). Fab Trio can be used to create layered chromatic effects, but its components can stand alone, too. But what ira could read from those forms is the language of their linocuts and cut symbols. This is a heavy didone typeface with large x-height, high contrast, and a harmonious balance between its Devanagari (designed by Tim Donaldson and Jyotish Sonowal) and Latin (designed by Shiva Nallaperumal). These brush texture typefaces were cloned from Swifted Strokes by Mike Lee. Tramarada (2011) has a stunning woven look. His creations include A Bit Eccentric. Western fonts: Bolo (2010), Bow Tie (2010), Bowl (2010), Western Doodle, Sparky, Buckaroo, Diamond Buckaroo, Saloon and Desert Rose. In 2012, Mike published Enamel (a condensed sans family—the inline version of Sorren), Sorren (a condensed sans influenced by neo-grotesque designs, and dada in style), Sorren Ex, Vanitas Stencil and Memoire (a charming fashion mag monoline hairline stencil). Petersburg, his talk (shared with Ken Barber) was entitled Pac-Man fever, quantum mechanics and the design of digital type. The type was to ellicit Malmö’s harbor, and Peter found inspiration from the painted type of industrial tankers docked in his hometown. [Google] [More]  ⦿ MuchoGrafico. His pre 2001 fonts are grouped under the label Larabie Fonts. Patrick Griffin writes about Messenger (2010, Canada Type): Messenger is a redux of two mid-1970s Markus Low designs: Markus Roman, an upright calligraphic face, and Ingrid, a popular typositor-era script. The result is a Bank Gothic look. Falmer (2013), Fhokki (2014), Flipbash (2012, an octagonal typeface that is based on the logo of Hasbro’s Bot Shots), Flynn (2011, futuristic stencil face), Fontana (2011, techno-futuristic), Fractyl (2013, used for the Predacons’ speaking bubbles in the BotCon “Ground Zero” comic in 1997), Furmanite (2011). On one of those picture books entitled Grandpa’ Stories I have found, so far, the only place where the typeface was used. The differences between the two were quite subtle in most forms, but functionally proved to offer different levels of visual flexibility. A free comic book style face. This was a de facto takeover. Wrenched Yay Team Zebeast (Zebra-striped letters) Zodiac Block In 2012, he added these fonts at MyFonts: Architect, Black Tie, Carousel, Check Mate, Cobblestones, Cruise, Dog Tag, Edgar Fernhout (based on the famous poster by Wim Crouwel), Fifty Famous Fairy Tales, Fratturato Digitale (pixelish blackletter face), Ghost Town, Jackpot, Jelly Bean, Keyboard, Kingdom (a castle font), Lagniappe (Victorian), Lyrical, Madie, Matchstick, Menagerie, Q Typ, Scaffo, Sprinkle, Stained Glass, Stencillated, Stensei (stencil), Sweet Valley, Toothpaste, Vibration MF, Yoyo, Zephyrelli. A revival of Aldo Novarese’s Metropol typeface, released by Nebiolo in 1967 as a competitor to Stephenson Blakes Impact. Emergency eq Regular, eq Radio Waves, eq Tight. Zaftig (2008, Typeco) is a super-fat face. A 20-style slab serif that uses inspiration from 1953 typefaces by Hoffmann and Eidenbenz and the 1995 font Egizio by Novarese. Fury (2008): an angry techno family. YsgarthEnglishNormal (2011, almost blackletter). Ronaldson Regular (2008, with Rebecca Alaccari), a 17-style oldstyle family based on the 1884 classic by Alexander Kay, Ronaldson Old style (MacKellar, Smith&Jordan). He is also known for his collaborations with Adbusters and Damien Hirst, his work for David Bowie, and his typefaces released by Emigre and Virus (his own foundry). After Tom Hollingsworth’s Informal Gothic, a squarish unicase grotesk done in 1965. In fact, the Braille system was based on a method of communication originally developed by Charles Barbier in response to Napoleon’s demand for a code that soldiers could use to communicate silently and without light at night, called night writing. How exciting was it to make a typeface for a sequel to a classic film that I grew up with. Outline Habitat Ozmosis (2014), Ozian (2014), Cardinal (2014), Emblem (2014), Oblio (2014), Hollow Branch (2014) Pallina (2010, + Stampino, +Diluente). MyFonts sells his fonts now. Duty (2002) is a sans typeface codesigned at T26 with Lee Fasciani. Typeco Grecian (2012, FontStruct) is loosely based on a Wells & Webb Grecian style woodtype circa 1846. In September of 2001, Tal joined the House Industries staff as a designer in the Type Development, Product Promotions and Python Systems Implementation Department. The Big Top The Real McCoy Tiki. Kumla (2013, monoline squarish caps face). Time Timpani, Timpaniless, Timpaniblok, Alien Crop Circles (outer space face). A layered all caps decal typeface. Their Renaissance&Handwriting font pack has 9 different handwriting fonts from 1450 to 1700. After graduating from DJ Academy of Design in Coimbatore, India, he started studying graphic design (MFA) at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). Ray Larabie has been making fonts since 1996, but those early fonts were freeware. Tal Leming’s personal web site. The study was made on the occasion of the opening of the new building of the National Library, Republic of Serbia. Origami City (2010): formerly Simply Elevated Black. He used similar typefaces on book covers and charters, in solemn situations. His retail typefaces listed above have been used by Red Bull, SVT, Expressen, The New Republic, Pitchfork Music Festival, Helsingborgs Dagblad, Lassila & Tikanoja, Rodeo Magazine and others. 