2016 KTM X Bow R

2016 KTM X Bow R2016 KTM X Bow RA competitor for the likes of Caterham Seven and Ariel Atom, the X-Bow is a lightweight, street-legal sports car that weighs less than 800 kg (1,763 pounds). Launched in 2008 by Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM, the X-Bow is the company’s first actual car. It was built around a chassis developed by Dallara and uses an Audi engine to move about. After eight years of soldiering on unchanged, the Austrian sports car received a minor facelift for the 2017 model year. The lineup includes the X-Bow R, the X-Bow RR, and the X-Bow GT. The turbocharged four-cylinder is offered in three configurations, each powering a different model. 2016 KTM X Bow R[wpsed_abuse_link]The X-bow’s underbody features a completely flat surface that allows air to slip under the car without creating any drag. Also helping is the massive downforce that the X-Bow GT’s body work creates, which totals 200 kg (440 pounds) at 200 km/h (124. 0