2017 Honda Forza ABS

Flip the seat open and you have room for two full face helmets or enough groceries for Thanksgiving dinner. There s even a second compartment in the dash for your mobile phone, wallet, or MP3 player. There s also a convenient helmet holder underneath the seat that allows you to secure your helmet while away from your scoot.

2017 Honda Forza ABS 2017 Honda Forza ABS 2017 Honda Forza ABS

7-litre airbox and 28mm diameter inlet duct – optimise burning velocity and cooling performance. A new triple chamber exhaust muffler contains a 400-cell catalyser to clean up exhaust gases. The engine is packed with Honda’s eSP low-friction technologies; clever packaging of items like the oil pump (which is built in to the crankcase) help to further ensure efficiency. A compact combustion chamber and PGM-FI fuel injection – fed by a redesigned 4. The ‘key’ itself resides in the rider’s pocket and does away with the need to constantly insert and withdraw a key for ignition, fuel cap and seat. For 2017, the Forza 125 is fitted with the Honda Smart Key system. It has two switches: the smart function on/off and ‘answer back’, which flickers the indicators for identification from a distance.