2005: Kadonk (a Halloween face), Report (a VAG-Rounded style face), Croteau (a poster face), Heroid (ook face), Barrista (informal script), Wyvern (sans serif), Wubble (like puddles of water), Caryn (casual script), Folder (a rigid sans family), Venacti (a futuristic family), Xenara (a keyboard lettering family), Emory (a destructionist sans family), Ligurino (neat sans&serif family), Biondi (up of Copperplate Gothic; followed in 2010 by Biondi Sans; these copperplate style typefaces are in the style of AT Sackers), Byington (Trajan column lettering), Sayso Chic, Expressway (28 weights, a highway signage family), Algol (pixel type), Meposa (fat display face), Tandelle (condensed), Vigo, Maychurch, Mecheria, Vactic (dot matrix), Zosma, Topstitch, Windpower, Llandru, Soap (a creative extension of Cooper Black, with dingbats), Kleptocracy (1999-2005), Owned, Rimouski (sans), Burnstown Dam (2005, a wooden plank font), Sinzano (sans with opentype ligatures galore; compare, e. 1970, Ottawa, Canada) ran Typodermic in Mississauga, ON, which opened in the Fall of 2001. Olympukes (2004, with Marcus McCallion) was a free dingbat font at Fontshop. Outcast (2010): a grunge family. Satya Rajpurohit and Jyotish Sonowal developed the Devanagari component in the Rajdhani fonts together, while the Latin was designed by Shiva Nallaperumal. Geneva, Switzerland, 1979), who published these fonts in 2003 as part of Linotype’s Taketype 5 collection: Anlinear LT Std Bold, Anlinear LT Std Light, Anlinear LT Std Regular, Arabdream LT Std (Arabic simulation face), ClassicusTitulus LT Std, Hexatype LT Std Bold, Morocco LT Std, Jan LT Std, Ned LT Std, Pargrid LT Std Cross, Pargrid LT Std Regular, Pargrid LT Std Trash, Piercing LT Std Bold, Piercing LT Std Code, Piercing LT Std Regular, Raclette LT Std. [Google] [More]  ⦿ StockBucket
[David Phillips]
StockBucket was founded in May of 2004 by graphic designers David Phillips and Traci Daberko in Seattle, WA. Many alternates were added, so this is a virtually new type family. Abbott Miller’s team at Pentagram and Grandmother Design in Mumbai, India. They have also a gorgeous collection of eighteen blackletter fonts, called the Gutenberg Press, which includes the great old German script font Kurrent Kupferstich and the charming Zentenar Fraktur and the elegant Peter Schlemihl. Catalog of the typefaces in the Larabie Fonts collection. An 11-style athletic lettering family. Western style alphadings: Cart Before The Horse, Wagon Train Weird White on black typefaces: Tabs, Dot Keys, Rounded Keys, Block Keys, Keys. P22 Operina (2003, in Romano, Corsivo and Fiore versions) is based on Vicentino Ludovico degli Arrighi’s calligraphy used in his 1522 instructional lettering book La Operina da Imparare di scrivere littera Cancellarescha. [Google] [More]  ⦿ TLai Enterprises
[Tom C. Images of Orpheus: i, ii, iii, iv, v. Eksell Display (+Stencil) was created in 2015. The Adventure of the Dancing Men (2011, dingbats). I completely reworked Allen’s original drawings, making the letterforms work better in headlines, added accented glyphs, reorganized the styles and more. Middleton’s connected brush typeface Wave, ca. A strong headline sans family, done at Fountain. The designer, Daniel Woessner (b. It was used as the basis of Cowboy Hippie (2010, CheapProFonts). Shred (2010): an octagonal heavy metal face. I, ii, iii, iv, v, vi, vii. Neil Bold (2010): an extension of the fat typeface Neil Bold (1966, Wayne J. Typefaces from 2013 (no longer freely downloadable. It has the same basic proportions as classical oldstyle typefaces (think of Garamond and friends) and these give it a similar typographic rhythm to one that we have known for several hundred years. Bunyan Pro (2016, Patrick Griffin and Bill Troop). [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿ Studio 49
[Slavo Ulicny] Slavo Ulicny is the Slovak designer at Studio 49 in Presov who created the airplane and helicopter dingbat typeface Letiskovy flashtrace (2002). Their typefaces were first made using the Architype label: Architype Albers (1997). A modular connected script. In 2014, he published Trim Mono, which is advertized at once as a programming and a typewriter font. Wagner Script Pro (2011). Very, very, very, very exciting. A custom stencil typeface. I really appreciate seeing the attention to detail that usually goes into serious text family put into a family primarily intended for display use. YouWorkForThem sells the Super Duty family (stencil), Glyphic Neue, the Trapper families, Chunk Feeder, Gothic Gothic and Cusp. Counter (2008): A futuristic beauty with a double-lined cursive thrown in. Religious and Cyrillic influences. Catalog of the Typodermic library in decreasing order of popularity. This became an unbelievably successful family, and was extended in 2011 with headline, Outline and Iline variants. Most of Parson’s fonts cover both Latin and Cyrillic. In 2015, Namrata Goyal designed the Gurmukhi part of the free geometric sans font Roundo at Indian Type Foundry. Rich Roat asked me to polish up House Gothic and make it a bit more usable. Squareplane (+Sharp) and Tacky (a coffee bean font), Cancerous (pixl), Squrave (pixelish), Variable (pixel face), Impossible (pixel), Super (dotted), S-Video Real, Odds and Ends, Edward, Reversey, Rocky, Tacky (dotted), It Pops (athletic lettering), Bulge, Brick Block (3d face), Whoops, Gradient, Uniform Heavy, Uniform 2, Here Is Your Receipt, Filmstrip, 4444, Offf, Leave It To The Mind, Wayvee, Illusiyellow, Thunky, Jot It Down, QweABC, Bleach, 5×7 Practicali, Fancy 5×7 (pixel), Crispy, NoNoNo, S-Video, Blockish. Runway is an ode to House’s sans serif obsession of the early 2000s. Orwellian (2014) is a reversed-stress typeface designed for display use. This striking black and white poster with its visible grid became one of Crouwel’s most iconic designs. Does some custom font work. The great roman caps just screamed for plenty of extensions, alternates, swashes, ligatures, fusions from different times, and of course small caps. Fonts from 2010: Tinsel (condensed), Rusty (Latin / Cyrillic constructivist typeface inspired by snowboarding), Vindaloo (+Outline, T26), Kimbo (octagonal slabby family), Cyrus (for Latin, Greek and Cyrillic), Calvin (a monoline sans family, +Hairline), Checkpoint (rounded display sans that won an award at Modern Cyrillic 2014),Fuera (2011, bilined face, T26). This simple condensed headline typeface was designed for pedagogical purposes made to be used for lectures at the Faculty of Applied Arts abd in its graphic