2015 EBR 1190SX

[wpsed_simage id=11932 title=’2015 EBR 1190SX’]2015 EBR 1190SXEarlier this year EBR, which Erik Buell kickstarted in 2010 with just four employees compared to the 155 people currently working for him in the former Buell Motorcycle Co. plant in East Troy, Wisconsin, debuted a production version of its World Superbike contender under the 1190RX label, costing ,995. But this was always intended to be the first of three models sharing the same water-cooled DOHC 72-degree V-twin engine, with the just launched SX streetfighter next up, and an AX adventure tourer planned for 2015.

Powering all of these bikes is a proprietary engine of EBR’s design. For decades, Erik Buell tried to convince the powers-that-be at Harley-Davidson to let him use something other than the venerable Sportster motor. Finally, in 2007, he won that argument and contracted with Austria’s Rotax to build a thoroughly modern engine. Dubbed the Helicon, this was an 1125cc, liquid-cooled, dohc, 72-degree V-twin that produced a claimed 146 hp at 10,500 rpm. After the rebirth, EBR purchased the rights to manufacture that engine in the US and redesigned some 80 percent of its components to the point that today the 1190 ET-V2 makes a claimed 185 hp at 10,600 rpm. http://bikesfuture.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/05-02-2015-05-29-11-082214-2015-ebr-1190sx-jeffries1408210005_web.jpg