2015 Ural T

2015 Ural T[wpsed_simage id=6811 title=’riding the Ural Patrol T’]I owned a Ural (single wheel drive) back in the 90’s when they were first imported to this country. At that time you had to be a serious mechanic to keep it running. I had to overhaul the engine at 8k miles. It was kick start only, with a generator that stopped working within 6 months. Each oil change looked as though you were panning for silver with all the shiny metal bits that would be at the bottom of the drain pan.

I never owned a vehicle requiring so many road side repairs or a motorcycle that was more fun to ride (I’ve owned 16 bikes).

I had the single drive model and I preferred it to the two wheel drive version because you could fly the sidecar (can’t do that with the sidecar drive). Riding into or out of a parking lot or down the road with the sidecar flying in the air above you is a thrill that’s hard to describe and will absolutely make anyone riding in the sidecar at the time wet themselves.

I have a family now so I actually need to be places on time, but back when I rode this bike, the single wheel drive model worked in 10″ of snow or in very back road situations so the two wheel drive is only useful when your carrying a gunner with a heavy load in the sidecar and you don’t plan on doing any sidecar flying.

I miss my Ural. I think I still have a shelf with some obligatory spare parts. hmmm. 2015 BMW G650GS Sertao2015 Ural T