identity. Upright connected scripts: Madie (2009) Valentine’s fonts: Hearts and Flowers, Hearts and Arrows, Keys to your Heart, Bed of HeartsVapors and Mirage: evaporating glyphs. A digitization and extension of Friedrich Poppl’s neo-gothic typeface Saladin. Shiva has worked as an intern with J. Rastko himself thinks it was devised as light, almost linear and it was a part of his character. A grand revival of Alessandro Butti’s Futura-like Semplicità, executed between 2009 and 2011 by Patrick Griffin and Bill Troop. More a signage typeface than a web font. Vox (2007): a 24-style monoline sans family done with Rebecca Alaccari. Josh hadn’t done much lettering work so we asked him to send us samples of lettering that he liked. Genie (2006): a psychedelic typeface based on a 1970s film type called Jefferson Aeroplane. Typefaces from 2014: Hospital Icons, Woodcutter Rare Drawings, Headache, Irresistible (rounded sans), Doctor Garcia (textured), Violence, Hipster Icons, Saint Valentine’s Day, Mister Manson, Casino (dingbats), Christian Icons, Christmas Icons, Hermes Manero, Beauty (dingbats), Art Icons & Tools, Clouds Mix, Malamadre (grunge), Offset Punk, Manos de Cerdo, Hotel Oriental, Basic Trip, Popeye (scanbats), Viva la Fiesta (flag alphadings), Street Stencil, Supermarket, Ebola Font, Vintage Halloween, Motel Imperial, Clothes, The Second World War (army stencil), Tahs On A Rope, Penis (dingbats), Regular Show (dingbats), Parkinsonism, The 70 Greatest Directors of All Time (scanbats), Smartphone (alphadings), Dripping, Chaos in Wisconsin, Saturno, Gym (dingbats), Angie, Antique Book, Black Rodeo, Gutierrez+, Matias-Font, Viejo-Oeste, Woodcutter-Prison-Tattoo, old+sailor, Italian Revolution, Kid Nightmare, Anderson (rough stencil), Manero (scratchy script), Tecno-Chaos (dot matrix font), Neverland, Martian Font, Radical Block, Woodcutter Delicada, Bon Appetit, Termica, Kandinsky, Hotel Paradiso, Seven Arts, Street Icons, Militaria (dingbats), Undergramo (poster font), Woodcutter Avispa, Fuego Fatuo, Other Space, Electrica Sals, Woodcutter Dramatica, Cocinitas (cooking dingbats), Bad Mother Fucker, Quentin Tarantino (scanbats), El Extraño, Fine Disorder, Woodcutter BCN Style (dripping blood font), Woodcutter Virus, Efectiva, Mogambo (fat brush), Duck Tape, Warriors, Cutre Glam, Woodcutter Sutill Shadow, Woodcutter Future, Rage, Woodcutter Negative, Manolo, Vegetables, Woodcutter Storm (lightning texture), Woodcutter Rare Drawings, Rustic Heavy Metal, Grass, Virgin Mary (scanbats), Laurus Nobilis (wreaths), Mister Bambu, Woodcutter Barcode, Conquest, Multimedia Icons, Preschool, Cursors, Woodcutter Kaos, Woodcutter Lines, Ukraine (constructivist), Meccano, Woodcutter Simple Font, Crux (crucifixes), Dolores (3d), Eyes, MoneyMoneyMoney, Made in Spain 5, Barcelona Mon Amour, New Society (a 3d shadow face), Federico (a hand-printed shadow typeface), Aranea (spider dings), Fifth Avenue (art deco), Beware of Pitbull, Dictators (scanbats), Woodcutter Vintage Cartoon, The American (textured face), Woodcutter Mixed Icons, Apple Japanese Keyboard, Vintage Classics Disney, Carnage College (blood splatter font), Vintage Porn (scanbats), Woodcutter Fontana (textured caps), Woodcutter Mixed Icons, Woodcutter Jet Set, Woodcutter Gothic Drama (blackletter), Woodcutter Relieve, Mixed Icons Vol. As a model for designing the typeface of Montenegrin Lexicographic Institute was a text from leader seal of Petar, Prince of Duklja. Da Milanos 1935 Neon design for the Nebiolo foundry. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿ Visual Mind Rockets
[Daniel Woessner]
Visual Mind Rockets is a German outfit based in Köln, est. Nexa Rust (2014, Fontfabric) is a set of 83 weathered letterpress emulation fonts that evolved from Nexa and Nexa Slab. [Google] [More]  ⦿ ssaamm FontStructor who made these fonts in 2009: 5×5 (pixel face), SignaPix (pixel script), MegaPixel, Steamwriter, Minimalista (4×4 pixel face), Square Off (programming font), 12segment (pixel face), Oriental Theatre, (+Smooth: condensed piano key typefaces), 7×7:1 basic Serif (pixel face), 7×7:2 Classic (pixel face), Square On, Sharp Perforation, Modern Monospace. A De Stijl typeface inspired by the experimental, universal letterforms drawn by Bauhaus trained Swiss designer Theo Ballmer for a series of 1928 posters, most notably for an exhibition on industrial standards. Typefaces from 2016: Auro (rounded sans), Dejecta (rough and ragged), Apollonius (a swashy didone), Rosengarten (vintage type influenced by Lucian Barnhard), Deleplace (influenced by didones), Furius (Tuscan style). Balto (2007-2014) is a large American Gothic family. Sensa (2015, Radomir Tinkov and Svetoslav Simov) is a hand-crafted 21-style family divided into the subfamilies Sensa Brush, Sensa Pen, Sensa Wild, Sensa Sans, Sensa Serif and Sensa Goodies. Popsicle Sticks (nice vertically striped glyphs). His publications include Graphic identification 1961-1981 (SKZ, Belgrade, 1982), Graphic communications 1954-1984 (Vajat, Belgrade, 1986), Heraldry 1 (University of Arts, Belgrade, 1983) and Coat-of-Arms of Belgrade, Heraldry 2 (Cicero, Belgrade, 1991). Alphabots Alphadings: Picnic Basket (2014), Rat Race (2014), Pod Invasion (2014), On Hangers (2012, a commercial series that includes Pants on Hangers, etc), Dog Tag, Black Bird, Easter Egg Dots, Ser Egghead T. Gaiking (2012: Based on the logo of Mattel’s Giant Robot toyline, Shogun Warriors), Galaxy Force (2011, based on Hasbro’s Transformers: Cybertron logo), Gallonigher (was Colony Wars), Gamedings, Gargish (2013), Gargoyles, Garriott (2013, runic), Geddes (2011, art deco sans related to Futura), Gemcut (2013), Generation Two, GIColton (2014), GiediAncientAutobot (2014), GiediDecepticonGraffiti, GiediGoldenDisk, GiediMaximal, GiediPredacon, Gin Rai (2011, based on the logo of Hasbro’s latter-era “Generation One” Transformers series), Gold Box (2012, a pixel typeface based on the in-game lettering from the classic SSI “Gold Box” game collection, featuring Dungeons and Dragons: Pool of Radiance, Curse of the Azure Bonds, and so on), Gosub (2011, a pixel typeface similar to the on-screen lettering of the Timex Sinclair), Gotham Nights (2011, based on the lettering used in “Batman: The Animated Series”), Green Martian (2013), Gutcruncher (2011, based on the logo from the famous Blood Bowl game), Graalen (2013: an alien-glyph typeface based on the Andorian writing found in Last Unicorn Games’ Among the Clans supplement for their Star Trek: Roleplaying Game). His CV: he graduated in 1954 from the Academy of Applied Arts, Belgrade and took his Masters Degree in 1959, under Professor Mihailo S. Eladrin (2011, based on the third edition version of the Elven font used in Dungeons and Dragons), Electrorocket (2012, art deco), Elminster, Emotion Engine (2012, based on the Playstation 2 logo from Sony), Empanada (2013), Emulator (based on the old Nintendo game font), Energon (2011), Equestria (2012: based on the My Little Pony Line), Erte (2013), Espruar (2011, based on the Elvish script found within TSR’s “2nd Edition: Dungeons and Dragons” Forgotten Realms Elvish script), Eurocorp (2012, based on the logo and menus within the classic “Syndicate Wars” game from Bullfrog Entertainment), Exodite Distressed (2013, a custom design for LPJ’s “Neo-Exodus” Pathfinder campaign world), Explorien (2014), Eyvindr (2014, rune simulation font). Architype Catalogue originates from Wim Crouwel’s Stedelijk Museum exhibition catalogue for sculptor Claes Oldenburg, 1970. Brace (2015, a slab serif). Horvath] Military aircraft fonts by August T. Followed by Scaffo (2012), Scaffoldini Senza Griglia (2010), Scaffoldini Ascendente Contrario SG, Scaffoldini Ascendente Senza Griglia, Scaffoldini Contrario Senza Griglia, Scaffoldini Ascendente, Scaffoldini Contrario, and Scaffoldini Ascendente Contrario, Scaffoldini Prospettico (+Contrario, +SG). There were also references to the video games, laser games and 1980s pre-teen sci-fi action movies of my youth. This has to be the largest chancery/calligraphy family on earth. [Google] [More]  ⦿ Muhammad Iqbal Ars
[Iqbal Arz] [More]  ⦿ Mussy Simohamed During his studies at the University of Huddersfield, UK, Mussy Simohamed (Leeds, UK) created the Tyre Art typeface (2014). However, that is a different Patrick Griffin. Typefaces from 2017: Wedding, Coffee Icons, Archeology, Graffiti Tags, Maquina de Escribir (old typewriter font), Little Candy Shop, Madre Superiora (script), Territorial, Diogenes, Cyber Tittle, Pain Explosion, Panchito Style, Lightning Bolt, Pixeland, Club Seven Espadas, Chandelier, Computer Mouse, Restroom, Wash Care, Hell Circus, Extraterrestre, Pix Punk, Lamp, Pizza, Pirate Style, Vacaciones, Hecatombe, Fuente Manerismo, La Cucaracha (white on black), Plastic Surgery, Mafia Mix, Dirty Classic Machine (old typewriter), Woodcutter Noise, Cokelines, Simple Cream, Vintage Poison, Lighter Icons, Pacific Break, Maldito Gringo, Bazar Costa, Doctor Satan (dripping blood font), Caja Fuerte (textured stencil typeface), Saint Peter (brush script), Bela-Lisboa, Ear, Future-Socialism (constructivist), Poop, Retro-Toons, Tattoo-Pro-Icons, Victorian-Gang, Woodcutter-Justice, Writing, Amusement-Park, Linoleum, Funny Barber (shaded), Decadence, Victorian Gang, Depalma (spurred sans), Bela Lisboa. Teepee (wood look) Tennis themed: Racket, Net Ball, World Cup. Bantorain (2013, spurred), Barazhad (2014, flourished, runic typeface based on the demonic and occult and necrotic languages from Wizards of the Coast’s Dungeons and Dragons game), BattleBeasts (2000), Bayformance (2014), Beastformer (2011, based on the long-ago logo of Hasbro’s “Battle Beasts”), Bayformance (2014), Beast Wars (2011, based on the logo of the show of the same name), Betazed (2013, for Star Trek betazoids), Bidan (2013, constructivist), Bienvenu (2011, pixel face), Blitzwing (2013, octagonal family), Blofeld (2013, a distressed font based on the title logo of Exile’s cult-classic “Evil Genius”), Bloomingworth (2013), Braddington (2013, art deco), Britannian (2014, runes), Broadmoor (2012, art deco). Has a subpage with military (mostly stencil and dingbat) fonts. Oxygen (2006): a great grid-based design. Akademija, Cyrillic, 1966 (Academy): This typeface was made for the University and Academy where he worked. Harker (2013), Harpers (runes), Hauser (octagonal, futuristic; Former “Action Force”, based on the logo of GI Joe), Hellpoint (2013, based on some of the plate markings founds in IDW’s “Transformers” comic series), Hetfield (2013: a spurred typeface), Hexahedron (2012: dice), Hexahedron Rounded (2013), Hyperspace (2012, thin monoline octagonal, based on the original Atari vector font from Battlezone, and on Asteroids). The main goal of the project was to perfectly match stenciled lettering seen in a film released 27 years earlier. Additional character data and technical production by Canada Type. [Google] [More]  ⦿ QualiType
[John Colletti] Southfield, MI-based company founded in 1991 by John Colletti. Wagner Grotesk (2010): a sturdy grotesk, after a typeface from the Johannes Wagner foundry. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿ Typeco
[James Grieshaber]
James Grieshaber earned a BFA in Graphic Design from Rochester Institute of Technology. Davis (2016, a slab serif) and Davis Sans (2016). The Indian Type Foundry published several typefaces at Google Web Fonts in 2014, including Rajdhani. Steinweiss Script is a 2200-glyph curly script typeface called Steinweiss Script (2010), which captures a lot of the spirit of Steinweiss’s album covers from the late 1930s and 1940s. The font family was developed for use in headlines and other display-sized text on screen. This multiline typeface was followed by Echo (2010). View Michael Parson’s typefaces. In 2004, he made Clans (T-26, blackletter) and Boulas (T-26). Expletive Script (2001, upright connected and modular script). Soon after, this design was officially licensed to Morgans & Wilcox and was shown in their 1890 catalog in Regular, Light and Condensed Light variations. In 2010, he created Squeaky, Texico (a gorgeous Tex-Mex party headline face), Dutts Sans, Dutts Serif (dotted typefaces), Concrete Block (octagonal). A revival of an old Lettering Inc font from the 1940s, known then as Flamenco. The Qualitype font package from 1992 was rejuvenated in 2009 and repackaged with OpenType versions. Creator of these typefaces: The clean monoline sans typefaces Usumaru (2009) and Shinbi (2009). Filmotype fonts: Filmotype Ace (2015; based on a Filmotype script from 1953), Alice (2008, a casual hand-printed design based on a 1958 alphabet by Filmotype), Filmotype Arthur (2015; based on a Filmotype script from 1953), Athens (2014), Filmotype Brooklyn (2009, a casual script based on a 1958 Filmotype font), Filmotype Candy (2012), Filmotype Carmen (2012), Filmotype Hemlock (2013, a retro signage script), Hickory (2014), Filmotype Homer (2014, a brush signage script), Filmotype Hudson (1955, based on a 1955 original), Filmotype Jessy (2009, a flowing upright connected script based on a 1958 design by Filmotype), Filmotype Jupiter (2015; based on a Filmotype brush script from 1958), Filmotype Kellog (2013), Filmotype Lakeside (2013, a retro signage typeface), Filmotype Leader (2013), Filmotype Liberty (2015; based on a Filmotype brush script from 1955), Filmotype Giant (2011, a condensed sans done with Rebecca Alaccari) and its italic counterpart, Filmotype Escort (2011, done with Rebecca Alaccari), Filmotype Keynote (2013, a connected bold advertising script), Filmotype Lacrosse (2013, a retro script from the 1950s sometimes used in department store catalogs of that era), Filmotype LaSalle (2008, based on a 1952 retro script by Ray Baker for Filmotype), Filmotype Harmony (2011, original from 1950 by Ray Baker), Filmotype Kentucky (a 1955 original by Ray Baker), Filmotype Kingston (a 1953 original by Ray Baker), Filmotype Lucky (2012, based on a font by Ray Baker), Filmotype Hamlet (a 1955 original by Ray Baker), Filmotype Panama (2012, a flared casual serif typeface based on a 1958 original), Filmotype Prima (2011, with Rebecca Alaccari), Filmotype Quiet (2010, based on a 1954 military stencil typeface by Filmotype), Filmotype Yale (2012, a wedding invitation script based on a 1964 original by Filmotype), Filmotype York (2014). Qijomi (2013), Quintanar (2011), Quantum (2013: based on the title credits of the James Bond movie “Quantum of Solace”). The Seventies sure aint drab in Patrick Griffin’s hands. Typefaces from 2014: the multilined or inline typefaces Ozmosis, Ozian, Cardinal, Hollow Branch, Emblem, and Oblio. Strange that Barnbrook never designed a font called Wolf Blitzer. Recta (2011, with Kevin King). A 20-weight geometric sans typeface family (+Cyrillic). Typefaces from 2015: Chickenz, Framez, Jackazz, Raubam (free), Martinaz (signage script). XBall (2013, loosely based on several title logos from Electronic Arts’s (EA’s) sports gaming titles). Zarathos (2012, based on the titles for the Ghost Rider movie series), Zebulon (2013, sci-fi typeface based on the title logo of TSR’s classic “Star Frontiers” game series), Zentran (2013, based on the Zentraedi glyphs found in Harmony Gold’s “Robotech” franchise). In 2015, Ani Petrova, Svetoslav Simov and Radomir Tinkov codesigned the 214-style mammoth font system Intro Rust, a rough version of Fontfabric’s Intro. Elsuave is a free fat rounded stencil typeface. And there you have the bridge between groovy and all-American. In 2003, Willymac stopped altogether. Tabular Tall Habitat Techno look: Technified, Slick, Tangential (2010). In 2016, Tal Leming created 90 Minutes, a typeface that is exclusive licensed to the United States Soccer Federation in perpetuity. Happy is the digital version of one the most whimsical takes on typewriters ever made, an early 1970s Tony Stan film type called Ap-Ap. Meadow Pro (2009-2010) and Meadow Pro Condensed (2010). A neon type family. The typeface her 37 unique styles partitioned over three families, 90 Minutes Display, 90 Minutes Kit (a set of styles developed exclusively for use on uniforms, taking into account FIFA regulations), and 90 Minutes Text (drawn specifically for use in small sizes, paragraphs and tables of statistics). [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿ Radomir Tinkov
[RST Fonts]
[MyFonts] [More]  ⦿ Ray Larabie
[MyFonts] [More]  ⦿ Ray Larabie
[Larabie Fonts]
[MyFonts] [More]  ⦿ Red Studio
[Alisa Katrevich] Moscow-based designer of Comics Font (2016) and Military Font (2016, a rough Russian military stencil typeface). 1995), also in Seattle. False Idol Script (1997). [Google] [More]  ⦿ Reserves (or: AE Type)
[Michael Jarboe]
Reserves (and, since 2012, AE Type) is a commercial foundry offering mostly techno faces. The Glyphic Neue display family was inspired by the Op Art style of lettering in the United States that ran rampant in many photo type houses in the 1960’s and 1970’s—I like to call it the “piano key style”. Lai, 1998), MDMilitaryStencilADemo (Tom C. An octagonal family with a great inline style. Its handtooled, narrow shapes are perfectly suited to pop subject matter and bright colors. Werner Paperclip (2009), Paperclip (2010): paperclip typefaces after a 1974 original by Ad Werner. Many of the things he sent featured whimsical, hand-cut lettering from the 1960s. Lai from Berkeley, CA, makes and markets stencil and military sign fonts, such as MD Military Stencil A (2001, commercial), Amarillo USAF (shareware, octagonal typeface), AmarilloUSAF Pro (2001, commercial), LongBeachUSN (commercial US Navy and Marine Aircraft fonts), and sci-fi fonts such as Gravicon (shareware) and SteelWolf (commercial). Their web page stated: Founded in 1991 as a digital type foundry and developer of leading font management software tools for Windows, QualiType Software has been a pioneer in Windows font management technology with their FontHandler software and the patented QualiType Font Sentry system for Automatic Font Management. Architype Ingenieur was inspired by Wim Crouwel’s late 1950s exhibition catalogues and posters, for which he had created a few geometrically constructed, simplified letterforms. Coconut and Coconut Shadow (2006). Skulls, Skully Slice N dice Skyscraper. Letters from Sweden is an agency whose sole focus is type design. Several dot matrix versions followed. [Google] [More]  ⦿ Valery Zaveryaev
[Gaslight (or: Valery Zaveryaev)]
[MyFonts] [More]  ⦿ Vehbican Tabakci Turkish graphic designer in London who created a military stencil typeface called Occupy (2016). Typeco De Stijl (2012, FontStruct) is based on Van Doesburg’s De Stijl magazine’s name plate in 1923. Creations in 2010: Hasta Siempre (military stencil), Hasta Siempre Supplement (Fontstruct rendering of the iconic photograph of Che Guevara by Alberto Korda), Belfalas, Fractal Font, Sierpinski White, Sierpinski Black, Sierpinski Dalmatian, Remolino Stencil, Boikot Stencil, Legolas Pixel, Brego, Vortices (dings), Gamling, Coccinella Two (+B), Cyrillic 02, Waves, Hommage à Escher v2 extLat. Stitching fonts: Cross Worded (2013), Cut Here (2014), Sampler T-Shirts on a Clothesline Swamp Frog and Tadpole: artsy fat letters Swamp Funk, Mojo (curly letters) Swatches. Details on some of his typefaces: Gothic Gothic (2001), an extended blackletter codesigned with Christina Torre. This 8-style humanist sans family is a revival of McDonald’s own Monotype face, Slate. This book contains what is considered to be the earliest printed examples of Chancery Cursive. Fort Knox, KY) who lives in Orlando, FL, and/or Apopka, FL. He was Head of the Graphic Department from 1974 to 1975. Created after Max Miedinger’s 1964 face, Horizontal. Reenie Beanie (2002) is now offered (as a joke, I assume) as part of the Google open font directory (for free web fonts). Designed with Phil Rutter. [Google] [More]  ⦿ Radar Design
[David Phillips]
Radar Design of Seattle, WA, was founded in the fall of 1995 by David Phillips. He worked on the Ed Benguiat collection, for example. There are also techno variant called Superduty Condensed, Superduty Regular, Superduty Narrow and Superduty Text. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿ Woodcutter Manero Barcelona-based creator of the counterless hand-printed typefaces Woodcutter Dripping Nightmare (2012) and Woodcutter MMXII (2012). Ćirić used it to write names of births and deaths of friends and family members in a notebook. This re-creates his original geometrically constructed design, including some phonetic characters. Typefaces from 2015: Diner Bold, RPM, Pixel Calculon, Pixel Intv, Pixel Digivolve (based loosely on the title logo from the classic Digimon), Mechfire (military stencil and octagonal styles), Aurabesh Cantina (trekkie font), Huggy Bear, Sigma Five, dPoly Block Dice, dPoly Imperial, dPoly Steampips (steampunk genre), Pixel Gosub, Pixel Symtext, Strongarm (circled glyphs), Chromia, Pixel Countdown, Pixel Tactical, Pixel Azure Bonds, Pixel Combat, Pixel Cowboy, IDroid. In 1995, House released the family to the public with modest success, but it was largely relegated to the back of House’s catalogs. Bullet is based on a bit of lettering drawn by Ken Barber for the House Industries Pop Art package. An up of the curly art nouveau typeface Fantan, a film type from 1970 by Custom Headings International. In 2011, he set up Letters from Sweden with and Fredrik Andersson. These are mostly military stencil fonts. Tyefaces from 2017: Sylvester (headline sans), Soft Block (vinatge octagonal typeface). This is partly based on a signage brush script called Poppl Stretto (1969) by Friedrich Poppl. This is a reworking of a typeface made in 2005 by the late Jim Rimmer: Jim Rimmer aptly described his Dokument family as a sans serif in the vein of New Gothic that takes nothing from News Gothic. Based on the Wild Arms 5 video game logo—it simulates wood type and is Western in concept), RubCaps (2013), RunicEnglishNormal. Horvath (free, in truetype format): RAF_45D_851ATH, RAF_45D_841ATH, RAF_PW_ATH, RAF_WW2_841ATH, RAF_WW2_641ATH, RAF_WW2_851ATH, RCAF_60O_ATH, RCAF_60SQO_ATH, RCN_8O_ATH. Scripts: Diode (+Dioded, Diodoubled, Diodocked, Diodedocked, Diodiced), Scherzando, Fontstitution, Rough Script, Scriptilicious, Whipped Cream, 45 Degrees, Script Town (2013), Aloha (2013), Sinal Strength (2013), Ink Well (2013). Other fonts in the collection: 10thCenturyBookhand, AcanthusBorder, Alchemy-Symbols, Alte Schwabacher, AncientBlack, AshwoodCondensed, AshwoodExtraBold, Asphaltum, Astaroth, Astrological-Symbols, AubreyLanding, Bastarda, Batwynge, BaublesBorder, BearGulch, BrassRulesBorder, BreitkopfFraktur, Bullion, BullionExtraCondensed, BullionItalic, BullionRoman, CWP_TypeNo08, CWP_TypeNo09, CaslonBook-Italic, CaslonBook, CaslonSwashItalic, Cattle Brands, ChalkBluff, CliffordEight, CoelnischCurrentFraktur, ColonialBullets, ConfederateSignatures, Copperplate1672, Cut&Shoot, DaisyBorder, Dead Man’s Hand, EnglishHand, Faywood, FaywoodExtraCond, FaywoodItalic, FetteHaenelFraktur, FinalFrontierShipside, FringeBorder, GanzGrobeGotisch, GarlandBorder, GatlinBold, GebetbuchFraktur, GermanLatin, Gnomos, GridBorder, GrossvaterKurrent, GutenbergBibelschrift, Heroes & Villains, JamesII, JawbonesCond, Jugend, KurrentKupferstich, LaceBorder, Langtry, LilyBorder, LutherscheFraktur, Luxeuil, MarigoldBorder, Matchwood, MatchwoodBold, MatchwoodBoldItalic, MatchwoodItalic, MaximilianGotisch, Muleshoe, NeedlepointBorder, NeueSchwabacher, OldStateHouse, Ophir, Orgeuil, Pangho, Panghobl, Pangolin, Pangbl, PeterSchlemihl, PineConeBorder, QuiltBorder, Rawhide, RevolutionaryWarHeroes, RoseBorder, RoundMountain, RoyalNonesuch-Bold, Runor, Sageland, Salem1692, Sawtooth, SealBorder, Shelldrake, SignersoftheDOI, SpanishCourtHand, Stockton, Sütterlin, TheuerdankFraktur, Thousandsticks, ThunderMountain, TulipBorder, TypeNo1, TypeNo2, TypeNo3, TypeNo4, TypeNo5, TypeNo6, TypeNo7, TypeNo8, TypeNo9, TypeNo10, TypeNo11, TypeNo12, TypeNo13, TypeNo14, Uncial, UngerFraktur, UnionSignatures, VineBorder, WebsterRoman, Western Bullets, Whitecross, WilliamShakespeare, WittenbergSchwabacher, ZentenarFraktur. 1962; see also an early Canada Type face, Coffee Script. Kaleidoscope, Kaleidoscope Solid Kitchen tile typefaces: MadisonAveAvenue (2010), Edgar Fernhout (2012). Image of the Medium weight. I wanted to subtly reference these to make the typeface as distinctively American as possible. These fonts are now sold through MyFonts. In 2016, now located in Kansas City, MO, he designed the rough stencil typeface Surplus Pro. Has Saul Bass influences. In 32 weights, this was originally done for the Mori Art Museum in Japan. MyBlock Mystere (2012, grunge). In 2009, Colletti agreed to let me host the collection for free download. The hand-rendered forms transform this familiar texture into something very warm and pleasant. Middleton’s Wave design for the Ludlow foundry, circa 1962. Michael Barbosa started work on Metroplis (1995) for Metroplisboa, the Lisbon subway, while he was working at Wolff Olins. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿ Typogama
[Michael Parson]
Typogama is the personal foundry of Swiss designer Michael Parson (b. Puzzle Quagmire (2010) Radio Waves Razorback Block Receipt (2012): a dot matrix face. ] United has become quite popular since its release and it has been seen just about everywhere from NFL coverage on FOX to the New York Times editorial page. This digital version introduces a new lighter weight alongside the bold original. Testament (2010): a calligraphic uncial family done with Philip Bouwsma. Both based on alphabets by Dard Hunter, 1908-1910. Cusp (2001-2005): a techno display family with 18 weights, including an LED style, art deco styles and Cusp De Stijl. Hot Diggity Dog (2010): a monoline rounded sans. Typeface families designed for precision-engineered corporate use. The Typodermic fonts: 2017: Vanchrome (a compact sans-serif headliner with chromatic layers), Krait (a layered geometric typeface designed for architectural display), Xylito (a layered font for chromatic or 3d effects), Toxigenesis. The pearly dot matrix typeface Rouletto and Crawler. 1974, Köln), studied at the Graphik Hochschule in Aachen from 1997-2002. Operina Pro contains over 1200 glyphs. In 2015, Shiva published the informal comic book typeface Pancho (Indian Type Foundry) and the six-weight modulated sans family Khang (Indian Type Foundry). Included are Map-Symbols-NATO-Blank, Map-Symbol-NATO-Pl, Map-Symbols-NATO-Coy, Map-Symbols-NATO-Bn, Map-Symbols-NATO-Regt, Map-Symbols-NATO-Bde, Map-Symbols-NATO-Div&Co, Map-Symbols-NATO-Eqpt, MilSymMod01Normal, MilSymMod02Normal, MilSymbols01Normal, MilSymbols02Normal, MilSymbols03Normal, MilSymbols04Normal, MilSymbols05Normal. Textile Texture fonts: Global (2011, globes), SS Half Tone (One, Two, Three), SS Watermark, SS Silk Screen (2010). Astaroth is claimed to an 8th century typeface by Walden Font, but its origins are somewhere in the 11th century. In 2015, Shiva won the SOTA Catalyst Award. This family was created with O. Architype Catalogue Outline, Architype Catalogue Solid (2016). Typefaces from 2014: Rebellion, Politik (squarish). It is an unexpected jambalaya of Art Nouveau, Tuscan, wedge serifs, curlycues, ball endings, wood type spurs and swashes, geometry and ornamental elements that on the surface seem to be completely unrelated. Vukov bukvar, Cyrillic, 1987 (Vuk’s Abecedary): One of the rare typefaces with lower case letters, this typeface is dignified and named after Vuk Kardžić. Pixel Dust, Pixels Dusted, Zogg Domination (video game font) Plaid Pop Arc (2010). Typefaces from 2016: Woodcutter People Faces, Ear, Codociosa (grungy), Viking Hell, Simple Myopia (textured, halftone style), Bulbs, Emblem, Vegan Icons, Fleur de Lis, Pregnancy, Harley Davidson, Window, Owl, Native American Indians, The Toy Castle, Aristogramos Chernow, Mediogramo (monogram font), Yes Darling, Dilema Emocional (white on black), Original 301 (draftsman style), Emperador Oscuro (scribbly), Vespa (scanbats), Fine-Sheriff, Hard-Western, Olivia-Garcia (brush script), Woodcutter-Rude-Press (a great hand-crafted poster typeface), Printing, Disabled Icons, Golf Icons, Electric Guitar Icons, Airport-Icons, Prudencia (pixel style), Rude-Basic, Stencil-Guerrilla, Tramita-club, Drone, Garden Icons, Feminine Hygiene, Psycho Dad, Intransigencia (textured), Fat Food Icons, Torrebruno, Home Appliances, La Pecosa (textured), Gyn Toons, Insect Icons, Bomb, Special Forces, Business, Irish, Female Underwear, Zombie Salad, Isometric Love, Dinastia (textured), Fireworks, Happy Birthday, Snake Mix, US Election, Spectrum, Extreme Simple, Drunk Sailor (tattoo font), Mountain (dingbats), Cafe Madrid (white on black), Celebration, Rabbit, Rude College, Words, Wingding Review, Transilvania (blood drip font), Tattoo Museum, El Arropeiro (dry brush font), TV (scanbats), Western Dead, Star Wuarras, File Types, Industrial Poison (grunge), Future War, Masacre Digital, Senor Domingo (grungy), Workout Routine (dingbats), Gipsy Bar, Finegrams (ornamental caps, monogram font), Diving (dingbats), Extupida, Dictadura, Euro Estilazo, Cul de Sac, Lions, Woodcutter Olla Barrejada, Cocaine, Monogramos, Gobierno (rounded sans), Maldita Comebolsas, Macho (spurred style), Eagle (great eagle-themed dingbats for East European coup d’etats ca. Even the italic uppercase was augmented by maybe too many extra letters. Rawhide (2006): a bouncy Western saloon font based on cover page lettering of the Belgian comic book series Lucky Luke. The Satura Suite (2010, with Peter Bruhn). Maestro (2009) is a 40 style chancery family, in 2 weights each, with 3350 characters per font, codesigned with calligrapher Philip Bouwsma. Their pages include a brief history of blackletter, as summarized in the PDF document The Gutenberg Press: Five Centuries of German Fraktur (1997). Small Wonder, Small World Snowflake (2010). Nightlife (2005): inspired by a pre-desktop publishing grid design by L.

2016 Beta 480RR 4 Stroke

2016 Beta 480RR (Same as 350/390/430/480 4-Stroke) 2016 Beta 480RR (Same as 350/390. Our big, clean bike pics make great desktop wallpaper. Click photos to enlarge.

2016 Beta 480RR 4 Stroke2016 Beta 480RR 4 Stroke

2017 Beta EVO 80 SR

2017 Beta EVO 80 SR2017 Beta EVO 80 SR

2017 BETA Evo 250. 2017 BETA Evo 80 Sr. Posted Nov 28th, 2016. Posted Nov 28th, 2016. 2017 BETA Evo 125. 2017 BETA Evo 200. Posted Jan 1st, 2017. 2017 BETA Evo 80 Jr. 2017 BETA Evo 80 Sr. Posted Jul 6th, 2016 at 4:11am. 2017 KTM 85 SX 17/14.

2017 Beta 350RR 4 Stroke

Available in 350, 390, 430 and the awsome 480cc, they all feature the reknown BETA quality and even smoother power charecteristics that are becoming well spoken about by the general public and press alike. Welcolme to the new range of 2017 BETA 4T Enduro bikes.

2017 Beta 350RR 4 Stroke2017 Beta 350RR 4 Stroke

2017 Beta Evo 125 2 Stroke

2017 Beta Evo 125 2 Stroke2017 Beta Evo 125 2 Stroke

2017 Evo 125 2 Stroke FINANCING AVAILABLE. Find 2017 Beta Evos for Sale on Oodle Classifieds. ,099 2017 Beta Evo 125 Beta · Miami, FL. Type: Single cylinder, 2-stroke, liquid-cooled w/ reed valve

Bore: 54mm

Stroke: 54mm

Displacement: 124 cc

Compression Ratio: 14:1

Ignition: 12-pole electronic 12 volt, 85 watt w/ dual-map switch (aggressive
or soft settings)

Spark Plug NGK BR7ES

Lubrication: Pre-mix (synthetic oil)

Carburetor: Keihin PWK 28mm

Clutch: Wet multi-disc w/ cush-drive basket

Transmission: 6-speed.

2017 Beta 350 RR 4 Stroke Race Edition

We prep you for the festivities, from racing at Daytona International Speedway to partying on Main Street, in our 2016 Daytona Beach Bike Week 75th Anniversary Preview. Over a half-million bikers will soon be converging on the shores of Daytona Beach for the 75th anniversary of Bike Week.

2017 Beta 350 RR 4 Stroke Race Edition2017 Beta 350 RR 4 Stroke Race Edition